Altar Welfare: Churches Steal $71 Billion A Year From Taxpayers, Spend Little On Charity

Transforming this inequity …

What is particularly egregious about the tax benefits going to religious organizations is that they receive these benefits because they are charities.
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Blessed today to receive this with a full heart

that’s joy and peace brought tears , which opened

my stopped up head ..All’s good.

I totally resonate with this message, and thy Will

be done is manifesting gifts that increase assuring

there are no accidents , and so my time alone , will

be more balanced , and I really need to get physical

without exhaustion , in my home , my body yearns

for open spaces , walks under skies that shall be pulled

ever closer, in heaven on earth.

Many reasons to be here , mountain tops keep rolling

here , but I did come to the top of my mountain

and thankfully have been allowed , through much

trial and tribulation , to be unto myself , for perhaps

the 1st time in my life ( this one) and there are gifts

inherit in that life achievement .

Faith Hope Were My life lines , even when it did not appear

to be , I was heard , specific to what I prayed for .

An end to my abuse , in regards to physical relationship

I was heard as he left for ” happy” .. I failed in not specifying

sparing our sons what has been 20 years war of the roses .

I’m out of white roses , my heart is liberated ..

I was heard. I will never doubt , my highest intentions

needs will be ripened fruit 🍎 🍉 🍌.

Celebration 🎶🍾

A level headed contemplation : Find Seek,The Event

This gal rocks it…indeed be lighter in

all ways , possible. The snake sheds its skin,

the frogs 🎶 gig on high, birds are pronouncing

along side the darkness and shadow to be as

a true child , return to the inner light of love .


With so much love ❤️

Blessings & Peace

8 Powerful Steps to Self-Love | Psychology Today

I often said to our sons, If you don’t love yourself ,

no one else will. I personally forgot for the most part

so drained by mental and spiritual midgets , whose

mission was to let me know , how much I offended

their sense and sensibilities .. Those as a Christian’s

who see you , hear you , let you know you matter as

long as you follow the leader, whom I did not consider

in a self adulation of worship , worthy ..More than

being out of any league , I was treated and sensed I was

another species , and watching helplessly as our sons

aligned with the energy that demanded allegiance

in my living death, to protect the fakeness of a family

that abused 3 souls as well as myself , honoring

the entitled daughter of stars 🌟, who still owns and knows


I have nothing to shame myself over , I have cleared that.

The horrid actions of the past are indeed transforming

as society in their consciousness demands clearing of

abuses by exposure , thus lighted , alchemy flips the

scales , as all wrongs are righted .

Magic & Miracles are ours , are occurring in balance

with what seems broken and destroyed .. I’m striving

for upward and onward ..I’ll see a ton of y’all , of that

I’m sure .. celebrating deeply , so grateful .

Shaming and criticizing yourself lead to inner rebellion and giving up, while self-compassion gives you hope and trust in the process of change. Learn the “how” of self-compassion.
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Ascension , Abused , Addicted : Used & Formally Induced Into a Matrix I had to exit to thrive n survive .

This guy was so in point , and so freaking cool

in his delivery, I felt I must post it.

As I began my latest cycle of waking , I discovered a gal named

Karen Bishop , who wrote ” What’s Up on Planet Earth?

I wasn’t in awareness of her terminology, or experiences

but her strength of conviction, her open chatter of her moving

around , state to state , as her quest led her to the desert and

contact with her star folks increased , life happened.

Her daughter had twins , equally 3 and she moved closer

to her to assist in nurturing her grandchildren and supporting

her daughter. North Carolina , last I heard , Karen dropped

out of her blog , and books , as far as I know , but her wisdoms

as an Aussie , a younger woman , augmented the wisdoms

of women I have come into awareness of since the late 80’s .

and most profound to me was it only takes 11% of the world’s

population to effect change . Now I’m especially attached

to the number 11, for reasons that have been accumulating

in supporting my total and divine connection to god , having

been allowed the experience of being the mother vessel for

our eldest son Ivey …His birthday is a major event for me , as

I quietly celebrated this year , for he has long felt it necessary

to deaden our relationship. I have great compassion for his

personal experience and respect for his quest , and long ago

prayed for divine intervention , that he might waken .

I am assured we are all in stages of ascension , and that I

must share myself with those who need me , for I have

had more positive than adverse since I began to own

my past , and clearing as much as I possibly could.

Time has been a healer , and armed with my trio of

past, present and further , my visions align with much

of what this man articulates ..Being it ! Which has lovingly

been mirrored to me enough , that I’m releasing amazingly

calm, surrendered to my higher self, yet determined to

balance via the facts , the past 20 years , and of being a

silent partner by demand of a former whose still in

abuse mode after 42 years .


I am therefore determined to go higher with my story

and hopefully not have to speak of it , unless I choose

and am prepared . I choose to do this in a 3rd person

having moved past the repeat, repeat, repeat in my soul

that released in various ways, not all positive until……

Stages , all of life is a stage lol. Perhaps BoneZee369

speaks to you in some way.

I am feeling so much peace and calm today ! Sleeping

is off, however , as well as my gut, but I’m on it !

Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

Oregon passes bill allowing mentally ill patients to be starved to death | News | LifeSite

Yet another step backwards by unconscious

shadow souls ..

” Vulnerable Oregonians are left without protections and their right to basic care like food and water.’
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Trump Administration Quietly Redefines ‘Domestic Violence’ And ‘Sexual Assault’ | Michael Stone

It is backwards He takes us, to effectively

enact these laws , releasing himself as well

as others from responsibility , only displays

a very deep seated , hatred for women.

Period . It’s called covering one’s ass.

He’s incorrect , and this is going to be revealed

very soon.

Bad News: The Trump administration has quietly redefined “domestic violence” and “sexual assault,” resulting in significant and potentially devastating consequences for survivors.
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