Isolation A huge tool of Abuse or Safety In My Case

I felt I had no choice but to isolate .

Our children were exampled the methods of

a detached abuser , who never involved himself

in partnership , and fathered like a friend/brother

rather than a Dad . That was abusive during our

1st due to the surprise ” gift” he wasn’t responding

to as such, moreover obsessed with the change

in finances .. home was not somewhere he liked

to hang out, but was my haven, my peace , my

solace. Quoted as saying he warned a son before

choosing marriage , of not finding himself having

to marry ..Baby was 1 year , 7 days after I do.

He was responsible for birth control , and sadly

the pattern for non responsibility has been life

long as in horror I learned of all of the outs he

had experienced from infancy on …it’s a very

long list .

I find him the most self isolated , unreachable

soul I never knew ..His heart is so isolated from

all that life teaches , as I suspected there are

many fragmented parts of narcissistic behavior

and it can be relieved by personal choice and intent .

Our sons and grandchildren are not enough to be

incentive , and that still shocks me .

PAS, Psychological Manipulation

Suffolk psychiatrist ‘sent patients to firms he part-owned’ – BBC News

It’s done , greed , power, networking to adjunct incomes .

Dr Mohammad Makhdum has voluntarily given up his medical licence after an investigation.
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Domestic Violence Shelters Scramble To Keep Doors Open Amid Shutdown | HuffPost

Federal funds are key for these critical programs, which often operate paycheck to paycheck.
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How India celebrated Jan 1, 2019

This is what 5 million women standing up to the patriarchy look like. Today in Kerala, India, women came together to make a 620 kilometer long wall crossing all 14 districts of the state. They are demanding gender equality and justice in what is being described as the start of a new wave of feminist politics in India.

Has no recall of childhood .C-PTSD perhaps ?

the bottom 2 left pictures , of youngest son, were around the induced

mental breakdown , as he was only 6, I disappeared for 17 days

and he stayed with his P-GM.. 5 Xanax per day for 12 days with

no acknowledgement, of the RX influenced my experience .

Our 3 sons of course were ignored , I recall their visit 1 time .

Youngest was the targeted age , a judge referred to in the

late 80’s , as ” No longer needing the Mother ” .

Kramer v Kramer , starring Dustin Hoffman, and Meryl Streep

depicts this horrific situation.

My research grasp the corporate greed , control and inhumane

” side effects ” of creating opposition , in erasing families

and destroying the nature and nurture for children .

The adversity in physical and mental wellness , resulted

in alienated, abused parent is experienced by child , resulting

in trauma as deep as sex abuse which we are more aware

is treated casually by the codes of law.

Emotional pain as a bridge to heal past trauma – Spiritual Recovery from Narcissistic Abuse

Emotional pain you experience in the present can be used as a bridge to help you identify and then heal past traumas that are holding you back. In complex trauma the link between the emotional dysregulation you experience in the present and the unresolved traumas of the past is not conscious. Unlike in shock trauma…
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