Electrifying Images Of Wi-Fi Signals Show Invisible World Of EMF Bombardment

Most rely on WiFi, a tech that uses radio waves to provide network connectivity to people within a certain parameter. What if we could see wifi signals?
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The Perfect Nap Length for the Biggest Brain Benefits

I adore naps. Getting my sleep act together has been

amazing due to my resistance , in early childhood .

Learn what is the perfect nap length for its biggest brain benefits. You don’t need to take brain supplements to boost its health, all you need to do is to Nap.
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Pediatrician gets minimum of 79 years in prison after admitting to sexually assaulting 31 kids

I cannot image what those children experienced; horrid .

He spent his whole sinister life lying and sneaking around so he could carry on his abuse uninterrupted,” the man’s wife said.
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Only 8 states require sex ed classes to mention consent – CNN

This is extremely in dire need of transforming .

A study by the Center for American Progress, a nonpartisan policy institute, found that the majority of America’s public school students don’t know how to identify healthy and unhealthy relationship behaviors.
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Narcissist…the evil other

Monica’s point is valid ..If one has been abused

more than likely one has abused.

I am more than aware of trauma

deeply within ” former “and many

others ..I do still pray , and hold hope

for his truth and justice righted

enabling the necessary balance to

be established .

1 year ago 3/9/18 ,we signed the contracts

spent 4 hours in each other’s company

as he nearly wept , I honored his truth , his

heart , to discover a week later , it was all

an act ..

The Finale that must occur in order to secure

my future , that was horribly disadvantaged

by his greed .. Seems to be at an all time

high , those convinced their worth is how

family or society treats them .. I have been

stuck there , and that would be just fine

for a few folks , and it’s not to punish them

but to get the facts and figures , own the reality

of a contract . Nothing is binding me to him,

but I think he considers this property

as well as myself his to puppet master .

Umm no .

Great Piece Monica , Super acknowledgement that

most of us do have ego, certainly enough to stay

off our knees in surrender without a beloved’s

grace in joining us …I failed to note that lol🙏🏼

Narcissist…the evil other

Narcissist…the evil other
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🏠 Home

A dear si star ⭐️ has discussed her varied homes,

moves that were nightmares as children and as

eldest who were in charge .. Never having lessons

myself, I grew to be resentful at age 12 , noting

brother at age 11 was free like wind . Mama just

thought I knew , if I watched her , I was confused

but I really don’t recall 1 lesson, or teaching

moment , on cooking or anything .. She actually

seemed to find solace or therapy out of everything

but the dishes of which I was commanded to do.

True 1st born sis , by another Dad, never ever did

a chore .

So it was learned , in other ways , and I ended

up with great culinary skills , that have altered

but remain to the discerning palate . I am in awe

of raw foodies and want to get there , and feel

it coming .. My body is saying so, and it’s a sure

fire anti cancer ..So

I tried to list my homes , through out my life …

Whew , I feel sorry 😐 for me ….😂. A military

brat has nothing on my total..of at least 25!

OMG , And as I listen to Moonlight Sonata

by Beethoven , I give Thanks that my earth

home , ever after ..with dirt and everything

I have longed for , and needed is about to

reveal ..Yes I believe ..

Once lost , one’s feeling of roots , can ensure

a fracture, a weak spot , that’s evoked a lot

of lords and ladies to disadvantage me , in

order , I think that I find my voice and strength

to end my situation , for it can surely get worse .

And that’s not the legacy sons, nor I deserve .

25 is a lot 😱


Home by Bonnie Raitt

Survey Ranks the U.S. Health Care System Lowest in Performance | Time

I a dig it.

U.S. ranks lowest among 11 wealthy nations in terms of “efficiency, equity and outcomes” according to the Commonwealth Fund report
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