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Having had lots of experience and time to study this, and heal my own wounds , and I’m over siblings bringing their need to be mothered and project blame , without healthy boundaries or reciprocation.

Mom exited in 99, as I was in the flow of induced mental illness , aware of the abuses, but unable to attend to her as I would have preferred …Certainly , I have forgiven her for our fails , for her silence held so much shame and guilt, as her life force ebbed , I knew life would never be the same , without her…I try not to live in what ifs and I Bless that she endured so much pain , and deserved better care from the hospital Corp she worked for as an LPN.

She seemed to think I was a good Mom, she never fostered ideas on child rearing to me, for I was utilized to tend to younger siblings , with little more than instinct .I was her confidant , or emotional partner off and on, for tge communication with Dad would get off flow, from time to time and she couldn’t discuss her feelings with him , she trusted me to do so.. And so did he ….

Spiritually we connect from time to time , and I’m aware that she aided her 1st born through the portal …all is well with my soul .

For her silent suffering , her experiences with AMA and Big Pharma , like each Grandmother is part of the force behind my efforts β™₯.

Mom loved Christmas and also found her voice in my house when a family member by marriage tried to ruin our day…and she was powerful .

I do miss her at this time, and connect easier , as I recall her vast preparation for the feast she presented for us with so much love πŸ’˜.

Trying to know her as a person, seeing her as a 3 year old and her family dynamics as well as her trauma , shame , and guilt has helped me greatly not to over personalize or hold on to the failures, which were beyond her knowing , at that time.. She is very proud of me for my efforts to heal generations of family abuses and trauma.

If ultrasound destroys sperm, why is it safe for a fetus?

I would not allow this as an informed individual

but allowed with each of our sons .

If ultrasound destroys sperm, why is it safe for a fetus?
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Erasing Families Trailer . Folks This is Huge

$50 Billion Corp profit from erasure of


That’s just in the legal Corp, Medical Corp

is hugely profitable , several generations

and must end .

Environmental Stress Can Be Passed on Through Pregnancy

Climate change is a growing threat to mental health, particularly in the aftermath of severe storms, floods or wildfires, when victims can develop post-traumatic stress disorder. Now, scientists are…
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Masterminds and Wingmen: Helping Our Boys Cope with Schoolyard Power, Locker-Room Tests, Girlfriends, and the New Rules of Boy World by Rosalind Wiseman

The mystical intimacy and joy within each of 3 sons

was ignored in a possessive , trophy πŸ† winner take

all , society .. Each was and is so worthy of owning that

magical child , grieving for childhood lost , in not

being seen, heard , feeling they did not matter .

Thwarted in oppositional parenting , supported by all

around me who had the power to aide us.

So deserving of liberation of old concepts of raising boys ..

Masterminds and Wingmen has 1,580 ratings and 257 reviews. Aimee said: If you have boys you need to read this book. I have two boys, 15 and 7, and I lear…
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