Dating class teaches teens how to leave abusive relationships – Orange County Register

This is hugely needed. Life skills , info

must be provided in home or education .

Not knowing is detrimental to ease and


Dating class teaches teens how to leave abusive relationships – Orange County Register
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Here’s to All the Good Dads Out There: We See You | CafeMom

Good Dads are seen and supported ,and

so welcome ..🥰🙏🏼🤩💯

An open letter to all of the fathers out there who fiercely love they’re kids — thank you.
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Corrupt ‘Kids for Cash’ judge ruined more than 2,000 lives

Tip of a huge ice berg

Hillary Transue, 14, created a fake, humorous Myspace page about her school’s vice principal.
Justin Bodnar, 12, cursed at another student’s mother.
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Here’s to All the Good Dads Out There: We See You | CafeMom

I cannot tell you how my heart sings to witness

the Dad whose hands on, nurturing natures

support his partner , his child, himself and his

community . It’s a blessing to witness so much

of it in my locality ; certainly noting the detached

uncle dad , that’s catalyst in transforming to sacred

attached relationships .

Denied too many, the lack of nature and nurture

will show up ..

Congratulations all you Dad’s who participate

heart and soul with your wee ones .. I stand

for and with you, proudly 😘💯

An open letter to all of the fathers out there who fiercely love they’re kids — thank you.
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The Narcissist’s Defining Feature: A Lack of Empathy – 💯✔️✔️✔️

It was a heavy burden , holding the manifestations

of a definite lack of all natural emotions. Empathy

was so lacking , I was often triggered .

As the anniversary of our eldest’s birth is celebrated

by child and family , I am holding space , and allowing

to feel what is ..

The harshest experience followed 6 days after delivery .

Apparently marking his territory, after nursing

and joining him in bed , I was raped .

Through my pain, my compliance necessary

for safety .

My 1st fear was of another pregnancy .

My 2nd was my awareness , that I would not

finically be able to care for our new born, and

he was too ” married ” to his social status and his


It was the 2nd time in marriage that he forced

sex , and later in therapy these rapes were dismissed.

It was difficult to understand , but he had a free

pass kinda life …Parents and money always got

him out of trouble ; his network included

Sports Car Club members , as well as groups I was

not aware of until 2007.

Shadow was his normal, laughter induced by alcohol

and in the 11 th year , in my breakthrough-breakdown

I accepted the abuse , returned from a hellish 17

days away from our children , determined to

shine my mother light , but became the wife

he wanted ..forsaking our sons .

Stepford ” wife” thus addicted to RX drugs legally,

sick beyond belief , for 5 extremely long years

I was so incapable , so reduced mentally and

physically , I often witnessed his dispassionate

disposal , horrified at the model for our children ,

all teens , each bearing the shame of his abuse.

And dependent as I was , on this man who grows

worse with time.

With the ending of what appeared for all to see,

his perfect fun relationship with a sweetie he

duped for 20 years , recreating the same karma

and with her reduced health , unable to work

she also knew the disposal of a man who values

only your output as it applies to him.

Think about boys who model this accepted ,

into manhood , affluent and connected , who

have a very shaky foundation , induced into

joining Dad , or loose his approval and connection.

It happened …

His compassion has allowed him to create many

illegal , inhumanities that have been absolved

by our state . By our society , by friends , and

family .

His .

That said , in his belief he would not be held

responsible for anything denies the facts .

It’s really been traumatic to fully accept his

disconnected self , over 42 years now ,

given the to god long ago.

I understand I am his target in his mind ,

and his every failure in 1 person , for several

reasons. Certainly it’s about money , however

his detachment spiritually , bonding with our

children , parenting being uber casual made

me the heavy. Responsible for every failure

in his victim status ..

Winner takes all , gravely abuses families

in the brother sister hood that ignored abusers .

And yes , lack of compassion is common in

securing legal support , psychological , medical

support , because it’s painfully traumatic to hear

the horror stories of C-PTSD , who’ve been duped

into believing they are mentally ill, induced into

mental physical states that render them

incapacitated, that they may be yet further

disadvantaged by their abuser .

Compassion ? Even basic humanity , is only

for show. Our sons have never witnessed his

abuse towards me ..only his dramatic lies

twisted , mangled lies in Family for 42 years .

Destroying all but him, a family fractured

for his happiness and ability to begin again

virginal , a path of abused and neglected souls

left in his return to mother .

Always mother who holds his heart, and compassion

and calm. Anger , rage and abuses never allowed

towards her , are missives to his beloved’s .

Holding these beliefs are his choice as not being

a silent scape goat is mine . In light of the

personal experience being far too common ,

and normalized in this country , acknowledging

the existence of the characteristics of a person

who does so much harm , will know universal

law , where human kind has become law.

The Narcissist’s Defining Feature: A Lack of Empathy – Esteemology
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Billionaires v teachers: the Koch brothers’ plan to starve public education | US news | The Guardian

A small group of women have succeeded in putting a state law promoted by Betsy DeVos and billionaire donors which they see as an attack on public education on the ballot in November
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Scientists Have Observed Epigenetic Memories Being Passed Down For 14 Generations

I understand this is fact , and within our Quantium Leaping

we can individually , collapse the abuses and negatives of

14 generations …I’m preparing ..Clearing this for past, present

and future generations liberation ..

The most important set of genetic instructions we all get comes from our DNA, passed down through generations. But the environment we live in can make genetic changes, too.
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