111 I Tune the Sun –

Or β€œ Atun Ra β€œ

Meaning binaurally

If you play 258hz in one ear and 369hz

In the other you get

The difference

In between or

β€œ Sin in the Pin β€œ

111 sine wave in your Ida pingala 111 =

Gem in Eye,

Gospel of Thomas

It is when you make the two into one that you will see the kingdom of Heaven

The crowbar in one hand = Iron

The Ankh in the other

Hand = Copper

They draw off each other the Ankh pulls,

They say in the kings chamber when the planets influences were aligned

Holding the crow and the Ankh and Opened the Gates of Pindar

Pandora’s box

The land of milk and honey

Milk DMT honey

Golden melatonin,

The Joseph and Mary

Numerology’s Take on Valentine’s Day | DECOZ #3 year # 8 Day πŸ₯°πŸ€©πŸŽ

Any day is a good day to celebrate, to show compassion,

to compliment ,to call, to connect..

It’s always been my concept , love ❀️ is not only something ,

to see

but feel.

The inward look , divesting from what’s not serving the highest

intent, for best good, can go. Thanks but go..

In self nurture , a Pandora’s

Box is opening, surrender to the healing lesson ,


mercy , once you know your soul needs ,

being patient in prayer πŸ™πŸΌ

not allowing any deterrent, to derail you; allow your


intent to take “root” . and leap into the light, as well as the wisps

of shadow, that you no longer allow to affect you . Poof shadows

are zapped. Give it to the Universe , no need to think on it again .

Many things considered very ” normal ” are vulgar ,


or abusive to self and others.. too often ignored ,

it’s individual

and too often trauma , raw and over ripe .

It’s just now beginning to be acknowledged that trauma

has been, a very silent epidemic , escalating, as generational

trauma, abuses and non educated , to co join in the

judgement of folks who adhered to behavioral health

diagnostics of a manual that has a coded insanities

ie medical sounding names and meanings , that insurance

health and legal uses to measure society .

Labeling those whose highest good was tested over and over

and know the wisdom of owning self light and love , and work

towards healthy resolutions , that must become catalyzed, often

when we are pushed …When we face our exit. when we know

damn well that peace and Harmony , indeed heaven on earth

can be achieved . It does begin with one1, and I’m so grateful

so many One1s are letting their love lights shine drawing

towards em, beloved’s ready to receive and activate the leap

of intent .

If you love someone , let them know , in a way you know

their soul would adore receiving , open the door πŸšͺ of potential .

Be , just be πŸ’• Love Bug 🐜.🎁🀩πŸ₯°πŸ˜˜πŸ’•

Blessings & Peace,

DoΓ±a Luna

Addictions complicate

every things especially in spiritual efforts ,

for many do not

offer positive results , only negative ,

given the spirit whose

“Stuff” is socially accepted by alcohol spirits

Using the World Numerology App’s Business Name Advisor, I analyzed the word Valentine. As expected, the info fit surprisingly well.
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Number 3 Numerology | Numerology.com

This 3 Old Soul is filled with gratitude to have

adapted to the positives of being a ” bridge”

a caretaker , with unlimited potential and

love πŸ’• everlasting for humanity ‘s efforts

to rise from oppression .

I gave myself permission to evolve and have

no regrets .

Learn about the three Cs of the number 3: creativity, communication and a childlike nature.
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