Change in Spraying Times : Chemtrails

The Daily Spraying Log – February 22


Another night that shows a definite change in the spraying schedule. Just a few days ago, we would get hit at about 10 pm, 11 pm, and then at 12 m (sometimes 12:30 am) each night, but for the past few nights this pattern has changed.

If you look at yesterday’s log, you will see that the last plume of the day was about 10:30 pm. Through the night I was not aware of any plumes that dropped on us.

However, just before 7 am this morning we were hit with a series of plumes that rose very slowly in intensity and peaked at intensity 9.25+ just before 9 am. This is clearly not a single plume but rather a series of plumes of the same type released in a sequence over the same are. I call this process “layering” or “layered releases”. The type profile of this plume was the Model Cement and Chalky-Bitter-Pharma types with Inflammatory and Mercury additives. The Inflammatory additive was – by far – dominant over the other components.

Just before 9 am, intensity fell sharply and, in the space of 15 minutes, dropped down to near ambient levels. The disparity of symmetry in intensity on the leading and trailing edges is another evidence of layered releases. The later-released plumes are at lower altitude than the former plumes in the series, therefore, the leading edge of the sequence if soft displaying a slow-rising intensity. The later plumes in the series are sprayed at a lower altitude producing a “harder” trailing edge. So when the leading and trailing edge of a plume have a different resolution, or “softness”, this is evidence of “layering”.

Remember, the softness or resolution of the edges result in faster or slowly intensity rise and fall times. Unfortunately, only those who can smell and taste the falling plumes will be able to measure this without the help of small-particulate detectors, which are not readily available to the public. Most light-based detectors only measure particulates down to HEPA levels, which is 0.3 micons. The particulates being released on the public are not filtered by HEPA (MERV-17) filtration and therefore are much smaller particles. Smaller particles have a much higher surface area for chemical binding making them much more toxic. This is why human life expectancy is lower in areas with more dense, and smaller particulates present. The size of the particle dramatically effects toxicity, and these particles are very small.

More On “Layering”

The process of layering enables the use of short, non-persistent to concentrate to higher levels or the target location. They clearly want to hide this activity from the public who is rapidly waking up to this historic attack against all life, so they have increased the use of short, non-persistent plumes over more and more areas over the years, instead of the classic long, dense, persistent plumes. They also release plumes at high altitude more often making them harder to see by the public.

Yes, criminals do attempt to conceal their crimes, and this is no difference.

11:32 pm

At about 10:20 pm we were hit with another plume of type Model Cement and Chalky-Bitter-Pharma with Inflammatory and Mercury additives. This may be another layered plume as it’s now 50 minutes later and this plume normally would have dissipated, but instead it has continued to rise and is now at intensity 9- as I type this. The Inflammatory additive is again the dominant component.

If you have been following this log, you will have seen that this also is part of the new pattern; specifically, that they are using very heavy Inflammatory chemicals throughout the day. It used to be that they only concentrated this component in the evenings. Now we have them morning, afternoon, and night on most day.

Finally, The (H) AARP Hum is back again. After a long hiatus, the past few days I have been hearing the hum again. This is the longest “break” we have ever had from the hum, but now it’s back. The only difference in the hum for the past few days is that it has been at a lower intensity. I measure it’s intensity on a 1 to 5 scale. Normally in past months it was always at 4 or 5. In the past few days it’s been between 1 and 2. This morning it’s at about 3. I don’t know why this break happened or what it means, but hopefully some brave whistleblowers fill come out soon and help us end this entire attack against all life.

Psychiatrist: Psychiatry is a Religion Not Science

I read. years ago of a shrink referring to himself as God and I had 3 males that did so. Knowing nothing of the prescriptions they gave out like candy ; dependent on the drug rep for education of RX. Drug rep is educated by pharmaceutical company whose main interest is profit .

A psychiatrist could make an extra 150k per year just writing prescriptions. It’s a very bad matrix to get into . My Dr had Parkinson’s and founded the psychiatric program and was shielded until he retired . Lavish pictures graced his wall of his 4 children and his awesome sail boat .

Leading Psychiatrists Unwittingly Acknowledge Psychiatry Is a Religion, Not a Science

By Bruce Levine, PhD

Leading figures in psychiatry acknowledge that DSM psychiatric diagnoses and the chemical imbalance theory of mental illness are not scientifically valid, but consider them useful fictions that help people manage their emotions and comply with their medication treatments. However, many patients have experienced damage from these constructs, which they see as malevolent fictions. People differ in their opinion on the usefulness or malevolence of all organized religions, and so it should be no surprise that there are differences of opinions about psychiatry.

Copper and possibly Lithium are being released Here’s some facts


Copper detox is going well…maybe too well 😬

This is called the copper rollercoaster if you have higher than normal levels, and my levels were FIVE TIMES the normal limit according to my htma 🀯

You probably want to read this 😬😬😬

Heres what i know:


Copper is connected to fear, which destroys the adrenals, which turns off a link in the hpa axis between the adrenals and the thyroid, increasing issues with candida dry skin and outbreaks, increasing likelihood of hypothyroid, which causes weight gain and ovarian cysts, which turns off the production of melatonin so you cant sleep, which makes you hungry all of the time or not at all due to screwing with your blood sugar, causing air hunger bc the kidneys trap energy from the lungs which then causes lack of blood flow and vasospasm thereby increasing migraines and nerve pain, since the nervous system isnt getting appropriate blood flow, and copper just sits in your muscles accumulating as it becomes a positive feedback loop so your muscles get tense and tight and you grind your teeth and feel manic and your vision gets blurry bc thyroid is out of whack and this metallic taste in my mouth is coming and going and this brain fog makes me feel like i cant remember one thing to the next and my body feels like its full of electrical shocks and the emf from the wifi is making me nauseated and my body is throwing off so much heat but its not a fever its not a hot flash why do i feel like im having a mild seizure and…and…anddddd….


Sounds fun i know πŸ™‚ sounds familiar too…believe me…i know πŸ™‚

Copper toxicity over time causes death of your organs, accumulates in the brain kidneys liver and muslces, makes you crazy in the mean time, and makes your doctor think youre crazy bc your tests are all FINE. πŸ™‚

Now im taking appropriate supplementation as this is directly connected to the zinc copper balance excess copper is just POURING OUT OF MY SYSTEM.  If zinc is high, copper is low and vice versa.  When in balance the adrenals recover, the thyroid can also, and you can get well again.  Brain fog abates, your mouth tastes like a copper brillo pad is hanging out in there and you feel better…slowly…


Did you know it is theorized copper toxicity is one of the reasons behind why everyone is so pissy, terrible, and violent?  After the recent mania ive experienced due to this toxicity I CAN ABSOLUTELY UNDERSTAND how this can be the case.  

Ive never been manic in my LIFE.  


But the last week ive slept like a friggin baby and im so grateful for it.  My low back pain is gone, my ocd behaviors are also, no more racing thoughts, nerve pain is gone, not as bloated, vision is a little better, im not wired and tired, my blood sugar has stabilized, i cam breathe again, my muscles are more supple and not hard as a rock, and my personality has changed immensely.


Tom suggested the book Why am i always so tired? By gittleman, and i read it in about 45 minutes.  It was theoretical in nature, but got the point across, is mildly outdated as better and safer supplementation is now available, and folks doing safe lengthy supportive copper detoxes are plentiful on YouTube.  

This is a marathon, not a sprint detox.  Im 2 weeks in and may need to detox for up to a year hard to tell.  Im dedicated and able to easily follow an adrenal recovery program and diet which is totally imperative to this or your copper levels will just bounce right back to where they were.  Id get a functional doctor and go from there if youre sus about this.  You will need support for this journey that is for sure.


I am not employing a functional doctor as i have tools from studing alternative healing modalities for 15 years now, but im not going to tell you what to take or how as im not your doctor.  Youll either have to put in a hundred hours or so on the internet like i did, read the book by gittleman or find a naturopath.

And fyi, if you are getting more geared up with epsom salt baths, copper toxicity is likely why!!!   For some reason, calcium and magnesium creates a calcium shell around copper and keeps it in your system.  After your initial purge, magnesium can be added back SLOWLY as you do need it, but not if its hindering your purge.

Having a hard time even finding a magnesium your body can tolerate besides epsom salt baths?  πŸ˜¬πŸ˜¬πŸ˜¬ this is possibly the reason.


Thats all i got.  If youre having issues with even getting started on proper supplementation which is ABSOLUTELY KEY for assisting detoxification and spiritual wellness and healing i suggest the fine folks at Nutrient Teams: Improving Health with Magnesium, Vitamin D & Their Mates.  IF YOU GO THERE READ THE GUIDES and please dont drive the admin nuts, theyre on edge as it is. 

Its a lot of info, and quite amazing too.  Life changing!

Since its winter time im going to go do some kidney qi gong now.  Seems like pretty good timing if you ask me.


The definition of a healer is someone that was sick and got better.

Later, dudes. 🀘 if you focus on getting the 3d body in alignment higher levels of spirituality falls in place effortlessly. You can do faith healing all you want but if you dont support your bodys detoxification process its all for naught.

Hoax of Chemical Imbalance

On the Chemical Imbalance Hoax

Neuroleptics, so called “anti-psychotics,” do not exert their therapeutic (pharmacological target) effects on psychosis (positive symptoms of schizophrenia) by rectifying a brain abnormality, such as a chemical imbalance, nor do they target any physiological process that produces the positive symptoms of schizophrenia, but rather neuroleptics suppress symptoms of schizophrenia, by a profound slowing up and dampening down of mental processes by putting a brake on dopaminergic neurotransmission – they arrest natural brain function. Neuroleptics are major tranquilizers, neurological inhibitors, suppressants and depressants of the central nervous system. Neuroleptic means “nerve seizing”. Neuroleptics work to treat psychosis by disrupting normal brain function in the reward (mesolimbic) pathway, and in the mesocortical pathway – connecting to the frontal lobe (the part of our brain that makes us human). Neuroleptics do not exert their psychosis-treating effects by targeting an underlying disease process or brain abnormality, such as a chemical imbalance, i.e. dysregulation of the dopaminergic neurotransmitter system = overactivity of dopamine neurotransmission in the 4 dopaminergic pathways: mesolimbic (reward), mesocortical (humanity), nigrostriatal (target of antiparkinsonian agents), and tuberoinfundibular (hormones, i.e. prolactin). Neuroleptics seize the central nervous system, dampen down dopaminergic brain activity, suppress function by occupying 70% – 90% dopamine D2 receptors. Neuroleptics are first and foremost psychoactive drugs. Their psychoactive effects (their global alterations of physical and mental states) treat symptoms of schizophrenia. Neuroleptics are not antidotes for psychosis. Neuroleptics are not disease-specific treatments in schizophrenia/bipolar, but rather mind altering agents producing such mental and physical alterations that suppress symptoms (superimpose upon the symptoms that they are treating). Neuroleptic effects (target and side effects) may be useful in treating (dampening down) psychotic states, but that depends on the context. They do not exert their therapeutic effects by reversing or rectifying a disease process, nor are they curative, they cannot cure psychosis, nor prevent, nor decrease the probability that one will become ill or lessen the severity of the illness (quite the contrary!). The effects of a neuroleptic can be useful, but that depends on the context, and it is not the same as fixing an underlying brain abnormality (i.e. bio-chemical imbalance). The chemical imbalance theory of schizophrenia/bipolar carries no credibility in the modern psychiatric research establishment. The researchers do not find there to be a lesion (pathology) in the dopamine neurotransmitter system that is the primary cause of schizophrenia/bipolar. The chemical imbalance theory of schizophrenia/bipolar is a hoax.

A personal account : what has psychiatry done for me ? – Mad in America

What Psychiatry Has Done for Me


The stigma and discrimination I have had to endure due to my β€˜diagnosis’ crushed my spirit and the dreams I had for my life. But the most devastating part of all is how it altered my relationship with my two sons.

In psychiatry’s wake, society continues to deny people their civil rights based solely upon its perception that β€˜they’ need β€˜help’. But is psychiatric help the answer? I can think of far more kindhearted and empathetic methods and less stressful ways of helping someone cope with a life crisis or distressing situation than locking them up, forcibly drugging them and stigmatizing them with a scarlet letter for the rest of their lives.

Another accounting of the damage / abuse of psychiatry :

The road to hell, they say, is paved with the best of intentions. As a boy of ten, a psychiatrist diagnosed me with a condition then known as MBD (Minimal Brain Dysfunction) which has, in the years since, become what is now known ADHD, I was put on a daily dose of 350mg of Thorazine and remained on it for roughly seven years. Now the possibility that because I was a child, along with three siblings, who had been abandoned by both of his parents before the age of six, sent to live with a psychologically (and sometimes, physically abusive,) grandfather, placed in an orphanage by the age of eight, and separated from his siblings two years later, would have anything to do with the emotional and mild behavioral issues I presented, did not seem to cross her mind. I was an intelligent (IQ of 145) and sensitive child who had experienced a considerable amount oain and disruption in his young life and was a target for bullies in school which led me to become withdrawn from and subsequently rejected by his peers, which led a psychiatrist consulted by my long term psychologist to suggest that I was borderline psychotic (a diagnosis which my therapist, thankfully, didn’t accept.) None of the psychiatrists and psychologists that dealt with my case had intent to do me harm, but their good intentions resulted in my growing into an adult who would never achieve his full potential and who would spend his entire life in social isolation. I went twenty five years without contact with my siblings after graduating highschool and my relationship with them, save the youngest of my two oldest sisters, is tenuous at best. Now, at the age of sixty, with my life winding down, I look back across the years and despair over what might have been if I had never crossed paths with that first psychiatrist.