Sky Priestess sage advice – The Bug – Dire Straits

The journey of awakening is not a linear path.

Sometimes you leave certain places, sometimes you return to them, sometimes you don´t.

Sometimes you make a choice or judgement from fear, and sometimes you make it from strength.

Sometimes you´re seeing things for what they are, and sometimes you´re caught up in the smokescreen.

Sometimes you want to turn the clock back, and sometimes you´ll pat yourself on the back for a choice wisely discerned.

It´s all part of the game.

This mad jumble we call Consciousness,

Desperately trying to make sense of a far vaster Creation.

Life exists beyond our perception of the immediate.

And it continues to weave through, no matter what we do.

So make your choices as best you can,

Knowing that there is – behind you – a greater hand.

Trust that you will find your way.


The Sky Priestess

The Bug

Emotional pain as a bridge to heal past trauma – Spiritual Recovery from Narcissistic Abuse

Emotional pain you experience in the present can be used as a bridge to help you identify and then heal past traumas that are holding you back. In complex trauma the link between the emotional dysregulation you experience in the present and the unresolved traumas of the past is not conscious. Unlike in shock trauma…
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What is Orgonite? – Orgonise Yourself – Crystal Healing Orgone

I wear a necklace and have small small pyramids to protect

and heal a room in my place of trauma of a child , who

lived here before me. It’s very hard for me to work in

that space ..clearing and balance as well as protection.

I get lots of positive responses to my Orgonite necklace

which is gold tone on one side lapis on the flip side.

What is Orgonite? – Orgonise Yourself – Crystal Healing Orgone
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7 Signs You Are Starting to Live in the Fifth Dimension – Conscious Reminder. To Ascend Is To Rise

7 Signs You Are Starting to Live in the Fifth Dimension – Conscious Reminder
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