Total Lunar Eclipse on January 20–21, 2019 – Where and When to See

I own a book with charts of eclipse placement in

a given year .. One of our sons , had 4 which was

double the others I looked at .

Total lunar eclipse on January 20–21, 2019: Where and when is the Blood Moon visible and what will it look like? Visibility map, animation, and local times.
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“Chemtrail Cough” is Sweeping the Nation — Death by Respiratory Disease Has Skyrocketed | Humans Are Free

I developed a cough after an illness that felt like the flu .

3 Days after my rental was sprayed for termites .. He assured

me I did not have to leave the house..I looked out and saw him

dressed in a Hazmat Suit ; he spoke of having Graves Disease ..

Aged 30 something , still using chemicals from the 50’s

in a state of risky unknowing .. my cough is harsh sounding

but clear …that’s a good thing I make happen , holistically .

“Chemtrail Cough” is Sweeping the Nation — Death by Respiratory Disease Has Skyrocketed | Humans Are Free
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Antidepressants are risky and ineffective – so why are we prescribing them to children? | The Independent

Risky ? You bet ; drugs that are seldom studied on children , studies

that are worthy of deep inspection due to flagrant fake stats.

These chemicals change the brain structure , and all manner of

natural personality traits , altering without permission . Huge

impact on emotional development , and organ damage; a shorter

life expectancy ..

It’s junk..

Attachment , rather than Detachment , responds to the Spirit

and the Soul ..

An investigative report by the BBC recently found that the number of antidepressants prescribed to children in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland has risen 24 per cent over the past three years.
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Missouri’s Two Rivers Psychiatric Hospital closing Feb. 9 | The Kansas City Star

From experience , there are no psychiatric wards nor hospitals in

My state that is not grim ,grey, nasty….

No healing within , a surreal example of Hell.

Two Rivers Behavioral Health System announced that the hospital at 5121 Raytown Road will close Feb. 9. The closure comes amid mental health services shortages in Kansas City and nationwide.
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Teenagers with mental health issues given brain electric shock therapy on NHS – Mirror Online

This is horrific !

EXCLUSIVE: A Sunday Mirror probe reveals patients as young as 16 have been given ECT despite fears over possibly memory loss and brain damage

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Nurse who for 12 years felt powerless to expose abuse of patients in the secure units speaks out | Daily Mail Online

My experience initially was Hell on earth , for what

I saw, heard and experienced . Mental hospitals are akin

to jail/prison , and there was no comfort, or healing within.

Quite the opposite, so even knowing and accepting my

abuse , our children and my wish to heal created a desire

to return home.. more than slightly rearranged by the

induction of mental illness via RX Xanax , never listed as

a causal. 5 per for 12 days without an awareness of doing


Addiction Induced Mental Illness is how it’s done ✅

A senior mental health team leader said she was asked to assist a cover up at an English NHS psychiatric unit after staff restrained a patient with learning disabilities so forcibly he was paralyzed.
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Video sparks outrage after Manitoba officials seize newborn from Indigenous mother in hospital – The Globe and Mail

This supports personal stories , shared with me for

years , which have no clue of how Mother/Child bonding

are integral to overall outcome for both.

I supported a search for parents/family, with discovery of

11 siblings , only 1 adoption being friend . Mom had a “disorder”

and with each birth, that baby was removed , and another

born, that she would have her child .. Mom has passed , reunited

with 11 siblings in ❤️.

All too common a practice, CPS is under deep scrutiny . Perhaps

if federal government did not support each child by $30 k per year

and CPS were better trained , parents would not loose their

children to a system that does not have the best interest of the

child at heart .

The child was taken away because of a false accusation that the mother was drunk when she arrived at the hospital to give birth, the woman’s aunt said
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Neurontin and Lyrica: Death Sentence For Your New Brain Synapses; Side Effects of Most Dangerous Painkillers – Health Magzine

From the beginning of treatment, I was prescribed

this medication which has proved to be as addictive

as any opiate .

In late 98 I was prescribed 3600 mg per day ..Suicidal

ideology insured , alone on my birthday , marriage sham

exposed beyond belief , my Mom nearer to her exit , I

swallowed a new RX .

One child spoke of finding me, as did ” former” . The hour

after midnight, yet another child returned home to see

me loaded into an ambulance . Unable to get me incubated

or aspirated , the 3 did come to the hospital for 45 minutes .

The admitting paperwork did not get any relative info

and of course the trauma of that night had no effect on 2

there, 1 away , who received a call.

Detached ” former” , I suspect , saw the merit in allowing me

to die, and delayed leaving his sweetie , to check out my

” attempted suicide” , that was induced by 3600 mg RX

Neurontin, and C-PTSD .

” Former” prefers the drama and self focus of my ” attempt”

being my inability to live without him.

Dad left Mom, who celebrated their March 4th 1999 , 50

year anniversary , (she exited April 9 th 1999) to sign

me out before a panel of 4 Drs.

Counseling included family members who promised to

get involved , and alas that did not happen .

Clearly making everything my responsibility , even as

need for each child and myself to come together .

Cooperation was not part of our marriage , and the

adversary was dominate .

Dad also took this RX , overmedicated as well, he slept more

had tremors as memory was affected . Caring for him , I

checked his RX , and was horrified to find multiple bottles

varied dosages , of which he took all in his inability to

comprehend when falls signaled his imbalance was affected

by his prescribed medications. Dad took Neurontin for neuropathy.

The off label use , generic form generates so much money

lawsuits are chump change …

Neurontin and Lyrica: Death Sentence For Your New Brain Synapses; Side Effects of Most Dangerous Painkillers – Health Magzine
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WARNING: WiFi Radiation Could Increase Miscarriage Risk By Up To 50%

Pregnant women could be more at risk of miscarriage and WiFi radiation could increase these odds by up to 50% according to recent data.
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Teacher Accused of Racism For Separating Students By Skin Color | Rare

The mother of a grade R learner from Laerskool Schweizer-Reneke in North West is outraged after a picture of her child, and three other black children sitting separately from white children in their classroom.
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