Dozens Of CPS Caseworkers Caught Lying, Falsifying Documents | Parents Rights Blog

It’s rampant in Family Court

In Immigration

In Child Protective Services .

Sex Traffickers

Religions Accepted Sex Abuse

In house Sex Abuse

Affluence Protection Monied,Connected , Guarded Secret Societies

It’s definitely a Human Rights Violation to #EraseFamilies

So glad this is revealed , and transformed ASAP

Dozens Of CPS Caseworkers Caught Lying, Falsifying Documents When Child Protective Services received a complaint that a Harris County father had choked his teenage daughter, caseworker Michelle Robinson said she hurried to the house, conducted a thorough investigation, determined there was no merit to the allegations and closed the case. Except she didn’t. In October,…
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Archbishop’s computer contained over 100,000 child porn files | Michael Stone

😇 Weather nuns , or children sexual abuse , and worse ,

has been written about far too long, and must be eradicated in

all ways ..

It’s a hell on earth for a trusting child , to be harmed by an elder

representing God , or Mother Mary , as the vulgar sadistic

abuse does much harm.. ignoring it or paying it off , does not

make it go away .. Truth over Lies , is a win-win..

Transforming this is necessary by whatever means that serves

and supports , instead of this inhumanity of body, mind and spirit .

More than 100,000 child porn videos and photos have been found on the computer of former Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski, who is also accused of raping numerous children in the Dominican Republic and Poland. Wesolowski, currently under house arrest at the Vatican, is one of the highest-ranking church officials to be
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How trauma reverberates down through generations and affects kids

As a kids’ book author, I’ve travelled all over Canada, talking about the history of FNMI people and the residential school system. I’ve witnessed the impact of the trauma firsthand. Many kids share that their families don’t talk about their experiences. The shame of their abuse still haunts them.
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A mother was given back the wrong baby after it was taken from her at the border – VICE News

“I do not believe separation of children from their parents is in the best interest of the child,” one Trump official said. a
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Getting strict on early bedtimes for your kids has scientific benefits—including your own mental health, mama – Motherly

My parenting style is largely what you could describe as “trial and error,” in which I embrace flexibility and aim to find the methods that work best for my individual kids.But one thing I was never willing to budge on was bedtime and I have absolutely no regrets about it—especially considering a st…
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