Place Holder

I realized many times that I was a ” place holder ” and there aways was a 3rd party ; maybe more involved in his life .

Not able to act in truth , waiting for the right time and for the twin he found and together they destroyed each other in their zest to target me .

They traveled, lived large , exotic cars and the same dynamics destroyed that relationship , as they fed our sons on everything being my fault .

That was financial; ” oh I’d love to help you out but ” she”gets half my money and spousal .”

All the while I was short sheeted and legally he thought he had things secure .

Years of not caring for himself , not knowing how or caring , his behavior towards me was even less care .

Place holding had a short life and when he was done he was done and wanted to leave with as much as possible .

Always has a reserve , sexual partners and money to pay for services .

I’m very Thankful to be out of the energy of place holding and marriage to a man who was never ever satisfied .