‘Obscenely high’: how family court costs are destroying parents and their children | Australia news | The Guardian

Justice Robert Benjamin says a culture of bitter, adversarial and highly aggressive family law litigation ‘must stop’
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Legally Kidnapped: ‘Foster dad begged for custody of girl, 7, he said was in danger then raped her’

The matrix of abuses of children has been revealing more

and more of these cases , and I try to focus on the best possible

outcome for the child(ren) who in reality have no rights …

Getting worse before it gets better is upon us ..

Our New Earth 🌏 will not allow these impactful abuses

that can be life long trauma ..

As a parent , as a Mom , witnessing , and the intuitive

knowing , yet not knowing these years of separation

that’s been the weapon utilized , the results of which

are child abuse , with legacies for survivors that are

as if sexually abused .

The circus and the monkeys that assist, encourage , profit

and abuse is extinct .. Facts are facts , and the truth is going

to liberate a lot of folks from the side effects of societies

who were misled , and induced into the culture of suicide

that’s conscious and awake , and transforming a horrific

span of time ..

Of this I am 110% sure , and doing my best despite adversities

that include knowing my death is the goal, forgiveness is

not a character trait , certainly not for himself , which is were

fear , trauma, dis ease , shame , etc keep one stuck.

Deserving to step out of that matrix , staying with what has

worked in the past , denial of facts , is more difficult

when lying became easier , long ago.

As exampled by this post, purging these toxic abuses , for

awareness of what it is …it is epidemic

Having been educated in so many ways , it is my job

to share as much as possible of what I am in Awareness

of , in large part , Faith that I would be shown the truths

and light would dispel the darkness… that our children

matter , that I matter .. To end this malignant , High Conflict

20 plus year effort to target , abuse , exposure with legitimate

facts , which are the unfortunate experience for many families

as many in number come together we are heard ..

This is unfolding , with variable offerings , which can be

extremely expensive at present … As the truth is revealed

education , and training , will include much easier , simpler

modalities , of which I lean into holistically as possible

that allow the empowerment of survivors.

We want the best possible outcome , including the healing

of the deep trauma of the abuser , as we step out of shadow

and into the light … it is not our job to fix anyone …

Just to assure that the best interest of a child , in each of us

to be empowered to survive and thrive in all ways of

mind, body and spirit .


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

Legally Kidnapped: ‘Foster dad begged for custody of girl, 7, he said was in danger then raped her’
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Science Shift: Parent Alienation is Child Abuse and Violence

Science Shift: Parent Alienation is Child Abuse and Violence
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My goodness, Karen Woodall is full of… nonsense. – Dr. Craig Childress: Attachment Based “Parental Alienation” (AB-PA)

Karen recently posted a blog about Fairy Tales and splitting that was kind of all over the place, but the central premise is that she’s some sort of expert on “splitting” and she’s sort of simultaneously discovering splitting and reporting on her discovery. There’s so much nonsense being put forth, I need to address it. …
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Should “Parental Alienation” Be Criminalized? | Psychology Today UK

The UK is sentencing a minimum of 5 years

for the child abuse that parental Alienation

Child Abuse .

The “side effects ” are the same as sexual

abuse , which what it has felt like to be

as a survivor of child sexual abuse at 5

and Domestic Abuse .

It took Psychiatric Abuse to shut my

mouth , invalidating my as living

dead , unfit Mother , as a divorce and

financial covered it up, until all the proof

revealed itself.

Action , is stepping out of abusers matrix

shining the light of truth , having rising

above the shadow, that remains in darkness

and fake facts .


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

There may need to be consequences for a “parentectomy,” but criminalization is not the best route.
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‘Selfish, pointless act’: Father believes wife murdered their kids in crash

The horrific results of Domestic Abuse continued

through children who are not heard , a Mom

who has no hope of justice would end her

abuse which is child abuse .

With support of the abuse and abuser in our

current systems of justice , lawlessness will

evoke these horrific results …

Transforming this is a must, and it is happening .


Blessings & Peace

Doña Luna

The crash that killed a mother and her four children at Kumbia last month was initially thought to be an ac…
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