Gateway To Health | Healing Secrets of the Oral Biome

I’m not trying to post this to sale anything .

I found out , all my dental work was incorrect

and toxic .. I have had many examples of bad

denistry , and I have lacked the money to see

biological dentist , and my health has been

compromised .. Weakened physically for many

reasons , outside myself , dental issues have increased

and bridges done 40 years ago are required replacement

and root canals are harboring abscesses . When I read

the statement , of a dead tooth , root canals is left in the body

and what other dead organ is left in our body . Toxic Teeth .

And yes , dental and heart health go hand in hand .

Yes , my health care and finances have been altered by former

partner ( who never was) and yes, his preference is my death .

So I do all I can, and can do more ..

Migraine pain , shows up on an MRI..I am not addicted

to pain RX , though my neck is normally tight , from the

dental issues , since 2005 .

I am gratified to know the conclusion of the cycle that has

tested me , in dental health, as teeth are now being regrown

and we become aware that the unnatural does not make

bodies healthier in the long run.

Toxic dental material and practices affects us all . Mercury

and plastics have not place in our teeth , behaving as neurotoxins

with each bite ..☠️🦷


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna 🐸


Gateway To Health | Healing Secrets of the Oral Biome
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Scientists Develop Gel That Can Regrow Tooth Enamel

Regrowing teeth is happening too.

The gel is made from minerals which are found in enamel. Tests have shown it to help mouse teeth regrow enamel within 48 hours.
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Disadvantages dental implants | The Dental Centre London

My understanding is that the brain, or mood can be affected

adversely as well.

I could never go this route ..

In this blog post we look at the disadvantages of dental implants including the symptoms, signs and common problems.
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The FDA admits: Silver Fillings Cause Kidney, Brain, Urological, Fertility, Neurological and Renal Problems – Anya Vien

Denistry ADA has done much harm, myself included

still lots of time and expensive work ahead that

zaps me physically , and must be budgeted , finances

altered …I write my budgets in mechanical pencil.


I apply that concept to life ..nothing is permanent .

Change is inevitable.. Be water…flow🐠🐳🐬🐋

Teeth are huge for me, and the failure

of government to educated the public is

worthy of transforming , as it has been

Evolving ..Blessed to have found sources

worthy of the travel 🧳, some inheritance

that began my restoration and the Divinity

that will see restoration of teeth and improved

health .

Of this I have faith ..As well as proof of the

horrible side effects of modern denistry

specific to government sponsored, dental groups

that routinely sedate, straight jacket and drug

small children, doing root canals , using true Corp insanity , kept from

too many parents ..


Blessings & Peace

Doña Luna

Although they are called silver fillings and one might think they are made of silver, in reality it only has about 32% of this material.
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Symptoms of Mercury Poisoning From Fillings & How to Know If You Have Mercury Fillings

Could your amalgam fillings be slowly damaging your health? This article provides information to help with the decision about your dental work.
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