Five Year Old Dies from the MMR Vaccine, creating Holly’s Law – Learn The Risk

A very informative site, worthy of signing up for ,

that no harm be done .

Five Year Old Dies from the MMR Vaccine, creating Holly’s Law – Learn The Risk
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Parents CAN Record Child Protection Meetings | Researching Reform

A recently published article in Community Care raises the issue of whether or not parents can record meetings with social workers, and serves as a good reminder to those who may not yet know the position. Whilst local authorities and social work professionals often try to discourage the practice, citing confidentiality, data protection and human…
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Prisons are housing mental health patients who’ve committed no crimes

This has been going on, and accepted for decades.

I was jailed , daring to try to show the abuse to the court.

Our sons were there per my request, so I could end the abuse

they were pulled into.. After listening to the lies of ” former”

the judge asked our sons..” Do you want your mother jailed?”

Triggered does not describe the truths revealed in that

sentence ..

After a very discriminating check in, my cell had no mattress

a sink over the toilet, deputies who told me to stop my Buddhist

prayer, a gal across from me who had no real what she did after

ingesting RX and drinking .. her chatter about possibly knifing

her man, a harsh sentence due to priors , as an elegant drunken

woman came in to sleep it off …

Hell on Earth , much like the mental ward , exactly the same.

I left at noon the next day, and curled in a fetal position for

a few days , the trauma as bad as it was was conformation

of many things I needed to witness.

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How Narcissistic Parents Infantilize Kids | Psychology Today

This perfectly explains the dynamics I have been

aware of since Mid year 1978 , after sharing our joy

and witnessing the immaturity , and projected

blame of a man who had known this dynamic for

his entire life.

Typically saving the storied that solidified a lifestyle

that afforded a connection to call and a resolution

to all acceptance of responsibility. As our children

were abused in GM’s care, I have no doubt of physical

and mental abuse that was supported by money as

a god. I was , along with our sons were considered a

drain , financially , and slowly that combined with

drink , and sex addictions, with adverse parenting that

was more ” uncle” that dad. Partnership was with the

mother, never me, nor the ” replacement” , and of course

neither were ” liked” by mom , only tolerated until

shredding the completion .

Affluence, memberships, religious afflictions , secrets abound

with the constant projection of blame at any target . Our sons

and DIL have been ” targeted ” as well, depending on what’s

going on at the time. Vampires, emotionally , spiritually

who choose to remain ignorant and defensive of any

and all responsibility , considering my demise completed

old history .. Hero’s , the mom and son, who ” saved ” our

children by killing me alive , to save their abuse secrets

lies, begetting more lies..

Very comfortable that money and connections are their

constant out, which has been supported by professionals

who choose to do that in a network of dank dark shadow.

Narcissists as parents create children who themselves can develop their own problems. New research shows how infantilization plays out when those children grow up.
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AOC’s Call For Abolishing Billionaires Is Deeply American

Totally in alignment of this concept becoming a reality soon.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says that billionaires should not exist, because concentrated is immoral and a threat to democracy. Those ides might seem radical to Sean Hannity. But to America’s founders, it seemed like common sense.
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Children should learn mainly through play until age of eight, says Lego | Education | The Guardian

I would agree, creativity , and imagination

bode better outcomes that the forced nonsense

included in schools . Teach the child what they

need , not what it’s thought they should know

makes for a child with creative imagination

and skills of unity in projects.

Toy company funds research suggesting educational development can be hindered by early formal schooling. So are UK schools getting it wrong?
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Researchers show where the aluminum travels to in the body and stays after vaccination – Nexus Newsfeed

When it comes to the most widely used adjuvant ingredient found within vaccines, aluminum, many questions have yet to be answered, particularly when it comes to where the aluminum goes after injection, an issue known as biopersistence.

One reason this question arises is because a causative role has been established in what’s known as macrophagic myofasciitis (MMF) lesion in patients who have myalgic encephalomyelitis, or brain inflammation.
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Why Family Courts Cannot Protect Children: ACE vs. PAS. * Cannot? Do not, just more abuse ..


The essence of domestic violence is that abusers use a variety of tactics to scare and coerce their partners to do what the abuser wants.  This results in the mother and children living in fear.  There are ten adverse childhood experiences.  In the context of a contested custody case, the child usually starts with a score of one for the parents separating, one for domestic violence and one for emotional abuse of the child.  Fathers who abuse the mother are 40-60% more likely to also abuse the children physically and sexually.  If both, that would increase the score to 5.  If one or both parents have a substance abuse problem or mental illness those are two more possible points.  Physical or emotional neglect are two more possibilities.  Significantly all of the other ACEs are more likely when a father abuses a mother.  An ACE score of 6 results in an average reduction in life expectancy of 20 years.

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Lyme Disease – Holistic Protocol to Completely Rebuild the Immune System

I have been tested twice for Lyme’s , and like

other dis eases , realize it’s a lot of overlapping

symptoms , just as my misdiagnosed ” Bipolar”;

it’s what a for profit , non scientific approach

offers ..much to my detriment ..and that of so many .

Lyme Disease – Holistic Protocol to Completely Rebuild the Immune System
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Music Therapy: Non-verbal Children with Speech and Language Delay

I was gratified to witness my advice in this honored

and in action and the calm evoked in a 5 year old.

Music Therapy: Non-verbal Children with Speech and Language Delay
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