Watch Lady Gaga Tell Oprah About PTSD, Mental Health 2020 Vision

Watch video of Lady Gaga and Oprah talk about mental health at Oprah’s 2020 Vision tour and Lady Gaga talking about the PTSD she suffered after being raped.
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10 Things People Constantly Get Wrong About PTSD | HuffPost Life


Drama !

Mentally Ill !

Attention Seeker!


Experts and those who live with post-traumatic stress disorder debunk the biggest myths about the condition.
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How Common is PTSD in Women? – PTSD: National Center for PTSD

Here’s a gov publication that chooses to point out

depression as a ” side effect ” of PTSD ..One reason

my research became expansive , factually and at

least 3 reliable sources , plus my experience and

one on one exchanges.

Learn about trauma and PTSD in women.
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