In the early stages of recovery having incurred the insanity of

AMA, APA, and a culture of suicide , I choose a psychic .

How long do I have to live?

He : hold out your hand , what’s your birthday ?

Feb 29

He: You are not even here.

Eureka ๐Ÿ‘

Mayan calendar is 28 days.. Posing a threat to the patriarchs

so very long ago, human kind altered time.

We have much that is natural, especially love

and now we return ..โค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜˜

We now return to natural time .. I’m ready , thus my

move 9 years , to be abled to have and provide shelter .

He: Surround yourself with writers, poets , musicians ,

artist .

9 years ago, I made that transition .

I will never leave . My body may transition but I have

my home town.

A beautiful hunk of a human man , arrived to aide my aide

at the time David “Radar ” Arno , and turned me on ….

The following artist, Xavier Rudd is pretty awesome ,

liberating me from all but connection with Divine.

Big shout out of Thankfulness to a light bearer , Josh

Penn! who also gifted me Sassy, an amazing lab/ hound

that Tucker2 trained to be an Alpha . Sadly I had to release

her , and I was not shocked when she was adopted in a short


Tucker2 passed 2 moves later , forced within 1 year to

move 3 times , in 1 year due to abuses . Scout was his 1st

baby , a Beagle mix , she barked like her dominate genes.

She vanished , I suspect killed by an overlord as I tried to

move in very ill health , in 30 days. All the while ex was

legally shaming me, his brother/son, allowing me to know

he did not care .

Music , lifts and supports me, heals me when nothing else

does. When that is not working , which is rare , but it does

as with the craziness that comes up with Beloveds and Beginnings

it’s a Red Flag , and I sleep , no longer dipping into the toxic well

that I have dwelled in of past . I have survived to thrive as Chiron

indicates in my chart , the wounded healer, old soul does not have

to surrender to the darkness . I have become aware of how deeply

affected males are , triggered by my life , most unaware their past

life included being feminine , and of course birthed , were loved,

abused etc ..

So a new approach , certainly listen more . The average person senses

7 things at once , SHP sense around 50.. being vocal , has threatened

many , as I heard recently ” how can you hold all this , for so long.”

I owe the world my “song” , my story that I might bring awareness

as Joni Mitchell describes as after a certain age and life experience

we become philosophers !

I concur , as an old soul I Thank each of my teachers , especially

Ivey, J, & Bucky .


7 Reasons the Winter is Essential for your Evolution! – Numerologist.com

I’m 2/29 Birthday , a month that is shorter , and my personal

celebration became a necessity , due to non celebrations more often

than not. I am calmer in winter , and own the reason the slower pace.

I am thankful to be out of the spin cycle of a life less traveled.


7 Reasons the Winter is Essential for your Evolution! – Numerologist.com
โ€” Read on numerologist.com/personal-growth-and-success/7-reasons-winter-essential-evolution/

Are You Highly Sensitive? โ€“ The Highly Sensitive Person

Far from mental illness, or snowflake being HSP, was

challenged , until I knew better.. I scored near 100%

Sadly there are many of us, who are discriminated

against .


Take this test and find out if you’re a Highly Sensitive Person.
โ€” Read on hsperson.com/test/highly-sensitive-test/

The Long Tradition of Folk Healing Among Southern Appalachian Women – Atlas Obscura

Very possible, I am a 4th generation medicine woman..

I am very Blessed to know and live amongst healers

old and young . Often noted as “witch” I’m ok with

those who don’t know old English defines witch as

” wise woman”.. I aspire every day to learn , and very

often it’s a mother load ..let it rain, in the quantum

leap we will experience beyond 50 years of stuck

teachings ,our review of old fake healing , it will

be most welcome .

Returning to the garden , resonates with my soul.


Women in rural areas have longer life spans .

Hands in dirt , creating is nirvana for me.โ˜ฎ๏ธ.

I am looking forward to a home , a foundation that

finally allows more than my current apartment ,

which has great light . I am more than ready..

Being in nature , at one with the earth and sky

is Therapy .

The Long Tradition of Folk Healing Among Southern Appalachian Women – Atlas Obscura
โ€” Read on www.atlasobscura.com/articles/southern-appalachia-folk-healers-granny-women-neighbor-ladies

Last Family Christmas 12-25-1998 12/27/98-12-27-18 = 20 years 7,3059 Days

Of course , I have been told repeatedly, I am not family ..

It was a ” tiger ” day in Chinese Astrology ..Ms Moon was 62%

waxing . It was a Sunday , Soul #9, Sun in Capricorn , Moon in Aries.

Jupiter was in Pisces.

20 years = 7,3059 Days Grief is cellular, Triggers Abound

True Facts , Love, Support, and Spiritual Practice , Beloved Soul

Family , Erased Families end the cycle of dying alive to cover

abuse and neglect towards myself , and each child ..denial

that I mattered ..

The UK is incarcerating a parent who abuses partner and child .

minimum 5 years …

Our sons were aged 2, 4 and 7 ..As a young mom , I was very

concerned about a lot of things .