Study: New Immune Cells Found in Breast Milk Make It Irreplaceable – Mothering

Totally . Nursed each of our 3 ..

Researchers from Augusta University have detected the presence of immune cells called innate lymphoid cells, or ILCs, in human breast milk.
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People are sick of drinking. Investors are betting on the ‘sober curious’ – CNN

Lovely flow , an option very worthy for non

alcohol ,social hubs 💯✔️

Getaway in Brooklyn was comfortably full for a Saturday night, when I came in to try my first “shrub” — an acidic beverage made from vinegar, fruit, sugar, club soda and zero alcohol.
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Stressed? This is how it physically damages your body and causes back pain | The Hearty Soul

Many physical manifestations of stress, ignored

in AMA protocol , drugging stress can be fatal .

Stressed? This is how it physically damages your body and causes back pain | The Hearty Soul
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61 Ways to Eat Dark Chocolate

I am not a fan of Paleo, or any fad diet, cooking

I blend , eating what my body is drawn to

just now it’s Asian , mostly veggies, very little

sweet , chocolate , water , tea and Kombucha.

I scrolled this entire post , and just have the

biggest grin, because I am looking forward

to actualizing some of these , I’m a happy

girl 🥰


Chocolate is that universal treat that puts a smile on everyone’s face. Dark chocolate also helps improve brain functioning, blood pressure & heart health!
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Study Links Statins to 300+ Adverse Health Effects

I am sure Dad had Dementia due to

Cholesterol RX , microwaving his foods , stents

and flu/pneumonia vaccines ..Bless Him

in his unknowing , though he did make

an effort to more holistic medicine ,he

stayed with the directives due to COPD

asthma , etc .

Loosing his teeth at age 30 , denotes , poor

diet or tainted water , somewhere in his

genetics . And does weaken heart chi .


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

Kelly Brogan MD shines light on suppressed data that shows how using statins to lower cholesterol increases your risk for 300+ adverse health effects.
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