Abuse Pushed Him To Make Violent Plans. Without Knowing, His Friends’ Simple Acts Of Love Pulled Him Back | Kind World

Does Aaron understand that his Dad was C-PTSD

untreated, often self medicated , or drugged by

Gov , inducing trauma, triggers , a hell on


All induced, Dad was not himself , demonic ,

and out of character as a gov junkie …

Would it help to accept that it was not fair

not ok to be abused , or Dad to be ignored in

his trauma, which is not a mental disorder

it is trauma to the soul and spirt which is

stepping up as I check my sources . Deaths

homicides , murders m horrific stuff ..

It’s going to get worse , a few more days

of it, then calm.


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

” Honestly the most transformative thing was being treated like a person when I didn’t even feel like I was a human,” Aaron Stark says. “That changed my whole world.”
— Read on www.wbur.org/kindworld/2019/04/23/love-for-least-loved

I am uplifted by Rob , Especially loving his Manifesto 🎁💯❤️

I”ll be back with link .


We are dissident bodhisattvas rebelling against all those forces that feed fear and ignore love.

We are spiritual freedom fighters rising up to protect nature and foment peace and demand justice.

We are subversive mystics stoking the cool blue fires of poetry and lobbying for the liberated imagination.

We are militant ecstatics invoking the transformative powers of pleasure to sanctify and beautify our one and only Earth.

We are mutinous purveyors of grace who redistribute the wealth so that all creatures may have the means to thrive.

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Authors of new books periodically ask me to write blurbs endorsing their work. Since my own schedule is so busy, I rarely have time to oblige. But I made an exception for Jeff Brown and his new book Grounded Spirituality. Here’s what I wrote:

Jeff Brown is an iconoclastic visionary about intimate matters. There aren’t many of those around, since most modern geniuses seem devoted to seemingly more glamorous and critical matters like artificial intelligence, 3-D printers, and smart chips implanted in our brains.

But the truth is—at least in my view—revolutionizing the ways we do our inner work and craft our intimate relationships are among the most important actions we can take to transform the world. And Jeff provides potent ideas to help us do just that.

His rigorous imagination is in service to creating a more emotionally intelligent culture. When I read his words, I get riled up in all the best ways. He disrupts my habitual thought grooves, which inevitably leads to unexpected healings and inspirations.

These days the word “soul” gets carelessly bandied around by many lazy and sloppy thinkers, but Jeff is not one of them. He is reverent and impeccable, an astute connoisseur of the soul and its needs.

Jeff’s book is here: tinyurl.com/y67pqkbz

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“Hey, didja hear about those scientifically illiterate Americans? People so dumb, they think the sun revolves around the Earth? People who are getting dumber and whose lack of knowledge leads them to have misguided opinions about science policy?”

Not true, according to three sets of data — Pew’s, Miller’s and the National Science Foundation — that suggest our national grasp of scientific fact isn’t too shabby. In reality, Americans have pretty decent scientific literacy.

Read the article: tinyurl.com/y4edch9c

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In his book The Storytelling Animal: How Stories Make Us Human, literary scholar Jonathan Gottschall muses on the crucial role that imagination plays in our lives.

“The average daydream is about fourteen seconds long and we have about two thousand of them per day,” he says. “In other words, we spend about half of our waking hours—one-third of our lives on earth—spinning fantasies.”

I have a theory that to the extent that we are aware of these facts, and to the degree that we formulate intentions in response to them, we can harness our daydreams to enhance our creativity, productivity, and usefulness.

Maybe you could become aware of some of those times when you are semi-consciously spinning out tales and scenarios, and redirect all that colorful energy into visualizing a successful outcome for a project you’re working on; or into visualizing the resources you would like to attract to help you accomplish a treasured goal.

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What has been going right in the world:

For the first time ever in 2018, developing countries added more clean power capacity than fossil fuel. Out of the 186 gigawatts of new power capacity that was built in developing nations, over half of it was wind and solar power.

Mexico is selling its $218.7 million presidential plane to use funds for poor communities

South Korea closed its largest dog meat slaughterhouse

Ireland voted and repealed its abortion ban

Scotland became the first country to back teaching LGBTI issues in schools

A growing number of Americans now believe climate change is happening

A record number of minority and openly gay athletes competed in the Olympics

Research suggested that migrants are integrating well in Germany.
Germany released figures showing that more than 300,000 refugees have now found jobs, and the share of MPs with migrant backgrounds has risen from 3 per cent to 9 per cent in the last two elections.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro released a grand jury report that, after an 18-month investigation, revealed more than 300 Catholic priests who had abused children over seven decades. The revelations prompted resignations, sparked other states to undertake their own inquiries and raised hopes that the Catholic Church might finally face its history and reform.

Please tell me your own nominations for PRONOIA RESOURCES: Truthrooster@gmail.com.


New Details Emerge on Boy Scouts’ ‘Perversion Files’; Thousands of Boy Scout Leaders Face Child Sex Allegations – NBC New York

As is very necessary , purging the abuse of

boys by power types presented as trusted

deserves to be acknowledged that it may be

healed , eradicated …period .


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

Alarming new details have surfaced about how many people were listed in the Boy Scouts of America’s “perversion files,” according to lawyers who demand the full release of thousands of names of alleged offenders…
— Read on www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/Sex-Abuse-Boy-Scouts-of-America-Lawsuits-BSA-508934291.html

Transforming religion to Faith & Hope : My way Escaping Religious Abuse

I left Baptist , after consciously making an effort to connect

and failing upon waking ; having forgotten, the failure in

actively seeking council and connection up formers exit in

98..2004. I was then aware of the power of as a Christian

mentality , that allowed more examples that did aide me for

reasons that lend towards blackmail of former..

That’s how business is done ✅, I witnessed it , and it’s

a brother/sisterhood that is motivated by power and power

is money and how that insures power ..

Um No..

I accepted the invitation of a woman in a devastatingly

shadow world who practiced SGI – Buddhism which resonated

and still does , but it also had shadow that allowed me to

step out , and own my spirituality which is ever present ,

and accepts all higher energy, as heart centered .

That needs no label, no name .

It just is.

Like me …always & forever ..

It is the choice I wished for each son..

Their own, which I heard in blame and

judgement, by a DIL who has a very strong

attachment to good cop -bad cop , control

which has not allowed bonding , nor trust .

Utilizing , emotional blackmail , children

mine or hers, is part and parcel of the side effects

of PAS , which does not exist in her world , as I

do not.. sadly the utilization of gd , has been repeated

as is true in , what cannot be denied .

My pledge to gc was sealed while under construction

and I have no intention of failing …

It’s a lovely full feeling , and seems to disturb those who

prefer to avoid the adversity , to better thwart , true surrender .

As a Christian’s existed within my youth , and were cruel

in many ways that have released , in their not knowing

their addictions, their shame , a matrix, I rejoice in escaping .

The loss, is a universal theme of abuses that defy human rights

as I now know the consciousness and truth of so many

erased families , I lend myself , knowing the side effects

hurled at me will only point out the pathogen ..

I am thankful beyond measure in acceptance .

©️ Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna