Totally get this , Failure to Receive Allowed me to Save Myself

Beloveds are bonuses, often triggered by my

work, experience, efforts , and stepping out

is necessary to do their own reclamation.

The one who meets me half way, sets intentions

and knows his worth , and honors mine

walking and talking truths , being the light

and love..Seeing as I do the god within

until it’s clear , I idle my affections in

patience and prayer, allowing all in Divine

timing .

The shadow well, is not a well I need drink from

or go with anyone who must dwell there ,

in total acceptance of the long way around

, I honor the quest of beloved and continue

mine ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

Childress: Targeted Parents Avoid the Quicksand , Center,Relax ,Receive โค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜˜

I want to remind parents to take care of yourselves, don’t let this trauma captivate you.

Our lives are journeys of discovery, don’t allow this current dark focus on loss to captivate your reaching and your journey of discovery.

Your support coaches have many ways of framing it, my analogy is; when your child is in quicksand it doesn’t help for you to jump in the quicksand too, trying to rescue the child… then you’re both stuck. You have to stand solidly on the ground and hold out your hand to rescue the child.

Will the child take your hand? No, not yet. Just keep it there, available.

And yes, actually the child will take your hand… depending. But we’ll talk about that later. Grasping is not the path, relaxing is the path. Dorcy refers to it as changing how you “show up,” but changing how you show up so that the child sees and takes your hand is hard, because there are fears blocking the way, but it’s actually easy because it’s simply finding your authentic center, which is always there.

Fears can be relaxed, and bonds restored.

Trauma adds “extreme” descriptors, and recovery involves deescalating from false “extremes” into normal-range reality.

I’m a clinical psychologist from trauma world, so I’m well practiced in bringing down the escalation. Parents aren’t. You’re just normal people, so when the trauma pathogen manifests in anger, chaos, crisis, and “extreme” – normal people don’t know how to respond – because trauma pathology alters normal.

First thing to know, trauma escalation is contagious, it spreads to the care providers, to teachers, to everyone… the intensity and “crisis” and “extreme” qualities of situations. It is a false layer added to reality, but everyone gets all caught up in the emotional intensity – the contagion is well known to us in trauma clinical psychology.

So what we do as clinical psychologists in trauma world, is we bring calm and confident center to counter-act the instability felt by the others who are spinning (destablized; dysregulated). The trauma-informed clinical psychologist remains stabilized in reality, not the hyper-escalation of nonsense.

Dorcy has wonderful terms for some of the major skills in this process – two of the best skills are no-response-necessary (NRN) and allowing the child to “empty their container of garbage” into your trash container… and then you take out the trash.

If you track and understand what Dorcy’s communicating with these concepts, it will help you significantly in understanding the core of a trauma-informed approach, and can help you to remain grounded when trauma flips the world upside-down.

The child is dysregulated (that’s my psychology word for Dorcy’s “garbage”) and needs the parent to remain grounded (that’s your trash bucket; you being grounded in your center, that’s your “container”). Avoid the emotional contagion of “extreme” and remain centered (NRN) and allow the child to reorient and become grounded to your stability and your grounding.

It doesn’t help when the child starts to spin (Dorcy’s wonderful word for it) – if you start to spin too. Then we just have everybody bouncing around in unmanaged chaos. We need someone to stop spinning. You’re the parent, it’s you.

The trauma pathogen is in the attachment networks of the allied parent (a constellated group of damaged information structures in the attachment system). This trauma pathogen creates “crazy-making” behavior from the parent that creates “crazy-behavior” in the child (substitute dysregulated for crazy to get the professional description).

This process of crazy-making behavior from a parent (dysregulating making behavior from the parent) that creates crazy-behavior (dysregulated behavior) in the child is called pathogenic… creating pathology. Pathogenic parenting is creating pathology in the child. That’s what’s happening. The distorted parenting of the allied parent is creating severe “dysregulation” (“spinning”; “emotional garbage”) in the child.

We want to help the child re-stabilze, but we’ve got all this de-stabilizing “emotional garbage” in the child from the other parent’s distorted parenting. What do we do?

Well, first, don’t escalate with the child. We need someone calmly and confidently in reality. That’s you. Sucks for you, but your the parent, and we need someone to remain confidently anchored in reality.

When the child starts spinning (dysregulation), hold out your container for them to deposit their nonsense that they’ve had downloaded from the other parent, close your container, take it outside and empty it. You don’t hold the nonsense, and the child doesn’t hold the nonsense. But we’ve gotta get the nonsense out somehow.

That’s where mindful parenting comes in. It’s a way for us to remain grounded in reality when stuff around starts to spin (usually from some unprocessed trauma somewhere).

Since spinning (dysregulation) happens from unprocessed trauma, that explains the child’s spinning because of the allied parent’s unprocessed trauma. The unprocessed trauma (emotional garbage) of the allied parent is being transferred to the child through distorted parenting practices. When the child downloads the parent’s emotional garbage (trauma pathogen), the child starts to spin (dysregulate).

The child brings you the pathogen (the emotional garbage) and you start spinning too (you become dysregulated) because… the emotional garbage (the trauma pathogen) creates dysregulation and chaos – that’s what it does, it is a psychological-emotional process born in trauma and abuse – it is chaotic and disorganized and adds “extreme” to everything.

You’re the chosen parent. Sorry, sucks for you. We can’t rely on the other parent, the child is a spinning child, they can’t get out of it on their own. Please don’t start spinning too (becoming dysregulated).

Why do chosen parents start to spin? That… is a very productive question. That’s what Higher Purpose Parenting is about. Mindful parenting helps significantly in keeping us grounded and avoiding the “contagion” of co-trauma-spinning, where everybody in the room is bouncing off the walls in chaos, emotionality, and “extremes.”

But, for solution… don’t worry about solution. Oooo, so zen. Mindfulness.

Focus on self-stabilization, self-grounding, self-growth into your center of authenticity. That’s why we need you to take care of yourself. We need you to be grounded in a mindful and centered place so when your child brings you the trauma-pathogen from the allied parent, the pathogen doesn’t destabilize you as well and then everybody start to spin (becomes dysregulated).

Parenting is not about what we do, it’s about who we are. There are limited solutions by changing what we do to the child, there are powerful solutions by changing who we are with the child… how we “show up.”

There’s the key to that locked doorway.

From the pathology, it appears the solution is on the outside, to be found in altering the distorting influence and bad parenting of the allied narcissistic-borderline parent, and that’s true, but that’s not actually entirely true. We can get there from outside solutions, and we’re definitely going to be doing that. It is up to professional psychology to make this stop, and we will be doing that.

There’s also an inside path to solution. That’s the path I’m talking about now, through the chosen healthier parent finding your authentic core, your center of trust and love in yourself, to stabilize you, the healthier parent, in the upside-down world of trauma. When you hold out your hand to the child, be… mindful… of your hand you offer. Mindful parenting from a place of healthy you.

There are… inside… ways to stabilize the distortions and dysregulation (the spinning) in the child. Start by not co-spinning. Find ground; mindful parenting. NRN – allow the dump of emotional garbage into your trash container, take the trash outside and dispose of it.

If you get triggered and start to spin (Dorcy), look to yourself (there’s skills to do that) and identify the triggers, recover your center and help stabilize the child from your grounded center.

The inside way starts with you stabilizing yourself. Which means allowing yourself to escape the captivation of the trauma pathogen being brought into your family by the other parent. Find your path of self-discovery, your journey, magical and wonderful.

Emotional contagion is a feature of trauma. Take a deep breath. Mindful parenting. Centered and relaxed. Confident in the ground of our center.

Craig Chidress, Psy.D.

Clinical Psychologist, PSY 18857

Older adults grow just as many new brain cells as young people — ScienceDaily

Many ways to do so, plus an awareness of what depletes brain.

One benefit of being on Lithium Carbonate , was increased

brain cell growth. Down side , it’s a metal, to which I am

highly allergic, thus toxic to my body.

Adverse symptoms , met with a prescription change to a

” coated” version of same Lithium to make gut more

abled to assimilate ..Didn’t hear me, it was horrific,

and so research the many ways to nourish and produce

cells for brain health .. hydrate , hydrate , hydrate ..

Researchers show for the first time that healthy older men and women can generate just as many new brain cells as younger people.
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Universe is saying We Got This : I Can See For Miles

Joyfully, I surrender to the full acceptance

of my mystical, old soul stuff that has been

allowed to develop in positive and negative,

shadow and light , and ever evolves , for

which I am blessed beyond measure.

I see for many; my actual eyes are those of Dad,

Minnie Zola , Aunt Faye , Uncle Joe that I can

think of .. Middle son favors my family side

Harper favors him …Trials and tribulations have

been unveiling themselves , winding down

fake news , or no news to often perceived

or envisioned realities , enough signs from

all manner of ancestral and earth bound folks

that create such peace and belief , that we are

bound for glory in this life on this planet , for

that is why we are here..And we are getting ‘er

done โœ”๏ธ. This has been a long time coming

folks , all is with us..

Look for the helpers , ala Mr Rodgers , and see

the many shades and hues , in reconnecting

with Mother Earth , surrender to rise beyond

a limited life ; rise to be united in truth, light,

true liberty , and justice/balance , and respect for

the laws of the universe . Cosmic love โค๏ธ

has transformed so many and populated a “force”of

nature , that naturalizes positive , and neutralizes

negative , that we better meet in the middle ,

internally as well as externally .

For each of those so willing to exit , and return

to better assist , Thank You! I am one of you.

Visions are mine , in my mystical inheritance

ever more so…All is well with my soul and I

urge this reunion for each soul waiting to

receive . Reunite , safely with your fragmented

parts , not damaged, not mentally ill, but trauma

which was and still is an epidemic , at this

time being thwarted by light, by fact . Many

have , as well as I , and offer our ” cliff notes”

that more ease , and organic the quest,

it is revealed by just being . I am dedicated

to joy and benevolence as I spend these dormant

months in service, to self …thus you who wish

to receive .. even 1, ONE, fills my cup โ™ฅ๏ธ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ˜˜

๐Ÿ‘ I can see for miles , The Who

Totally enjoying this mystic meditation …magic carpets , Aladdinโ€™s totally โ˜ฎ๏ธโค๏ธ๐Ÿ‘


Birds of Heaven

The greatest of these is โ™ฅ๏ธ

Trauma Exposure Linked to PTSD in 911 Dispatchers | Psychology Today

Many folks are exposed to trauma, and it’s accepted

as ” normal” , or anything but what it is , and for the

sake of all concerned this is worthy of transforming


Emergency dispatchers are often exposed to duty-related trauma.
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J.A. Wheeler , Celebrating the birth and life of Dad๐Ÿ˜˜โค๏ธ

My ” mom/dad” , nurturing Dad , James , who exited

in January 2012, and whose birthing day was January

5 th , 1930. I was born Feb 29 , 1952, his desire for a son

first time child with Mom, Joyce . Mom had a daughter

who was born on Feb 29th 1948, whom was 1 year

old at the time of their marriage March 4 th 1949

In 1951, Mom was rejected by OB as being in labor

and spontaneously delivered Joyce Marie in 1951,

who had died and begun signs of decomposing

Dad explained . Blisters on her body , which is

buried , unmarked in the ancestral church grave

yard ..

I was born in 52, and I’m sure Mom had C-PTSD

and my inability to nurse ,regrettably created

more grief and shame . I had to be returned to the

hospital , severely dehydrated , 5 days after birth.

Dad explained that Mom’s had been unable to

nurture me, and if he had not nurtured me

no one else would have .

I was very happy to have the awareness that he

was slipping away , slowly and we talked of

heart matters and cleared so much , that lacked

only his being made aware , as I did from child

hood on. One pop from his belt , left one mark

and I stood up to him at that time , aged 4/5

and he never ever used physical violence

against me.

He may not have understood me , always but

he wasn’t vicious , or silently withdrawn , we

cleared our stuff and moved onward , never

brought up again.

His last years , were of lifting from a depression

of Mom’s exit in 1999. His restricted life was

a form of self protection , and withdrawal from

family members he came to be reunited with

his last years..The last 5 1/2 months , were high

low and everything between, until his finale .

The growth , the healing, the love as well

as undeniable realities , will lend themselves

to my efforts in transformation , as I witnessed

denial of dignity , and much adverse action

that’s is barbaric . I grasp that it was after-all his

his journey , and I was but a part of it.

The dynamics allowed me to understand my

” caregiving ” was and is instinctive , and

more on mark than not , and the Divinity

and Light of my essence was always tested

in a family , that’s fractured traumatic parts

are denied , and that allowed my poor choices

and failures to escape the mindset of energy

of compliance to abuse in male dominate

examples, ie ” former” ..

I’m not the ” fixer” , it’s not my job , but the

experience of being with Dad as he exited

watching his awareness of spirit guides

and his acceptance , as I witnessed his ” labor”

in returning to the womb of the great mother

my joy was absolute for I knew he would return

as he has in spirit. Our circle , will not be

broken, and he will present in another form,

as he pledged to me , and I to him , as “family

soul mates ” , I His ” Mom, and emotional partner

who grasped his deepest joy and pain, as it

came up in loudness, or harshness or anger ,

his lack of understanding , helplessness

and yes his failings and unhealed trauma ..

We nurtured each other , and it wasn’t grasped

in a dynamic of not communication basic life

issues , and silently approved of disenchantments

and divisions within families .

With Dad’s exit , I stepped away from ” family”

withholders, and abuses that defy what my

perception of family is..

Certainly many ” triggered” acts that related to

” formers” disposal/abuses as if from a play book,

and finally much can be put to rights .

And that gift ๐ŸŽ, from Dad to me, was not to give

up.. truth and light did , and still do cast away

shadows ; James (supplementor) Abner( Father Of

Light) Wheeler ( wheelwright) was transforming

and transformed from moral suffering , very passionate

and attached , who missed his Mom, Minnie

and felt Mom’s presence and essence until

he exited. Time stopped for him with her passing

as I witnessed in preparing their home for

organization , and ease in preparing , finding

treasures along the way , sharing with him

then siblings ..

Challenges were many , but I know, that he

knows I did my best; he lets me know๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿค“โ™ฅ๏ธ

So missing his actual voice , or physical

presence is tempered by his freedom from

the constraints and trauma and torture of

our current transformation , towards heaven

on earth , I fully expected to be reunited with

Dad , and Mom, on a cosmic level for a reunion

of joy , and bliss that will include many souls

gone before me ..

Happy Birthday Daddy

Love Always & Forever


New Moon Gift for targeted family members via Childress

I’ll have lots and lots to say and tell you, but this is the most true thing I can tell you, the universe has this in hand.

We are in a time period of change for this pathology. The other time of failure had to occur, not for as long as it did, and at that severity, but for a variety of reasons that period needed to occur in preparation for this time of solution. I can explain over a beer once we’re done. People had to learn some things, and some things needed to be put on display, to be exposed.

But that time of failure has run it’s far-too-long course, and change is moving through the trees. Do you hear those winds. I do too.

This isn’t about me or Dorcy, or even you. The universe is moving toward solution; each of us have our roles. Act with integrity, act with kindness. Speak the truth clearly. Do the right thing.

That’s pretty much my recommendation for everything. My role is to bring professional knowledge from psychology and huffy-puffy finger wagging at my professional colleagues, Dorcy’s is to… dang, to bring infinity stones to a knife fight.

My point is that I never predicted what she was to bring, and she didn’t create me or AB-PA. Each of us has our role in solution and we may not necessarily see connections right away. And I’m just a single lone psychologist in Southern California, what can I do? I don’t know, let’s find out. You’re just a single lone parent, what can you do? I don’t know, let’s find out.

First thing, the more you find your united voice as the chosen parents to lead the change and recovery of your children, the more power you achieve to do just that. Then, goal one, let’s not accept this abuse and trauma. So that’s going to stop. Goal two, we need the DSM-5 diagnosis of psychological abuse for your children. Goal three, we want written treatment plans. One, two, three our first goals appear pretty clear.

One of my favorite formative books was Julius Caesar’s Gallic Wars. It’s pretty interesting to read Julius Caesar describing battle stuff. I think in military campaign terms. Because I’m a bit of a primary source material nut, I recently reviewed the US military’s principles of war; number 1 is Objective.

Objective โ€“ Direct every military operation toward a clearly defined, decisive and attainable objective. The ultimate military purpose of war is the destruction of the enemy’s ability to fight and will to fight.

Sentence one describes one form of focus on objective. Sentence two is a second form of focus on objective. What’s most striking is serous no-nonsense. Objective.

If you can find the larger flow for this, the one beyond you, you’ll feel the forces of change rising and it might help. Also what this brings is a deeper understanding that all of this is part of something more. I know your suffering has been immense. I’m so sorry. It should never have happened. I also feel the universe moving, bringing things, shifting things, and if the universe is moving then there is a larger stream of meaning.

Larger meanings are above my pay grade, I’m just a clinical psychologist, but I feel I’m being used in a role. I don’t need to do anything but my role, act with integrity and kindness, speak the truth with clarity, and the universe will work its ways toward solution.

I’ll also carry your stern voice of anger for you to the powers that be. I have a psychology doctorate degree and they can’t hurt me as much as they can hurt you in retaliation. Let me carry the stern and angry voice. You be kind, relentless and kind, at the same time.

The pathogen wants to paint you as angry and aggressive – of course the child doesn’t want to be with you, see how you’re so angry and aggressive.

Don’t let it do that. There are ways to be assertive and gentle at the same time. Think Gandhi, think Martin Luther King, Jr. and the civil rights movement. Statements of truth made with clarity. Direct and strong, kind, not angry.

Anger will draw anger. Let me be your lightening rod on that, let me carry your angry voice of protest. I have a doctorate degree and am a peer colleague to them, there’s less that they can do to hurt me. They are holding you and your child hostage within the family law and forensic psychology system, you cannot afford to provoke the anger of your evaluators or treatment providers, they will retaliate. They shouldn’t, but the do and they will.

You be kind.

We will discuss parent advocacy skills from school-involved psychology as we move forward. The parent-psychology team has a lot of experience with parent advocacy over there in school-involved ADHD world and autism, and we can begin bringing some of that advocacy structure over here. The website I used back in the day was


Start by reading the Letter to a Stranger handout.

Letter to a Stranger

There’s a role over in educational advocacy of the educational advocate hired by the parent to work with the school system through the IEP and follow-up appeal processes. They’re wonderful and get great services for the kids, especially learning disabilities, they’re expensive but get things done.

We might need a role like that over here, of psychologists acting as consultants to parents, not doing therapy, just as consultants for you in interacting with all the other (problematic) psychology people who are currently inept and clueless.

Hopefully it won’t take that long to get a solution and we won’t need that level of advocacy support. One of the terms describing the military objective was decisive. That’s within my objective. I’d like to get this solved as fast as we possibly can. Today would be good, and I’m entirely serious on that. We can absolutely solve this today, now. It’s just a matter of proper diagnosis.

We want a DSM-5 diagnosis and a written treatment plan. Jeeze Louise how hard can that be? Apparently pretty hard over here in forensic psychology.

The standards of practice in forensic psychology are substantially below those of clinical psychology and may be actionable. I wish it wasn’t true. We need to establish baseline standards of practice. We are going to do that by using the standards of practice from clinical psychology.

We want a DSM-5 diagnosis in all cases, and a written treatment plan in all cases. That’s standard of practice in clinical psychology. Look to the school IEP as a model for what a written treatment plan should look like. Short and long term goals, specified interventions, defined measurable outcomes, and time frames for goal accomplishment. All standard IEP treatment plan stuff, standard of practice.

Craig Childress, Psy.D.

Clinical Psychologist, PSY 18857