Trauma before we can remember still leaves a mark – Futurity

” There is so many empowering healing modalities

it’s a matter of research and personal choice.

And that make it so much easier to hold hope


The denial is over however , as is the ” targeted ”

parent/partner .

“there may be a ‘sensitive period’ in which stress is more likely to affect the development of the hippocampus.”
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Why Family Courts Cannot Protect Children: ACE vs. PAS. * Cannot? Do not, just more abuse ..


The essence of domestic violence is that abusers use a variety of tactics to scare and coerce their partners to do what the abuser wants.  This results in the mother and children living in fear.  There are ten adverse childhood experiences.  In the context of a contested custody case, the child usually starts with a score of one for the parents separating, one for domestic violence and one for emotional abuse of the child.  Fathers who abuse the mother are 40-60% more likely to also abuse the children physically and sexually.  If both, that would increase the score to 5.  If one or both parents have a substance abuse problem or mental illness those are two more possible points.  Physical or emotional neglect are two more possibilities.  Significantly all of the other ACEs are more likely when a father abuses a mother.  An ACE score of 6 results in an average reduction in life expectancy of 20 years.

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2 types of alienated children…which is yours? – Ryan Thomas Speaks

Accepted , in our suicidal culture as normal.

The side effects are equal to a sexually abused

child..those side effects don’t just go away.

Ryan Thomas, Child of Parental Alienation Helping Parents Reconnect
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How to Identify and Cope With Emotional Abuse

It’s hard to identify based on inaccurate training or

a choice to be ignorant , because it’s so messy .

Emotional abuse is one of the most difficult forms of abuse to identify. Discover how to spot emotional abuse and how to deal with it effectively.
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Copper Toxicity: A Common Cause of Psychiatric Symptoms | Psychology Today

No blood test, no science , just a diagnosis based on Xanax

overdose due to addictive nature of benzodiazepines

indeed , much is ignored as the causal for ” mental illness”.

Could copper overload be the cause of your depression, anxiety, ADHD, and poor immune function? Copper toxicity is a treatable condition, but you must identify it first.
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Shame is Lethal

I had a huge breakthrough in the Shame gig , so

worthy that I know I personally don’t have to go

there , nor allow anyone or anything to take me

to that place ..

I totally get it, and all it’s fall out , and have empathy

for anyone holding shame .

Allowing myself to be vulnerable , is part of my 51 out of

55 score on emotional intelligence .. My words , my actions

are catching up with my score 🙏🏼

Codependency: What Are The Signs & How To Overcome It

This article offers so much info, but I would urge caution, in

acceptance of terms that have become lucrative labels for

human begins that is discrimination.

My co dependence was my expectation of a partner , my Christian

and social conditioning that allowed me compliant , Xanax

and professional denial of my abuse , by a partner , whose

ownership is still a force in his mind .

Rendered incapacitated , by any illness , which limits in

clarity , participation , being targeted has been a vulgar

acceptance of immorality that left our sons in alignment

with my unworthiness..

Addicted, legally , our children grew up , with addicts in the

house , as all that was normal was rejected , my faith eroded

in detachment that was very necessary in opposition coming

at me, openly disputing co anything..

What is codependency and how can it affect people, how to recognize signs of codependency, and resources for learning more about and overcoming it.
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