Are psychiatrists pill pushers ? Def yes

There’s a lot of kick back , years ago a head psychiatric Dr could net $150 k extra for writing prescriptions!

No conflict of interest

My 13 year long experience with one psychiatrist who was a founder of a local hospital’s psychiatric department had a wall in his office , full of pictures of his elaborate sail boat, and children by his 1st wife . He relocated to be closer to the lake and leave behind a lot of patients who were worse mentally for his “treatment ”

He also had Parkinson’s Disease .

He has retired

Narks Prepare LONG Before the breakup

Most narcissists start preparing for the breakup long before it actually happens. You are probably a good-natured person with a positive attitude who wouldn’t even think of doing such a thing.

But narcissists always want the upper hand and so will often do the following things without your knowledge –

* set up secret bank accounts with your joint savings,

* sell joint property (and will often forge signatures to make this happen),

* hide assets,

* casually ask you for a post-nuptial,

and many other shady tricks that would make you feel shaken and queasy.

And the new supply they’ve been grooming behind your back? The narcissist will move in with them and get cozy in no time, all while you are reeling from the shock of it all.

And of course, the narcissist will waste no time letting you know how wondrous their new love is…their long sought-after soul mate!

And yet, while all of this is happening, they will breadcrumb you with morsels of possibility that the two of you might still have a chance. But don’t fall for it. (Think Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story)

But because you’re trauma-bonded to the narcissist, you might take those few crumbs and make a feast with them…fully investing your faith, time, and future into an illusion that will drive you to your knees once the bubble pops.

Or perhaps you are looking forward to a life free from abuse, but you are determined to play fair…all while the narcissist is scheming ways to take everything and leave you destitute.

It’s during times like these that you should never expect the narcissist to do the just and right thing. They couldn’t care less about your history together and, in fact, might even feel more vengeful because of it.

It’s likely you’ve seen the narcissist in one of their lowest, most evil tirades…and this is what to keep in mind when divorce or a breakup is on the horizon. Never expect them to feel emotional or a sense of responsibility.

The sad truth is, they truly don’t care what happens to you. As far as they’re concerned, you’re already gone…so whether you have food for groceries or the ability to shelter your children is the very last thing on their mind.

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Your friend on the journey. xo