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Buddhism has from the get go created this space for me where my mind free forms and I certainly welcome it . I am blessed with AC .

I am running a bath that will be uber hot and relaxing; as well as medical in the detoxing induced, gently with water .

Ideas and most of all healing and clearing .

Self love spills out , authentic me has been a force off and on , and allowing this is Divinity .

I did not go 1st tho there is a “first wave “of light bearers of which I belong .

I am learning of Scottish , ancestry ie Douglas , Scott and Sinclair only days ago !!!

So I must go , my hip is very painful and bath awaits this wounded healer , that I may better serve and this is a teaching , learning upswing that proving oomph to my journey .


Blessings and Peace ❤🙏🐸🗽

Dona Luna  

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program : Melanie Tonia Evans

My view on education is truth in basics, life skills

groups, sports , music , should be in the best interest of

child who decides his/her needs , not what is decided

in her/his best us interest .

Zero than Benevolence and Acceptance , Striving for truth

being impeccable with your bad self.. Rising to be that vision

of higher Love 💕 walking and talking 🎁 Your gift to our world .

Travel on this path has been my way , as the school/education

matrix failed me, independent education on subjects that interest

me , studies that are way over my head in the beginning

have transformed me, still disconcerting to the type A , or

resistance lol… I’m evolving in all manner of ways which

will include better communication and delivery.

I am student, teacher is in transit towards me. Part of

my dream..

Recover from narcissistic abuse with this empowering program. Learn how to thrive after the devastating effects of narcissism. Reclaim your self-worth & a new life.
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