Listening to Victims Can Reduce Domestic Violence Deaths

2 women from my hometown were murdered

after repeated request for police intervention.

1 had 2 children and an ex who would not

release her. He waited until their children

were away, entered at night , killed her as well

as himself.


The mother who had an adult son, who apparently

was mentally ill, repeatedly as and was ignored

by police .

Son used a Samurai Sword and cut her up..

It was a week before police found her body in

their house , with son.

He was sentenced to 60 years , as he heard

the judgement You killed the only person

who loved you, and cared.



An advocate and survivor shares how some states are currently working to end domestic violence homicides.
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Sneaky Meteor Evades Earthling Detection, Explodes with Force of 10 Atomic Bombs

One of the largest meteor impacts in modern history occurred over Russia on Dec. 18, 2018. Hardly anyone noticed it — and nobody saw it coming.
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Paid family leave: Republicans introduce bill for paid leave – Vox

The Cradle Act would allow working parents to access Social Security money in advance to cover the cost of taking time off to care for a new child.
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Retired Arizona Judge Reveals Corruption in Legal System

I have felt this personally, strongly , and have

no desire to repeat the abuse and shame of

courts and their participants.

It’s vulgar , having little to do with law

but of me.. Women are allowed , to give

the appearance of equality .

Justice John F. Molloy was an attorney in Arizona who went on to serve as a judge on the Arizona Superior Court bench. He is probably best known for his time
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Proposed Georgia bill would require men to document every release of sperm to officers

The bill comes after the Georgia House passed the heartbeat abortion bill.
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Secondary Traumatic Stress for Educators: Understanding and Mitigating the Effects | MindShift | KQED News

STS is real, I have experienced this in

council , and know I must not.

Burnout, or worse is a reality . I’m not going

there .

Teaching kids who have experienced trauma can be stressful to educators. Acknowledging that teachers might be experiencing secondary traumatic stress is a
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