Craig Childress On Einstein and Human Rights

I love the Internet, and Reddit is interesting. I just read this article from National Geographic linked through Reddit about the FBI surveillance of Albert Einstein because of his advocacy for human rights.

FBI File on Albert Einstein

The pathogen active in your families is a variant of the same pathogen that was active in radical nationalist Germany in the 1930s, just a different variant strain on a few of the features. Racism, antisemitism, and terrorism are all on the same structural lines – pathological anger, hatred, and violence – the profound absence of empathy and the capacity for human cruelty.

This article linked in Reddit intrigued me when I saw it for several reasons, primarily because of the threat posed to Einstein by the allies of pathogen (taking various forms as variously the Nazis and the FBI), because the pathogen is threatened by sanity and human rights.

I found a couple of statements by Einstein interesting considering the nature of the pathogen. The pathogen gets really upset that I call it the pathogen (the agent causing a disease process), and I was intrigued by a couple of statements made by Einstein calling militant nationalism the “measles of mankind,” and that he declared segregation to be a “disease of white people.”

Pathological violence, pathological hatred, pathological anger – the absence of empathy – is a pathogen created in trauma that creates trauma. It is akin to a disease process – anger, violence and hatred – the absence of empathy and the capacity for human cruelty; infecting and spreading through trauma.

This trauma pathogen that has captured your families in the nightmare of forensic psychology and the family courts is broader than just your families, it takes different variant forms in other contexts – the structure of it is pathological anger, the absence of empathy, and the capacity for human cruelty.

The structure of the trauma pathogen can be seen in its themes. Trauma is pattern – it repeats patterns. It is in the themes that the pathogen’s structure is made evident – and the core theme is the absence of empathy and the capacity for human cruelty; creating pathological anger and hatred – (which is the pathological processing of sadness and grief from the childhood trauma, because sadness and grief are processed by receiving empathy, which didn’t happen in the psychological violence of the initial childhood trauma).

Another theme created by the trauma pathogen is how science poses a threat to it. Science speaks truth, and the pathogen cannot tolerate truth.

In relation to patterns and the flying monkey pathology surrounding AB-PA, I also find the following paragraph from the National Geographic article intriguing:

From National Geographic: “The rising Nazi party was soon denouncing relativity as “a Jewish perversion”—the 1920s equivalent of using “fake news” as an all-purpose put-down—and Einstein was receiving so many anonymous death threats that he tried to avoid walking alone.”

Einstein left the danger posed to knowledge by the pathogen’s allies in 1930s Germany, and yet he was nevertheless surveilled by the American FBI because his advocacy for human rights somehow made him “an extreme radical” according to J. Edgar Hoover.

The allies of the pathogen are embedded in systems – the pathogen uses ignorance and fear.

The solution is found in science – in knowledge. AB-PA is grounded in science – Bowlby, Minuchin, Beck, van der Kolk (attachment, family systems, personality disorder, complex trauma). Standard and established knowledge.

The physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson has a wonderful quote about science; “The good thing about science is that it’s true whether or not you believe in it.”

Bowlby, Minuchin, Beck, van der Kolk… science… will pervail against ignorance, fear, and the capacity for human cruelty.

Our role is to speak the truth and act with integrity. The pathogen hates knowledge.

Craig Childress, Psy.D.

Clinical Psychologist, PSY 18857

The hard TRUTH – we never mattered to the Narcissist – but NOBODY matters to the Narcissist except for themselves and their vast needs!

via The hard TRUTH – we never mattered to the Narcissist – but NOBODY matters to the Narcissist except for themselves and their vast needs!

We MUST actualize the truth that there is NOTHING real about the Narcissist ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

We MUST actualize the truth that there is NOTHING real about the Narcissist ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!
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Hope Tools ❤️

In drawing Beloved towards one, I wear a ring , heart pointed out,

Sterling Silver

I burn a red candle with a rose thorn , on a New Moon , detailing Beloved

and he is … Having his own process set in motion by events , in perfect

order that we both be lighter in coming together . Divine timing brings

twins together in mass for the Divinity of days ahead …I am extremely

proud of the 1st male I have ever known on this plane who embodies

everything …the end of the freaking earth…

I had an occasion to consider the following song was directed towards

Beloved , each and every word given today .

The song has intense meaning on many levels .. it was a song , I hardly

knew , in 1989. The psychiatric experience was a culmination of many

traumatic experiences and Xanax . Addiction was not mention , but

autistic symptoms and suspected bipolar were , as were Domestic Abuse

that escalated a still accredited Dr in Virginia . I discovered he saw my

grandmother Cora Lee , but she was Blessed to have her youngest daughter

intervene …

After a brain wave test , perhaps my 2 nd day in, already in an sensitive

state , pushed above and beyond any experience I have known

I was put in a padded closet . I am not aware if I had been locked

in , but for a period of time in that space , my mind , my heart

screamed out the words to the following song . I felt in all ways

as this video examples , shattered , in so many fragments , I might

never be put together again. I was altered for sure .

A peaceful quiet Christian woman , who became by roommate

was my anchor after attempts on my life , realizing my abuser

had control and I was very vulnerable , as were our children .

I surrendered to return to our home , complaint to raise our sons

and do his bidding ..5 years later I turned to professionals , and was

induced into Bipolar ; ignoring Abuse and Trauma.

I sang/screamed this song to Universe, Beloved please come to me.

Faith says yes , he is near..

And that closes a circle of almost 30 years ….😘❤️🎶

Patience is prayer , I long ago surrendered to Enchanted Love as I always

aspired to meeting in the middle . Far too many lessons in inequality of

gender brings a forced neutrality …finally .. I get that , and it doesn’t

matter if no one else does , and Heaven on earth when they do…tribe

finds you, as it has found me.

Returning to love was my RX ..all that is entailed and induced by actions

and reactions that DO have relativity .

And that is a ” good thing ‘ .

Blessings & Peace

Dona Luna

A gift from a Beloved , sharing w/ my Beloveds : Surrender

Surrender is often taboo, like death , it’s an unknown

a frontier of fear and dank and darkness …I was so there

for so many years , 13 as a over medicated , ” mental”

patient journaling attest to my effort to connect

with Spirit ..I know I would have exited had it not been

for each of our sons, my parents , siblings etc.

An induced ” attempted ” suicide via an RX , was inferred

as my emotional state due to a divorce ..

My “emotional state ” was 3600 mg of a highly addictive

RX , and a partner leaving our home to be happy , and

sharing that happy publicly..crowing …adding to the shame

then projected blame , sailing through with aide of his personal

family supplier of funds ..His Beloved …no doubt ” Bonded

in trauma , owning an elitist mentality and barren emotional

addictive life style that defied spirit or growth..

It has long since been in my stages of recovery , that retaliation

would not be my focus , but that’s still the perception of folks

whose fear drives them..I know this…I am there focused on

reclaiming my personhood …My fragmented heart , has been

patched with with such gold as to certify as a glow worm !

In that my Beloved shared her dream of me as a child , as

this child had known deep shadow , and much separation

and trauma, Beloved saw me as a very happy child self again.

Showing my child self picture , she smiled and said, yes that was

your child healed and happy in my dream..

This yet another profound gift , I wish to share , a gift..

“Until you surrender your need to know why things happened

to you as they did , you will hold on to those wounds with intense

emotional fire . Your mind will want to heal but your pride , anger

and emotions will remain caught up in wanting to make sure

that the people who hurt you feel bad about what they’ve done.

Or you may want to hurt the, back . But rest assured , your emotional

self will remain attached to unfinished business rooted in feelings

of abandonment and humiliation , of having lost something or

being cheated . Your mind may do what’s required for healing

and go through all the prescribed steps , but your heart will never

fully participate in the healing process . In the end, forgiveness is

an act of release , surrendering a need for explanation . From that

prospective , forgiveness has nothing to do with the individuals

who harmed you . It is the act of accepting that there is a greater

map of life , through which many rivers of events and relationships

all interconnected . Forgiveness is your release from the hell

of events and relationships , all interconnected. Forgiveness is your

release from hell of wanting to know what cannot be known and

and wanting to see others suffer because they have hurt you.”

~Carolyn Myss.

It is a reclamation , after too many years of non negotiation , which

has been an equation of his children/grandchild are his ..I own

half ” his” property .. Does not compute , and I am ever Thankful

to throw down this monkey , a circus that supports ErasingFamilies

or Domestic Abuse , and move into manifesting safety for those

in need …Praying divine assist his journey ..

2019 is a very special, a very holy new beginning …🙏🏼

It is so for me , as we Spirituality Detox these dank shadows

know it’s soon to be de solved as more light evaporates

Journeying closer and closer in heart’s longing for harmony .

Blessings & Peace

Dona Luna