The night stars fell – 11-12-1833

In the pre-dawn hours of November 12, 1833, the sky over North America seemed to explode with falling stars. Unlike anything anyone had ever seen before, and visible over the entire continent, an Illinois newspaper reported “the very heavens seemed ablaze.” An Alabama newspaper described “thousands of luminous bodies shooting across the firmament in every direction.” Observers in Boston estimated that there were over 72,000 “falling stars” visible per hour during the remarkable celestial storm.

The Lakota people were so amazed by the event that they reset their calendar to commemorate it. Joseph Smith, traveling with Mormon refugees, noted in his diary that it was surely a sign of the Second Coming. Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, and Harriet Tubman, among many others, described seeing it. It became known as “The Night the Stars Fell.”

So, what was this amazing occurrence?

Many of those who witnessed it interpreted it as a sign of the Biblical end times, remembering words from the gospel of St. Mark: “And the stars of heaven shall fall, and the powers that are in heaven shall be shaken.” But Yale astronomer Denison Olmsted sought a scientific explanation, and shortly afterwards he issued a call to the public—perhaps the first scientific crowd-sourced data gathering effort. At Olmsted’s request, newspapers across the country printed his call for data: “As the cause of ‘Falling Stars’ is not understood by meteorologists, it is desirable to collect all the facts attending this phenomenon, stated with as much precision as possible. The subscriber, therefore, requests to be informed of any particulars which were observed by others, respecting the time when it was first discovered, the position of the radiant point above mentioned, whether progressive or stationary, and of any other facts relative to the meteors.”

Olmsted published his conclusions the following year, the information he had received from lay observers having helped him draw new scientific conclusions in the study of meteors and meteor showers. He noted that the shower radiated from a point in the constellation Leo and speculated that it was caused by the earth passing through a cloud of space dust. The event, and the public’s fascination with it, caused a surge of interest in “citizen science” and significantly increased public scientific awareness.

Nowadays we know that every November the earth passes through the debris in the trail of a comet known as Tempel-Tuttle, causing the meteor showers we know as the Leonids. Impressive every year, every 33 year or so they are especially spectacular, although very rarely attaining the magnificence of the 1833 event.

The Leonid meteor showers are ongoing now and are expected to peak on November 18. But don’t expect a show like the one in 1833. This year at its peak the Leonids are expected to generate 15 “shooting stars” per hour.

November 12, 1833, one hundred eighty-nine years ago today, was “The Night the Stars Fell.”

The image is an 1889 depiction of the event.

Watch “A Stadium Sized Asteroid Is Approaching Us This Weekend | Everything You Need To Know | Nereus” on YouTube

I would venture to guess that since the valued

metals exist on this Asteroid , that all is being

done to redirect and salvage and profit , as

billionaire race to space , pointing to ego and greed .

Where to land ?

Unfortunately , I am aware of the mask , that

offer what is required until they feel powerful

all part of the plans to prosper ..

Boom , marriages are failing these power mongers

as veils are lifted …


Blessings & Much Love & Peace

Dona Luna

Watch “Gaia Update: Taurus New Moon – Free Energy – May 11th/12th, 2021” on YouTube

I post this , laughing my head off at her very accurate

depiction of current energy ..I cannot share all that’s

recalibrating in my life , no fear as the unfolding

is confirmation and validation that ” Thy Will Is Done ”

and I know my worth and my will . I have support

and respect that has been building for 11 years

and yes I know I am in presence of many heavenly

bodies , and it’s my joy 💖 to share myself enough

to shine the light , the truth …their way is their

choice .

My fellow Pisces , I share my love 💕 and support

for you and pray for your restored energies and urge

you to rest and self nurture .

#11 is mentioned a lot , how exciting …Taking back

the magic of the number 11!

Eldest son , born 3/11 @ 11.11 and I seemed to be

the only one who had an awareness of the unique

timing my 1st born , a beautiful gift , an ” old soul”

to my 2/29 birthday , we were bonded oh high .

That was severed by psychiatry and a partner in

a state of distortion .

It’s being corrected , as Thy Will Is Done .

I have great faith and awareness born of many

influences that failed to take me from love and

peace .


Blessings & Peace ,

Dona Luna

Watch “You Are Now Approaching The Master Number 44⎮Kryon Late Night Series” on YouTube

I surrender to and honor “old souls” who are

Magic ,Mystical , Walking & Talking Historians

It’s wisdom that is timeless as we strive to

exit negatives of past .

This morning I danced in a pj top and a sheet

and felt like my actress self as a young child.

With little furniture there is dance room and

I did and I felt renewed ..I am weary now

as I wash , dry , sort and hang cloths , much

to give away’s exciting .

I was given new things , by a lady , goddess who

stole my heart with her compassionate nurture

and friendship ..So this new life is a reality .

I’m in a home to witness Mother Earth , in Spring and

Summer , having a taste of the worst of Winter

I learned a lot and my list increased of required

readiness items , lol .

But I’m good , ready for bath and bed after some

dinner .

Pay should hit and my $3.37 balance increases!

As my inheritance hits , I’m wisely manifesting

my dreams , many of childhood , many of our

sons …Beloved and never having to worry about home

or being unheard , I have such peace today , as

I am called on to aide many in abusive situations

that example the less concious , who in these

days , highlight the disparity in legal judgements .

Writing in , the lease …cannot sue company

Oh but that’s a very bad move ….

I have a suit that should be open, and it’s

clear what’s going on.

Talking legal is not fun..glad I have close and trusted

advisors .©


Blessings & Much Peace ☮️💯🙏✌️❤️🥰

Heads Up Geo Magnetic Storms incoming

A heads up!As our nervous systems are fritzed by the incoming geo-magnetic storms, a reminder that this week, all 3 inner planets – Mercury/Venus/Mars -are changing signs together, scrambling our emotional and etheric fields. Mercury is very active, delivering messages from truth teller Pluto on January 4th, changing signs from Capricorn into Aquarius on January 8th then squaring Mars and Saturn.
I wrote on Sunday:” Expect more serious news and restrictions.” Well, as Trickster Mercury untangles and scythes through the sticky webs of what has been hidden, here it is in spades…..revelations, corruption, tighter lockdowns and more shocks to come.
Tomorrow, January 6th, Mars enters Taurus squaring Saturn and Jupiter as slippery deceptive Neptune squares the karmic Nodes of Fate. Volatile Uranus is preparing to station direct in Taurus on January 14th kicking up a storm and will conjunct warrior Mars on January 20th Inauguration Day….. expect an eruption of equally determined forces in dynamic conflict.
The polarities, divisions and splits between the New/Old, the Progressive/Reactionary, the Awake/Asleep are being intensified and exaggerated in the Aquarius/Taurus fixed sign standoff. Everything is opposite to how it seems as revolutionary Uranus is in traditional Taurus while status quo guardian Saturn is in progressive Aquarius. Neptune and the Nodes of Fate are creating smokescreens and a hall of mirrors.
Even in our 4D tribes, there are still so many making futile attempts to get back to how it used to be, so many still naïvely expecting that we can just wait for some sort of silver bullet. So much (understandable) impatience at the ongoing saturnian restrictions to our comfortable personal freedoms and casual entitlements, so many polarised into either conforming or rebelling social media camps. 
But in 2021 there is a brand-new agenda to be co-created which means we need to turn our faces towards the future. We are looking at a collapse in shared meaning of the stories/hypnosis/spells that supported the patriarchy – the end of centuries of patriarchal gaslighting. The old stories, which we had learnt to believe over our own knowing, have broken down.
There are no sides and no saviours.
Switch your B.S. detector on to a high setting – you’re going to need it.
Believe nothing except your own inner voice of truth. Shift out of 3D partisanship and the addictive drama of watching the decayed time lines self-delete. 
When you start to realise that transformation isn’t an adornment to your existing life, but its complete unravelling, everything changes.
New! You can’t outrun the lifting of the veils…… January 2021 is going to be a perfect storm as the new Aquarian frequency rolls in and not everyone will deal with it with grace, ease, honesty, sanity or stability.
Lorna Bevan
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Art by Cathy McClendon

Watch “The Next 8 Days Change our Planet Forever” on YouTube

The knowing, not knowing began with my awakening

from the density and oppression of induced mental

illness , that much of what this man discusses is reality

for me .

Therefore it is with great pleasure and strengthened

faith that I now have a lovely home in the mountains

as has been my dream , my soul for decades …in this

life . All that’s connected with this house divinity are

bringing Heaven to earth , which is the foundation

peace of a stable home life .. a gated community reduces

drop ins and drive by as the beauty blesses me each day.

Life is not perfection , as the mountains rest , the

stark baren trees , certainly shadow, but do allow the

Sun shine and light abounds which i am grateful for .

I have been here since Dec 1st , and a few days ago I

felt a variance in my body that was improvement .

I am working hard, very slowly unpacking, packing up

things to give away and settling in…The bulk of my

things are not here , and so its been nice having the

time to be slow ..

This is rather therapeutic, and grounding as I do chores

and get my home in alignment.

Letting go , all but business to conclude , I look towards

Spring and growing , as I create my new life, using the

discernment that with my heart and head have held

me through many life lessons , many adverse that I may

know better and do better . With these experiences

research and education , I can aide in the process of

families , in particular the child ..

Blessings & Peace

12th thru 21st Very Strong Energies

Today is the first day of a very strong energetic portal that is opening up from now until Solstice (21st December). As of this moment it is very important to remain centered. There is a lot happening in the world that is out of our control, yet the one thing we can control is the reaction to what seems chaotic.

If you have lost connection with your daily practice, or even if you have no practice at all… now is the perfect time to meditate, move, connect to all that is divine and most importantly share your love with the world.

Just a few minutes of consciously sending love and blessings to the world goes so far in shifting the vibration of your internal world, and this in turn reflects onto the outer world.

The planet has reached a critical mass of awakening, and thanks to all that have been doing the deep inner work, the external world is changing. Sometimes change doesn’t flow in the way that we think is ideal, but the world works in mysterious ways and this mystery is now playing out on a global scale.

That which appears to be a tragedy, is often a blessing in disguise, so look for the silver lining in everything.

Things are changing! And if each of us can continue to share love with the world in the face of all adversity, the world will reflect this love back to us. Shadows only remain shadows when they are hidden and now is the time to let all the shadows out into the open to be transmuted into the highest love.

P.S. On the 19th of last month, we were blessed with a divine child. We birthed Rose at home in our bath tub, just the 2 of us unassisted without any medical intervention. This was a really beautiful and somewhat intense experience, and we will be sharing this story with you in the next message.

Luke Miller

Artist Rob Rey

11:11 portal, 11/13 Friday, Super New Moon

So many of us have held the light for so long we have almost forgotten why we do it. We no longer see as much magic in physical form nor miracles that filled the skies or the lands in the days of old. We no longer hear our names called on the breeze or sung by a bird.  
We that hold the everlasting light are the last knights barricade, we guard the grail. When 11:11 raises her beautiful head once again we will be transferring power back to the Earth that we have held from time immortal. This does not mean that we are leaving the physical body but it means the ‘weight/wait’ that we have carried needs be distributed and dispersed amongst the lands.
What comes forth is a lightness of being a lightness of heart,the ugly we have held on to, within and without  is finally set free.  
What comes forth is the Child of Light that has grown up too serious now begins to play on the cosmic swing set. The child within is free to do and no longer has to hold the old paradigm as it was released to Terra Gaia restructured in content to fit all of her healing needs. The entry to new experiences opens for those who have the courage to enter. 
However, it will take those pure of heart and pure of intent  to walk thru the next threshold.
The magic of other dimensions replaces itself with holographic images of future events and future outcomes, live in the cloud forever. As we all gather on the 11:11 at any sacred place that holds a ‘peace of our heart’, We lift the wings of our heart high spreading them wide for all of the universe to see. Letting ‘the Big G god’ know we are serious of purpose and are no longer the pawns in a heavenly game.
This 11:11 will guide us one by one towards a place of wonder and singularity. Like stories of old when timelines stacked allowing access into concealed places, 11:11 becomes a straight shot forward and backward embracing all timelines on the way. 
Allowing us to see down a long hallway of possible futures.We that have held the light, as a never-ending lighthouse, stand-in great awareness of the shifting sands to come.We stand in wakefulness of all possibilities that will stream through the human bloodline into a place of permanency.We look to the skies for what has always been true but now the skies look to us for a sign. As the planet enters the sanctuary of 11:11, we also will enter the quiet and solitude of that space with reverence. This 11:11 time threshold is a bump in recognizable time. Time becomes a swinger for a short while, like a hanging bridge that moves on the winds of change in all directions simultaneously. Corrections that are officially time-based, offer you a chance to glimpse of what is behind the cosmic curtains.
Join others energetically and physically on 11:11. Gather in your humble homes, fields, beaches and mountain tops. Gather at the sacred place of your choice, join hands, join hearts, and join lights. Let the universe aka ‘big G god’ know that we as a planet seek the highest truth on every level of our being and DNA, and we are not settling for less.
by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan  ❤