Ode to James Abner Wheeler – 7 years Gone , Never Ever Forgotten

Dad loved country music , and I know he makes

merry music each day in spiritual joy that has no end .

Will The Circle Be Unbroken . Just for you Dad…with ❤️

~ Punkin’


Celibacy And The Spirituality Of Masturbation | HuffPost

10 years , a respite , that far from being frustrating , has

liberated me in many ways , as well as wishing to

be totally cleared and regenerated for Beloved .

A true new beginning ..🤩😍

Push your negative thoughts surrounding masturbation and self-love to the side.
— Read on www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/celibacy-and-the-spirituality-of-masturbation_us_593940aae4b0b65670e567d6

Embracing YOU 😍

” Embrace all that you are ,

the light, the dark,

the good, the bad ,

the saint, the sinner ,

the black , the white ,

the right, the wrong ,

the priest , the prostitute ,

the connected, the abandoned ,

the One, the fragmented ,

for they are all part

of the Love

that you are .

There is nothing

in existence

that is not Love.

Love Makes The World’s Go Around.

( the Solar System)

Osho ~ Sexual Energy

“People have forgotten completely that

sex is nothing compared to the merger that

happens when you are simply lying together

in deep love, in deep reverence, in prayer.

When physical energy is not sexually involved,

it rises to higher altitudes.

It can reach to the very ultimate,

to samadhi, awakening.

But people have forgotten completely.

They think that sex is the end.

But sex is only the beginning.

Whenever you love someone,

make it a point to first lie together in deep love,

and you will reach to subtler and

deeper orgasms.

That’s how, by and by,

real celibacy arises.

What we call in India brahmacbarya,

real celibacy, is not against sex:

It is higher than sex,

it is deeper than sex:

It is more than sex.

Whatever sex can give,

it gives,

but it gives more also.

So when you know how to

use your energy on such a high level,

who bothers about the lower spaces?


I’m not saying to drop sex.

I am saying sometimes to allow yourself pure,

loving spaces where sex is not a concern.

Otherwise you are pulled back to earth,

and you can never fly into the sky.”


Girl poses with dad and soon-to-be stepdad for dance

Dylan Lenox and David Lewis were confused as a same-sex couple before setting the record straight about their relationship.
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Teen killed herself at foster home, mother wishes she hadn’t obeyed ‘their rules’ | CBC News

Doing the best thing, or trusting the systems that protect children

cannot be justified, in too many instances to ignore.

Transformation time 🔚

The mother of a teen who killed herself while in the care of Child and Family Services says she should have kept seeing her daughter despite being told not to.
— Read on www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/teen-suicide-foster-home-mother-1.4501229