Fathers Rights Help: Program for Child Custody and Visitation – NFS

Get affordable fathers rights help today 800-608-5882! We can help you establish custody and visitation rights, enforce existing custody rights, and more.
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Parental Alienation…it should be a crime | Insiders | tullahomanews.com

I strongly envision legal codes/law , enacted in the United

States , as it is in the United Kingdom .. Mim Of 5 years .

Non gender specific .

I plan to stand for this legislation in my home state of Virginia .

Parental alienation has been defined as the process and the end result of psychological manipulation of a child into showing, unwarranted fear, disrespect, hostility and even hatred towards a parent,
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Why psychopaths can’t love their children, according to a psychologist – Business Insider

Weaponized Children , can and does #eraseFamiles , in the competing

of winner take all, secrets , lies , financial issues and adultery normalized

until now ..

Children deserve much better ..

Narcissists see their children as possessions rather than people, according to a psychologist.
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Well, Alrighty Then …

I am back , and more vested than ever as so much

has transpired … suffice to say .. Shadow and Light

and transforming myself , and personally aiding

a few very worthy folks , who have taken it upon

themselves to rise to their spiritual /soul needs

as tower moments bring opportunities , as I have

discovered .. no more cycling of old insanities .

In June I had an off brand battery installed in my

iPad . It was corrupt , and with the latest upgrade

was shutting down a full battery in less that 5 minutes .

So posting has been hampered , to say the least . Having

real clients , who need me , as well as my own physical

needs , are priority …

Those who would inflict me or Conflict me at this time

should be aware..universal Divine , all that is has my

back…of that I am sure .

So I am back. And eager to share , so very much ..it’s

Going to wake so many , give hope to many as we lunge

into holiday time …

Tie a knot in the end of your rope and hold tight , bumpy

” ride ” ahead but do recall ” we are made for these times “.

I will return later , as I enjoy day’s end after lovely rain

all day , I look forwards to repose and connecting with

each of you .

It’s raining magic 🥳🤩🥰

Blessings & Peace , 😘

Doña Luna

Want happier, calmer kids? Simplify their world.

Natural Time will do , parents as well..

When we simplify, we gain physical and mental space. As you decrease your child’s toys and clutter, you increase their attention and capacity for deep play.
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Baltimore teen given birth control implant at school without parent’s permission

This is horrible in all respects ..

The teen was complaining about headaches and a pain in her arm. Her mom says a pediatrician told her the implant was put in incorrectly.
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California Mom Wins Second Big Settlement Against CPS for Seizing, Vaccinating Son Without Warrant💥

Rachel Bruno, the mother at the center of a civil rights battle in Orange County, California, has been awarded another big settlement against social services
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1,500-Year-Old Mosaic Depicts Jesus Feeding 5000 People Unearthed Near The Galilee Sea | Al Bawaba

A 1,500-year-old mosaic depicting Jesus’s feeding of the five thousand has been unearthed during an excavation of an ancient city near the Sea of Galilee.

The discovery of the so-called Burnt Church in Hippos, northern Israel, has enthralled archaeologists who have spent the summer combing it for historical evidence. 

A fire destroyed the fifth-century church in 700AD but the mosaic-paved floor has been remarkably preserved throughout the centuries by a layer of ash.
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Divorcing parents who poison children against their former partner could lose custody | The Independent

Plan to aid in making law, certainly to educate .

Divorcing parents could lose custody or be denied contact with their children if they attempt to poison them against their former partner, under the rules of a new pilot scheme. The “groundbreaking” initiative, being trialled by the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (Cafcass), is designed to tackle the problem officially known as “parental alienation”
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Confession via a Narcissist

I could not agree more , it was apparent , when he withdrew

Shutting down , no communication..

Never accepting his shadow, his fears , his dreams , nada ..

The mask , never fully left and has intensified in primal

fears of exposure .. Lying is easier, to believe in the lie

becomes fixed , becoming reality .

Having empathized as long as possible , bearing the entirety

of the blame and responsibility , in fear and prayer healing

would prevail .

Life renews as it shall , as it has in delicious gifts , affirmations

that despite the challenges , disparity , and abuses , all is

unfolding as it should ..

It is my focus , and intent , to finish this old cycle and business

as a new 13 year cycle begins within days , liberation will

be more transparent .

Feeling a cat nap coming on lol.


Blessings & Peace

Doña Luna