Requests to bring in child brides OK’d; legal under US laws – ABC News

This deserves acknowledgment and transforming

in ending this approval .

Requests to bring in child brides OK’d; legal under US laws – ABC News
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No Visible Bruises: Domestic Violence and Traumatic Brain Injury | The New Yorker

In the first version of her story, Grace Costa says that, on the night after Christmas, in 2012, her ex-boyfriend broke into her house, hid behind her bedroom door, and then attacked her as she and her two grown children—a son and a daughter—were about to eat dinner. In the second version, it’s still the
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How domestic abusers use household finances to trap their victims  | Commentary | Dallas News

99% of Domestically Abused women are also financially abused,

as I was and am.. NPD , has a superpower , in controlling , and coveting


I will open my story in the coming days , that confirms how this

never ends , as a non partnered , sharing of commercial property

enables his threats , continues his train of thought that my 1/2

warrants his being the surviving parent hero to our children

who adapted to the power of money early on accepting my

worthlessness as a Mom which was induced , as ” unfit ” that

offered a much less equal divorce .. As was our marriage ..

One day, after 23 years in an abusive marriage, Rhonda Voss’ ex-husband told her he had closed their checking account and credit cards, withdrawn…
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A Narcissist’s Damage: They Poison Your Mind, Your Heart, Your Soul And Your LIFE – Mystical Raven

The reality of being reduced to mentally ill, induced by toxic

RX as I became unable to decipher my life , diminished capacity

was advantaged to better his story as the victim . He extols how

he had a fat lazy, crazy wife , becoming the hero . Response

nor responsibility eluded him, rebuilding a life , a foundation

with another who offered him happiness that also crumbled

2018… Repeated insanity , not knowing nor caring of the

emotional inflictions , more over enjoying the ” win”.

It is stated NPD is a never ending story … Offering glimpses

into how , this disorder demands being right, of prevailing

no matter what , life has presented irrefutable proof of what

it is, and how ignorance by those in charge , professionals

and influence by parent , social accepts a lier that is convinced

lies are truths , as needed ..

In the knowledge of what was , and is, I have peace . Choices

in healing are possible for NPD , however seldom utilized .

The glut of NPD is affecting men , in personal and generational

shame , which is undoing healing transformation for 2 years 2

months , intensely ..

With narcissists, it is a hideous, demeaning, debasing, ANGRY, and abusive coexistence that we get conned and TRAPPED into.
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Missouri’s Two Rivers Psychiatric Hospital closing Feb. 9 | The Kansas City Star

From experience , there are no psychiatric wards nor hospitals in

My state that is not grim ,grey, nasty….

No healing within , a surreal example of Hell.

Two Rivers Behavioral Health System announced that the hospital at 5121 Raytown Road will close Feb. 9. The closure comes amid mental health services shortages in Kansas City and nationwide.
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Teenagers with mental health issues given brain electric shock therapy on NHS – Mirror Online

This is horrific !

EXCLUSIVE: A Sunday Mirror probe reveals patients as young as 16 have been given ECT despite fears over possibly memory loss and brain damage

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Nurse who for 12 years felt powerless to expose abuse of patients in the secure units speaks out | Daily Mail Online

My experience initially was Hell on earth , for what

I saw, heard and experienced . Mental hospitals are akin

to jail/prison , and there was no comfort, or healing within.

Quite the opposite, so even knowing and accepting my

abuse , our children and my wish to heal created a desire

to return home.. more than slightly rearranged by the

induction of mental illness via RX Xanax , never listed as

a causal. 5 per for 12 days without an awareness of doing


Addiction Induced Mental Illness is how it’s done ✅

A senior mental health team leader said she was asked to assist a cover up at an English NHS psychiatric unit after staff restrained a patient with learning disabilities so forcibly he was paralyzed.
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