White sisters message

“To my white sisters,

Our responsibility right now is to shut the fuck up and listen.

Your “all lives matter” bullshit is NOT OKAY.

Black women and women of color need OUR FULL HEARTS, FULL EARS, AND FULL ATTENTION on their pain.

Willingness to feel the depth, and learn.

Rage is healthy.

Listen to the longing, the fear, and the sadness inside of it.

Find the angelic light.

We have to do our own work and see how we carry traces of racism inside.

It’s real, from a society that taught us all the wrong things.

We have to speak in whatever way we can… with trembling voices. Any voice is better than no voice.

I just started my period and had the most painful 24 hours of my life. I was imagining that I was experiencing that… the pain of being woman… as well as IF I were a woman of color at the same time. Obviously I will never fully know, but I went there in the depths of my feeling space last night.

Because the only way we are going to heal this world is if we FEEL the pain of our beautiful brothers and sisters.

Please, do just that. Feel.

Feel the pain of a whole people who has been silenced, gaslighted, manipulated, killed, oppressed, and seen as the criminal.

Again, you can never know fully.
But try.
And educate yourself.

Here are some resources I’d love to share.

▪ The movie 13th on Netflix. Highly recommend.
▪ Rachel Ricketts resources and webinars: https://www.rachelricketts.com/antiracism-resources
▪ Black activists on Instagram. @rachel.cargle @iamrachelricketts @femalecollective @ihartericka @sonyareneetaylor @ckyourprivilege @refinedtherapy @blackandembodied … to name a few.
▪ I am personally doing a weekly council with 2 of my white sisters to go deep + discuss how we can do better together while sharing books.
▪ You can also check out http://www.antiracismforbeginners.com
And… some action steps:

▪ Do your homework. Become aware of what’s going on for Black people in today’s world.
▪ Feel their pain.
▪ Speak up.
▪ Be gentle on yourself for not knowing any better.
▪ Support Black women and men by following them, listening, and buying what they are leading.
▪ Welcome as many conversations about this as possible with your family, friends, and online communities.
▪ Be willing to be wrong. Be humble.
To the black women and women of color here,

Thank you.
I love you.
Please forgive me.
I am so sorry.
I am so sorry.
I am so sorry.

I am so sorry for not feeling your pain.
I am so sorry for not taking action sooner.
I am sorry for my ignorance as a white leader and woman.

Your rage, I welcome.
Your anger, I invite.
These emotions are waking me up.
They are waking us up.
And it is a long, long, long time overdue.

I am having the experience of “I cannot fucking believe that I didn’t see this before.”

I feel ashamed, and I know that feeling will transmute into all the ways I can do better.

I wish I knew, way before this day.
I wish my love for you and all people of every race was written across my every action and I know it is not.
I am being with my privilege.

And the real conversation I am having right now is how the fuck do we change this system that has oppressed black people and other colored communities?

This country was founded upon your oppression and I fucking hate that.

It is my commitment to be a part of the solution.

It is my commitment to use my platform as a means of justice for all.

To every soul here,

(Black, white, colored, latino, gay, straight, queer, poly, trans, whomeverrrrrrrrrr you are)
You are welcome. Please. I love you all.
And sisters….

Projections on other fellow women is not okay.
Please do not perpetuate the sister wound.

Please see how you are hating on the leaders in your realms if they are not showing up the way YOU THINK they should be.
Everyone processes in different amounts of time.
We can’t rush healing.
Yes, now is the time to speak.
And, now is also the time to internally reflect and love.

Please take responsibility for your own emotions before throwing them up on others.


Please see that, own your own shadow, and come back to the heart of the matter.

We are here for love.
We are here for equality.
We are here for peace.

I love you all.
We are in this together”


Watch “Vietnam War The Animals We Gotta Get Out Of This Place 60s Rock” on YouTube

Black Lives Matter :

As an Empath, As a Caucasian Women I have O – Blood which is rumored to be tracked from birth.

The origin of O- Blood is East Africa .

I have Eastern European as well as Native American .

In society , and family , in medicine and law , I have been discriminated against by a partner who represents the old southern , master/slave , relationship , of ownership . Big Daddy rules , or else .

Nothing humbles , or touches the heart or soul , for till the end it’s a possession , not wanted , but not availed to anyone or anything else …

40 plus years of service , of faith of a conciousness that allowed healing , but responses , non responses the deadly blame and silence game reveal non growth , as such I take the Divine path of clearing by truth and light in factual detail that cannot be swept under the rug .

So yes I stand with Black Lives Matter , because they were brought here, bought and sold , and treated inhumanely, having failed only by a system so outdated and so barbaric as to defy the mind.

It is but one concluded issues from that will see healing and balance , and I stand with those who are ready to leap decades and centuries of injustice and barbaric modalities that says , we are not equal.

As in the eyes of God ..

Its past time to walk and talk it .

Peacefilled actions, do speak louder that words .

Like Mr Roger’s, ” Look for the helpers ”

Look up Bless this finale, for we never ever , ever have to go there again.

People power has lifted the vibrational

output as we see, up close and personal

the power of love over war . Justice is

ours on so many levels .And each will be

served positively..


Blessings & Peace ,

Dona Luna 🐸❤🙏✌🎊☯️

My Girl: Perfect Love Bunny 🎊❤

She is only 3 weeks , and she and I will be ready at the same time . Top weight est 7lbs , I will sling her for bonding and have ordered a type where her head can come out .The nature of Harvamalts is sweets, playful , love bunnies, and I have no doubt we are destined to be together in love and harmony for the next cycle , and have lots of space there in🐸❤