Venus Conjunct Uranus – Romantic Shake up 3/30

Venus conjunct Uranus in Taurus on March 30th, brings a unique blend of love, pleasure, and unpredictability.

Venus rules our relationships, values, and desires, while Uranus represents sudden change, breakthroughs, and surprises.

With Taurus as the sign of this conjunction, we’re encouraged to slow down and savor the moment while also focusing on stability, sensuality, and material abundance. This practical earth sign puts the spotlight on our finances, possessions, and senses, adding a grounded energy to the mix.

We can use this powerful energy to break free from limiting beliefs and patterns that have been holding us back, and open ourselves up to new possibilities and opportunities.

This conjunction delivers the potential to manifest abundance and prosperity in all areas of our lives, from love and relationships to career and finances.

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March 30: Venus Conjunct Uranus In Taurus

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Alex Myles ❤️


There is an abundance of people who wish to connect with us.
We have more dance partners than we might ever imagine possible.
We can never be lonely on a planet with billions of people.
But we have to let them in….
If we close our heart, we create barriers to relationships, to loving experiences and indeed encounters.
Our disconnect with others mirrors a disconnect with ourselves.
Our lack of dance partners reflects back to us the feeling of lack we hold about ourselves.
If we believe we are lacking we will draw to us that which is lacking.
If we believe we are not worthy we will make this a reality in our life too.
Because we are powerful magnets.
We are magnets of attraction.
And, believe it or not, what we can conceive of we can bring into our lives.
If we want loving people to enter into our lives we need to become that person we wish to connect with.
So how do we want to be and what sort of person do we want to draw into our experience as the social being that we are?
Clearly, if we are gentle with ourselves we will attract those who are also gentle with us.
Likewise, if we accept ourselves for who we are then we will bring into our consciousness those who will accept us also.
If we stop harsh judgment of ourselves we will draw in those who will not judge us.
To the measure we hold a belief about ourselves is the measure of who we will bring into our lives.
When our conscious thoughts are loving towards ourselves we then open the door to attract that which we are.
A lacking sort of person will bring in those who lack.
But those who feel wholesome will draw into their lives those who are also whole.

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