How To Conceive A Boy – 6 Tips To Conceive A Boy | BellyBelly

Beautiful Divine had me ovulate early

and our 3rd son was conceive ..

A beautiful young man, perfect wife

2 perfect sons ..

I have never met ..

Wondering how to conceive a boy? If you’re swaying for blue, here are 6 tips, some proven by science, and others anecdotal. Go team blue!
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Our Kids Are Losing Their Empathy & Technology Has A Lot to Do With It

It was shocking for me to discover that our kids are growing up to be far less caring and compassionate that any previous generation. And while you can’t place the blame entirely on technology, it’s…
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Brandy Murrah Arrested and Charged With Altering Drug and Paternity Tests

I’m betting this is too freaking common.


Investigators are scrambling to determine how many parents may have lost jobs, custody of their children and more after the owner of an Alabama laboratory was arrested for altering the results of drug and paternity tests.

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Family: Virginia toddler dies after reported sexual assault at motel

My home state ..Virginia

I have no words


She will incarnate and return quickly

never to face such abuses ever again..

A promise I made out loud as I spoke

to Harper under construction ..

Her Mom and I have shared very bonded

exchanges , tears ….then expansive


Richmond police are investigating the death of a toddler at a motel on Midlothian Turnpike last week.
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FBI: Sex with Children is the Fastest Growing Illegal Business in America | Humans Are Free

I don’t get the energy that this is common knowledge in

many distracted , busy parents .

FBI: Sex with Children is the Fastest Growing Illegal Business in America | Humans Are Free
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Kentucky Judges Pre-Signed Blank Legal Documents So That Child Services Could Take Custody of Kids on Nights and Weekends –

Kentucky’s Cabinet for Health and Family Services—the state agency that provides child protective services—has a practice of obtaining blank emergency custody orders pre-signed by judges. Social workers then fill out the documents with the necessary information after they’ve been signed by a judge and then use them to take custody of children from parents who have come under investigation. Let me repeat that: no judge actually reviews these orders, or the evidence used to justify separating a family, before signing them.

#OpExposeCPS #HumanTrafficking

“Children are being illegally taken from their home without judges’ proper authority.”
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Hep B Vaccine Damages the Liver it is Supposed to Protect

Our sons did not get these ,Hep B is for the

staff , and compromises the infant , and

a consumer / patient is created for life

of Corp Chemical health care .

Umm No.


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

Hep B Vaccine Damages the Liver it is Supposed to Protect
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