When The U.S. Government Tried To Replace Migrant Farmworkers With High Schoolers : The Salt : NPR

The recoil was again witnessed as migrants disabled by

our resident Corp Prez , thus unable to labor , that left

food rotting …

Industrial farming is out , as is a life style, parenting ,

education , and socialization that as much as possible

instills a love for the earth and replenishing instead

of extracting , of balance in life that prepares each child

supportively for life …creating a safe world for that to

happen is evolving rapidly ..

As with so many current issues , this one will be created

and individualized , perhaps evolving with babies who

are equipped for humanhood , just as some critters ,

stand and walk just after birthing ..

It’s possible , so I’m reading …oh my

We sure as hades are not in Kansas , Toto 🤩

Blessing & Peace

Doña Luna

In 1964, a program that brought migrant Mexican laborers to the U.S. ended. So the U.S. recruited American students to pick crops instead. When they saw their living conditions, strikes ensued.
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Christian Rapper Nathan Sutherland Arrested For Raping Incapacitated Woman | Michael Stone

In my councling , becoming aware of this horrific violation

to a woman , rehabbing , who had no ability to walk , was

raped by a nursing home worker.

My personal experiences have not favored the concept , and

acutely so, when Dad was subjected to a facility due to the

adverse influence of male energy , that spoke of his very

life depending on it.. The fact was clear upon visiting , and

finding his roommate was a man who had a car accident in

his 1st year of college , over 20 years ..his Mom was there

caring, which makes all the difference .

It becomes more problematic given the chosen profession of

Dad’s choice of ” keepers” , which I’m not going to unveil at

this time.

A gal I knew from my early teens passed just before Dad, and

as I connected and heard how her sisters and parents cared

for her , in a nursing home , later physically caring for her body

in preparation for a funeral, the love and honor was a lovely

reminder of humane hearts. A very dear family , that are

so inclusive and certainly impressed and impacted my life

at a very vulnerable time has risen above losses , cherishing

and celebrating each other with honor.

The character of the individual who would care for our ill

and informed , should be supported by impeccable systems

that have no tolerance , who prevent the individual who

would harm a helpless patient .

Hiding out behind religious doctrine , is a whole other abuse.

The nurse who raped and impregnated a woman at the Hacienda HealthCare facility in Arizona has been identified as Christian rapper Nathan Sutherland.
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Neurontin and Lyrica: Death Sentence For Your New Brain Synapses; Side Effects of Most Dangerous Painkillers – Health Magzine

From the beginning of treatment, I was prescribed

this medication which has proved to be as addictive

as any opiate .

In late 98 I was prescribed 3600 mg per day ..Suicidal

ideology insured , alone on my birthday , marriage sham

exposed beyond belief , my Mom nearer to her exit , I

swallowed a new RX .

One child spoke of finding me, as did ” former” . The hour

after midnight, yet another child returned home to see

me loaded into an ambulance . Unable to get me incubated

or aspirated , the 3 did come to the hospital for 45 minutes .

The admitting paperwork did not get any relative info

and of course the trauma of that night had no effect on 2

there, 1 away , who received a call.

Detached ” former” , I suspect , saw the merit in allowing me

to die, and delayed leaving his sweetie , to check out my

” attempted suicide” , that was induced by 3600 mg RX

Neurontin, and C-PTSD .

” Former” prefers the drama and self focus of my ” attempt”

being my inability to live without him.

Dad left Mom, who celebrated their March 4th 1999 , 50

year anniversary , (she exited April 9 th 1999) to sign

me out before a panel of 4 Drs.

Counseling included family members who promised to

get involved , and alas that did not happen .

Clearly making everything my responsibility , even as

need for each child and myself to come together .

Cooperation was not part of our marriage , and the

adversary was dominate .

Dad also took this RX , overmedicated as well, he slept more

had tremors as memory was affected . Caring for him , I

checked his RX , and was horrified to find multiple bottles

varied dosages , of which he took all in his inability to

comprehend when falls signaled his imbalance was affected

by his prescribed medications. Dad took Neurontin for neuropathy.

The off label use , generic form generates so much money

lawsuits are chump change …

Neurontin and Lyrica: Death Sentence For Your New Brain Synapses; Side Effects of Most Dangerous Painkillers – Health Magzine
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J.A. Wheeler , Celebrating the birth and life of Dad😘❤️

My ” mom/dad” , nurturing Dad , James , who exited

in January 2012, and whose birthing day was January

5 th , 1930. I was born Feb 29 , 1952, his desire for a son

first time child with Mom, Joyce . Mom had a daughter

who was born on Feb 29th 1948, whom was 1 year

old at the time of their marriage March 4 th 1949

In 1951, Mom was rejected by OB as being in labor

and spontaneously delivered Joyce Marie in 1951,

who had died and begun signs of decomposing

Dad explained . Blisters on her body , which is

buried , unmarked in the ancestral church grave

yard ..

I was born in 52, and I’m sure Mom had C-PTSD

and my inability to nurse ,regrettably created

more grief and shame . I had to be returned to the

hospital , severely dehydrated , 5 days after birth.

Dad explained that Mom’s had been unable to

nurture me, and if he had not nurtured me

no one else would have .

I was very happy to have the awareness that he

was slipping away , slowly and we talked of

heart matters and cleared so much , that lacked

only his being made aware , as I did from child

hood on. One pop from his belt , left one mark

and I stood up to him at that time , aged 4/5

and he never ever used physical violence

against me.

He may not have understood me , always but

he wasn’t vicious , or silently withdrawn , we

cleared our stuff and moved onward , never

brought up again.

His last years , were of lifting from a depression

of Mom’s exit in 1999. His restricted life was

a form of self protection , and withdrawal from

family members he came to be reunited with

his last years..The last 5 1/2 months , were high

low and everything between, until his finale .

The growth , the healing, the love as well

as undeniable realities , will lend themselves

to my efforts in transformation , as I witnessed

denial of dignity , and much adverse action

that’s is barbaric . I grasp that it was after-all his

his journey , and I was but a part of it.

The dynamics allowed me to understand my

” caregiving ” was and is instinctive , and

more on mark than not , and the Divinity

and Light of my essence was always tested

in a family , that’s fractured traumatic parts

are denied , and that allowed my poor choices

and failures to escape the mindset of energy

of compliance to abuse in male dominate

examples, ie ” former” ..

I’m not the ” fixer” , it’s not my job , but the

experience of being with Dad as he exited

watching his awareness of spirit guides

and his acceptance , as I witnessed his ” labor”

in returning to the womb of the great mother

my joy was absolute for I knew he would return

as he has in spirit. Our circle , will not be

broken, and he will present in another form,

as he pledged to me , and I to him , as “family

soul mates ” , I His ” Mom, and emotional partner

who grasped his deepest joy and pain, as it

came up in loudness, or harshness or anger ,

his lack of understanding , helplessness

and yes his failings and unhealed trauma ..

We nurtured each other , and it wasn’t grasped

in a dynamic of not communication basic life

issues , and silently approved of disenchantments

and divisions within families .

With Dad’s exit , I stepped away from ” family”

withholders, and abuses that defy what my

perception of family is..

Certainly many ” triggered” acts that related to

” formers” disposal/abuses as if from a play book,

and finally much can be put to rights .

And that gift 🎁, from Dad to me, was not to give

up.. truth and light did , and still do cast away

shadows ; James (supplementor) Abner( Father Of

Light) Wheeler ( wheelwright) was transforming

and transformed from moral suffering , very passionate

and attached , who missed his Mom, Minnie

and felt Mom’s presence and essence until

he exited. Time stopped for him with her passing

as I witnessed in preparing their home for

organization , and ease in preparing , finding

treasures along the way , sharing with him

then siblings ..

Challenges were many , but I know, that he

knows I did my best; he lets me know👍🏼🤓♥️

So missing his actual voice , or physical

presence is tempered by his freedom from

the constraints and trauma and torture of

our current transformation , towards heaven

on earth , I fully expected to be reunited with

Dad , and Mom, on a cosmic level for a reunion

of joy , and bliss that will include many souls

gone before me ..

Happy Birthday Daddy

Love Always & Forever


Top doctor’s chilling claim: The NHS kills off 130,000 elderly patients every year | Daily Mail Online

At least, I know well how it’s ” induced ” will be writing

on this topic in details ..

Professor Patrick Pullicino is concerned that doctors are using the controversial ‘death’ care pathway as a form of euthanasia for the elderly.
— Read on www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2161869/Top-doctors-chilling-claim-The-NHS-kills-130-000-elderly-patients-year.html