You Are Not Alone-Childress 2019 Moving Forward

You are not alone. Thousands and thousands of parents stand with you. I stand with you, Dorcy stands with you. Many therapists and coaches stand with you. You are not alone anymore. You are not alone.

In 2019, we’re going to move relentlessly toward solution. This family pathology needs to stop – now – today. We need to get your children back to you – now – today. That is a fact that we are going to drive relentlessly in 2019. Today. Now. The solution needs to be now.

We are developing the legal argument extraction packages to get you out of the family courts and back to clinical psychology. There is zero need for you to spend what should be your child’s college education money in court, on attorneys, and on psychologists. That needs to stop. Parents cannot be expected to pay tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal costs just to love their children.

This is a pathology. Clinical psychology solves pathology; all types of pathology. We are going to get your families over to clinical psychology. You don’t need to “prove” anything in court, you simply need an accurate diagnosis of the pathology.

That you are currently NOT receiving.

Forensic psychology has your families trapped, and they are exploiting the conflict to financially exploit and feed off of you. We need to extract you from the courts and forensic psychology and return your family to clinical psychology – the fixing psychology people.

In 2019 we will move relentlessly toward extracting your families from forensic psychology and the family courts.

You are not alone any more. Thousands and thousands of parents stand with you. Your voices are coming together into a single unstoppable force for change. Not just for your own children; for each other’s children, for all children everywhere. No one should ever have to go through what you have been through.

You are more powerful than you know, when you speak with a single voice for change.

Your voice is the voice of truth, and of love. What is more powerful. Lies deceive, but truth is relentless. But truth must find it’s voice. Your voice. Come together into a single voice for change, and you become an unstoppable force.

I am not your warrior, I am your weapon. I am a clinical psychologist who is providing you with the knowledge of clinical psychology so you can fight. I will stand with you on the battlefield, Dorcy will stand with you on the battlefield… but this is your fight. You are more powerful than you know, when you come together into a single voice for change.

In 2019 we move relentlessly toward change, toward solution. This pathology must end; today. Now.

It is my great honor and privilege to stand with you, the chosen parents on this battlefield to protect your children from child abuse, to end the suffering of parents and children, and to restore love to the lives of children everywhere.

Craig Childress, Psy.D.

Clinical Psychologist, PSY 18857

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Hoping to get something going in my area , discussing with

several people.

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Last Family Christmas 12-25-1998 12/27/98-12-27-18 = 20 years 7,3059 Days

Of course , I have been told repeatedly, I am not family ..

It was a ” tiger ” day in Chinese Astrology ..Ms Moon was 62%

waxing . It was a Sunday , Soul #9, Sun in Capricorn , Moon in Aries.

Jupiter was in Pisces.

20 years = 7,3059 Days Grief is cellular, Triggers Abound

True Facts , Love, Support, and Spiritual Practice , Beloved Soul

Family , Erased Families end the cycle of dying alive to cover

abuse and neglect towards myself , and each child ..denial

that I mattered ..

The UK is incarcerating a parent who abuses partner and child .

minimum 5 years …

Our sons were aged 2, 4 and 7 ..As a young mom , I was very

concerned about a lot of things .