Baby it’s Cold Outside

I am blogging a post that has not registered on Facebook due to my account being restricted .

Yep , ” fact checkers” have me on lock down for about a year or more . I was blocked from our local group ; which is too frequently done by an admin of men , one of whom verbally and public ally attacked me in response to a stated fact.

It’s part of this abusive Warfare of folks who are not holding peace within and feel threatened by the healing or healed feminine energy ; an unbalance in yin/yang that shows up in fear and anger .

Needless to say those who are pushing the envelope in regards to free speech #shutherup are revealing themselves so I don’t take it personally though it has been a blow to my work . And my time line of being past these experiences of such patriarchal, backwards motion .

Round these neck of the woods it’s chilly to say the least , with possible snow as we are higher elevated . After so much rain , the dip in temperatures, and even mild wind can be challenging until our bodies acclimate somewhat .

Lester Weddle a sweet heart of a man and musical artist pointed this out tonight . I chose to not go out and surely missed Open Mike @ Dogtown but my body won out in favor of staying put 💯

So for Lester and all my friends who are adjusting a tune with love from me to you ❤️🙏

Special warmth for our Florida transplants 🎶🎵🔥


This post went up under restriction on BIG BROTHER’S guidance but but still RESTRICTED by Z man and his posse of ” fact ” checkers !

Next 11k given the ” pink slip ” by Mr Z , who stated he over estimated in his hiring thus had to fire 11 K , losing money and customers is looking at a “come to Jesus ” experience !

I don’t feel it’s far off SIR and well earned

No presidential candidate here

Bam it’s self inflicted and has a recoil

Baby it’s Cold Outside