Holiday Mathis

“Keep true to the dreams of thy youth,” mused the poet Friedrich von Schiller. Yet, were we to follow the dictum, many of us would live in pillow forts on diets of ice cream and there would be a disproportionate number of astronauts and veterinarians in the world. The moon advances to Pisces, favoring dreams rewritten in the light of maturity. 

She attends gay weddings as a ‘stand-in mom.’ Now they’re making a movie about her. / LGBTQ Nation

This is so freaking cool😍

Jamie Lee Curtis loved her offer to be a “stand-in mom” for LGBTQ people whose parents rejected them. So she bought the film rights.
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Light of the Holy Spirit ~ India Arie

Resonating hugely , affirmations , deflecting

negative energies , aiding others in my soul

family transition as we move forward

in our heart chakras as if Gaia .

Mother Earth, Father Sun, Ancestral Support

are messaging , and I am receiving 🥳♥️.

All that was brought me to the lovely

acceptance of past , now and future

and with that , knowledge of what does

not resonate , and so much peace ☮️ has

result of the balance inherit in a heart

that has focused on this time, this clearing.

A return to love, civility , comes when the

masses become aware , and we are there .

Babies I am amazed , and so grateful , the

reality is much better than even my imagination.

As a Pisces my waking dream like , and light

was absolutely necessary for my survival in

a world that was far too casual , scary ,

detached and disassociated . Toxic RX enhanced

that , but somehow I held to the correctiveness

of a Divinity that allowed me knowledge of

Heaven on earth .. Merging is occurring ,

a restoration , and implication of transforming

so much by attaching , by benevolence , as we

own our highest self , despite the opposition ,

attempts at oppression ; realizing the fear/anger

/ residence to acceptance that you are worthy .

All is in perfect order .