Touch-deprived infants have measurable differences in their genes, study suggests | Miami Herald

Education and Society erred in informing mothers and fathers

in providing truthful facts …

Whether or not you caress your baby enough can leave measurable effects on their genes, a study from the University of British Columbia found.
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To the Suicidal Mama Fighting to Stay Alive for Her Kids | The Mighty

A mom writes a letter to her fellow mama’s who struggle with suicidal thoughts, acknowledging the struggle of mental illness and motherhood and reminding them that they are heard and they should stay.
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Maryland Ends Parental Rights Of Rapists Who Impregnate – CBS Baltimore

Sanity prevails!

Maryland women impregnated by rapists have new legal power to end the parental rights of their attacker, under a new law signed by Gov. Larry Hogan.
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Or if divorced show that you are a mature adult and can treat the mother of your children with respect and kindness, regardless of the relationship status. If you are a step mom be mature with healthy boundaries . Be aware of the fact that you chose to step into this situation and respect both parents’ decisions about your step child, always. Step back and follow their lead as this is not your child.

In our case it was from the MIL, law ..sisters, their friends

all seemed to accept me. Our sons were name carriers , and

I witnessed more than once the difference of daughters vs son

grand-parenting.. Discrimination in Jesus name, affirmed by

zip code , bank account and group participation in very social



Healing the Mother Wound with Bethany Webster | Emerging from Patriarchy: Some Relationships Won’t Survive the Real You

Non gender specific ; Men nurture ie ” mother” very often

very well.

As women living through this transformational time, we’re seeing patriarchal institutions crumble all around us— in governments, media, communities, and organizations. The devastating scope of patriarchal dysfunction is on full display across the globe
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