Lost Daughter

“As a proponent of women’s liberation and the practice of our Mysteries, I seek to develop an identity that is whole, yet wholly female. . . . 
One of the ancient meanings of the five-pointed star is our own human form with head and four limbs. We are five-pointed stars or mini-universes (or goddesses) each containing within us the Air of our thoughts, the Fire of our actions, the Water of our emotions, the Earth of our bodies, and the Spirit of our psychic abilities and souls. 
A good exercise consists of taking the star position (either standing or lying down) with arms outstretched to either side, and legs apart. Imagine yourself whole and flowing through all the qualities that each point of the star represents. Thus we can begin to undo the restrictions imposed by socialized gender roles and affirm our potential in all areas. . . . 
We need our darkness, our dreams, our sensitivity, our compassion urgently, for these are some of the lost aspects of ourselves, and of our magic. But we also need to be strong, independent, and free. With the Star it becomes easier to reclaim them all in our own image. In such a universe, both women and men can be free to be whatever they are naturally inclined to be, without guilt or false pride.” 
~ Shekhinah Mountainwater, Ariadne’s Thread: A Workbook of Goddess Magic, 1991
Art: Josie Wren  @josie_wren on Instagram https://etsy.me/375pLpB
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The Daughter of the Daughter of My Daughter

“We are the children of the mothers of our lineage, and so our mothers and grandmothers have handed on their creative spark; the seeds of all the flowers that they bloomed and the hidden thorns of all that they suffered. They taught us how to be and how not to be, they gave us themselves and their mothers before them. We carry the mothers of our lineage in our cells and in our hearts, they have given us the best of ourselves and another chance to transform their thorns into roses.”~ Caroline de Lisser
Art by Julie Dillon, ”The Daughter of the Daughter of My Daughter”

‘You’re Getting Nothing’: Steve Jobs’ Daughter Wrote A Heartbreaking Memoir About Their Often Brutal Relationship

‘You’re Getting Nothing’: Steve Jobs’ Daughter Wrote A Heartbreaking Memoir About Their Often Brutal Relationship
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I’ll be your man – Zack Brown Song 4Daughter ♥️💯🥰

Watching the interweave of this , more sensory

as I am not allowed to participate in granddaughter’s

life .. It’s def a very strong connection , which is

a very good thing.

With holding facts , truths , could alter , and damage

this , which does not compute ..

Still bared from connecting with her in a foundational

manner ..

Many reasons utilized to thwart healing , growth

and flowing in love and light , she gives me

with open heart . Unique connection is abused .

Clarity shall lift the veil , and Thy Will Be Done

of this I am sure .


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna