20 & pregnant in 1950

They asked me to tell you what it was like to be twenty and pregnant in 1950 and when you tell your boyfriend you’re pregnant, he tells you about a friend of his in the army whose girl told him she was pregnant, so he got all his buddies to come and say,

*** ” We all fucked her, so who knows who the father is?” And he laughs at the good joke….

( This was the threat against my Mom at 17)

What was it like, if you were planning to go to graduate school and get a degree and earn a living so you could support yourself and do the work you loved—what it was like to be a senior at Radcliffe and pregnant and if you bore this child, this child which the law demanded you bear and would then call “unlawful,” “illegitimate,” this child whose father denied it … What was it like? […]

It’s like this: if I had dropped out of college, thrown away my education, depended on my parents … if I had done all that, which is what the anti-abortion people want me to have done, I would have borne a child for them, … the authorities, the theorists, the fundamentalists; I would have born a child for them, their child.

But I would not have born my own first child, or second child, or third child. My children.

The life of that fetus would have prevented, would have aborted, three other fetuses … the three wanted children, the three I had with my husband—whom, if I had not aborted the unwanted one, I would never have met … I would have been an “unwed mother” of a three-year-old in California, without work, with half an education, living off her parents….

But it is the children I have to come back to, my children Elisabeth, Caroline, Theodore, my joy, my pride, my loves. If I had not broken the law and aborted that life nobody wanted, they would have been aborted by a cruel, bigoted, and senseless law. They would never have been born. This thought I cannot bear.

What was it like, in the Dark Ages when abortion was a crime, for the girl whose dad couldn’t borrow cash, as my dad could? What was it like for the girl who couldn’t even tell her dad, because he would go crazy with shame and rage? Who couldn’t tell her mother? Who had to go alone to that filthy room and put herself body and soul into the hands of a professional criminal? – because that is what every doctor who did an abortion was, whether he was an extortionist or an idealist.

You know what it was like for her. You know and I know; that is why we are here. We are not going back to the Dark Ages. We are not going to let anybody in this country have that kind of power over any girl or woman. There are great powers, outside the government and in it, trying to legislate the return of darkness. We are not great powers. But we are the light. Nobody can put us out. May all of you shine very bright and steady, today and always.

Ursula K. Le Guin

Social worker gloats on Facebook over breaking up a family | Daily Mail Online

No one with character that is not acting in the best interest of the child

who sees their job, as winning , trumping a family , bragging is

in the wrong line of work.

The ” burn out ” happens rather quickly , which points to lots

of room for improvement ..

Siobhan Condon, 41, bragged breaking up the family and revelled in the judge giving the parents a ‘massive rollicking’. The post gave enough information to identify the family.
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Over a Million Children Under the Age of Six Are Taking Psychiatric Drugs in America

Psychiatric drug use is on the rise in the U.S., with one out of every six Americans now taking some type of medication in this category. This
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Music Therapy: Non-verbal Children with Speech and Language Delay

I was gratified to witness my advice in this honored

and in action and the calm evoked in a 5 year old.

Music Therapy: Non-verbal Children with Speech and Language Delay
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‘Enabler Parents’ Called Out by Teacher in Viral Post

Manners , compassion, begins in home..

People on the internet agree with this teacher whose post shaming enabling parents has gone viral.
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Judge Who Compared Social Workers To Nazis Called A Hero By Parents Going Through The Family Courts. | Researching Reform

There is plenty of steroidal ego going on, as well

a variety of answers to a question.. Multiple choice

Gumby , lucrative decisions that are devoid of justice

has erased many families ..

Parents inside the family justice system have come out in support of a Crown Court judge who compared Barnsley council’s social workers to Nazis after their handling of an investigation left a vulnerable child traumatised.  The council forced the young girl to strip naked and undergo an invasive medical examination, weeks after her mother had committed…
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