NYT Reporters Say They Uncovered New Sexual Misconduct Claim Against Kavanaugh | HuffPost

Protected by brothers , fraternity brotherhood

for life ..

Two New York Times reporters said they learned of the unreported claim while investigating Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh for an upcoming book.
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Top Human Rights Court Rules Forced Adoption Violates Right To Family Life | Researching Reform

Great News !

In a groundbreaking case, the European Court of Human Rights ruled on Tuesday that a child services agency breached a mother and her son’s rights by forcibly removing her son and giving him to a foster family several years after he was removed from her custody as a newborn. The grand chamber of the European…
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Nepal’s ‘Mother Teresa’ Has Rescued Over 18,000 Girls from Sex Trafficking

Nepal’s ‘Mother Teresa’ Has Rescued Over 18,000 Girls from Sex Trafficking
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54 Percent of Children Suffer Disabilities Caused by Vaccination – The Vaccine Reaction

It’s much higher , as vaccine damage side effects are normalized

as common childhood ailments .

54 percent of children are suffering a chronic illness or are disabled, yet we push forced vaccination like its water.
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Narcissist Abuses vs Spatial Disorienting

This was an eye opener, and I felt

more compassion for Donna , who

had the chemical straight jacket

of induced addiction / mental

illness, CPTSD , bonus along with

Spatial Disorientation, grief every

minute with loss of sons ..

So Blessed Doña Luna , made it ,

certainly does not please abuser .



Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna


As Successful Finds Survivor, Narcissist Reacts

More consideration to this , in all aspects

of my life , which will be legally addressed

that I am not inflicted with an inability

to be authenticity realistic in fact .. Every

Effort exhausted , as am I , rejuvenating

to greet the finale , Divine has this .

Thy Will Be Done 🙏🏼💯😘


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna