Breaking the spell the Narcissist casts over you with their insidious gaslighting! I really wanted to go into some detail of how the Narcissist basically uses gaslighting to make YOU question your sanity, well-being, memory, or basically everything about you so they gain the upper hand by keeping you in a constant state of confusion and reality questioning – YOUR reality not theirs!

Breaking the spell the Narcissist casts over you with their insidious gaslighting! I really wanted to go into some detail of how the Narcissist basically uses gaslighting to make YOU question your sanity, well-being, memory, or basically everything about you so they gain the upper hand by keeping you in a constant state of confusion and reality questioning – YOUR reality not theirs!
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Soul Power by Shannon Port

There are many souls in our world who have much more power

than they realize.This is because they have pure love within their hearts and they know what it means to feel for their fellow human beings.

When we can feel the hearts of others –

even those who are different from us, and even those

who oppose the things we believe in,

we have the power of compassion and truth in our aura.

Evil rules hatred, and there are those who are taken over by evil temporarily and those who have sold out entirely to its expressions. This is part of our reality on Earth and it is the part that we are working to heal within ourself. So many veils have been created to hide the truth and to manipulate

our vision and our hearing. The purpose of this is to direct

our emotions and to use them to further an agenda that has nothing to do with healing or justice. It’s one wave after another of chaos, drama, pain and suffering, to sway us

into a state of emotional confusion and disconnect us

from our power to effect change.

Those who can feel love and who truly desire liberation for all souls can counter the illusions and the disinformation by holding truth in their own space. Each of us is the magician of our auric field and we have the ability to balance our world and project the power of Love into the collective.

A balanced auric field is the perfect container for

the conception of miracles. When we connect to the unconditional love and wisdom of our Divine Presence,

the higher Will can flow through us and go where it is

most needed. The Higher Self of humanity looks endlessly

for the opportunity to work through us.

Emotions play a powerful role because they alert us and awaken us to what is really going on. We must feel and

we must know what to do with our feelings through

our intuition. This is the true Wisdom. Our world is begging

for those who are capable to wake up and to hold space and commit to being the truth embodied. There is a power,

a humility and a grace that is unmistakeable in this work.

The power struggles of the human personality and the feelings of victimhood fall away and bow to the Light of Love –

the only power that disarms, dismantles, dissolves and

heals the endless futility of the fallen consciousness.

We are one family and those who are able to do this must

do so and not judge those who are asleep. Some will awaken and some will not, but those who can feel now must lead the way. The days of waiting until tomorrow are long gone.

This is it. We are in the movement of the Great Shift on Earth and it is an exciting time to be here!

Shannon Port ❤

I cut my ex out of our daughter’s life: Now I’m glad he fought to see her | Daily Mail Online

Ruby nearly didn’t have a daddy. For the first two-and-a-half years of her life, I did everything I could to scupper her relationship with her father.
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What Kurt Vonnegut Taught Us about the Science of Happiness. | elephant journal

But before I give you that magical sentence from Mr. Vonnegut, let me share two memories. Memory One: I was eight years old when my relative pinched my love handles and called me Po
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Heart and Mind Balance

The portals to the other dimensional state are now widening.

The portals open through the open heart, and pure intent and

not so much through the mind.

This is a time when the heart and mind need to be brought into balance,

in order to access the higher dimensional state.

The heart, itself, through the soul energy, acts like a key

to unlock the portals of the dimensional states.

At this time souls who are on the same wavelength and frequency band will find each other. We all need to do so,

so the dimensional shifts can gain momentum and we can start to weave those webs of light all over the planet.

The more lights which go on, as souls awaken and become conscious and connect with the others, those already leading the rest lead more, will accelerate the ascension process of humanity.

It is all happening in the here and now.

What is more the shifts are gaining momentum.

You will feel this in all areas of your life.

Sometimes it will feel that you are light-years ahead of

your family and friends, who are still walking in the 3D, and

not yet awaken to the degree that you are. That is ok. In their own time, they will – they have free will and choice.

Just be simply yourself. You do not need the approval of others. And you most certainly do not need their applause. This is why we will find our soul family coming to fill the gap, and to help and support us, as they will often take on the roles the family members cannot as yet fulfill anymore.

Remember that the highest paths to enlightenment go deep within.

WITHIN yourself, lie all the answers, all the knowing, and if you truly wish to walk this path, you will find that guidance comes, and that insight, visions and a deep revelations come.

The deepest knowing, wisdom and Divine and cosmic connectedness, goes through the portal of your heart and soul. Your soul can span dimensions, and gain access to information, your mind cannot access.

I just love this transformative and transcendental time!

Expansion and change and more changes.

We are now travelling at intergalactic speed, and accelerating.

Indeed, we are all galactic souls,

having a short sojourn on earth.

Bring it on!

Judith Kusel

From a Dad who has been targeted , hang strong for your kids

On another thread there is a discussion of Ted Talks, get this human a Ted Talk. That is an excellent description of both the situation and what parents can do, at least as far as the broken mental health and legal systems will allow the parents to do.

Get this guy a Ted Talk. Oh wait, he’s already available on YouTube. Anyone anytime can hear this. They just don’t care. Sloth, laziness, apathy, exploitation… they don’t care.

He’s my Ted Talk, I’m posting a link to this personal “Ted Talk” of a dad on my website. We have enough “experts.” He’s an expert. He knows this pathology well.

Craig Childress, Psy.D.

Clinical Psychology, PSY 18857

Men in name only: New study shows testosterone levels in American males are dropping dramatically. Why would that be? — RT Op-ed

Pollution, sedentary lifestyles, soy and even social ‘feminization’ have been blamed for a deepening testosterone crisis. But finding the answer fast is important – the future of America’s population literally depends on it.
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Childress : Forensic Psychology Fail

Where is the treatment outcome research over here in court-involved forensic psychology? I’m aware of a lot of opinion pieces about what people think the problem is and how it should be fixed… so what’s the research say?

There is none? That’s weird. If we take 1985 as our arbitrary starting point, that’s 35 years of forensic psychology and “high-conflict divorce” with zero research?

You don’t find that a trifle odd? Thirty-five years and zero outcome studies.

They are entirely unsuccessful. In 35 years, forensic psychology is entirely unsuccessful. I’m ahead of all of them. I have a single-case clinical research case study, presented to the APA no less.

Hey, I am a private practice clinical psychologist, I’m not at a university, I’m trying to educate an entire field of professional psychology about attachment and complex trauma and family systems therapy, I’m busy – you, forensic psychology – I’m already ahead of you. My goodness gracious, Dorcy is ahead of you in outcome research. Seriously, forensic psychology, when she publishes she’ll be lapping you.

Thirty-five years and zero treatment outcome research, seriously, that’s embarrassing for you.

I have treatment outcome data, where’s yours?

We need to bring university research here, to court-involved psychology. Thirty five years with zero outcome research on family conflict seems pretty abysmal. When Dr. Childress has more research than an entire field, that’s bad.

Let’s reach out to the National Child Traumatic Stress Network, long-term they will become a support.

Research will not come from them to us, it will come from us to them. You mean us, the parents? No silly, the family courts and professional psychology.

Once the family courts and legislatures seek a solution, they will want research on the solutions. The NCTSN is a perfect partner for a university to collaborate with in outcome research. The family courts are special, they are a different area of law practice because the well-being of children is involved, and so is spousal conflict. Family law.

Up until now, for the past 35 years, forensic psychology has adopted a single approach, a “child custody evaluation” with recommendations to the court. So. Where is the treatment outcome data? There is none.

…. I don’t know what to say. Thirty-five years with your child custody evaluations and not a single treatment outcome study on the practice? Ever?

Hm… and you say you have a problem here and you’re wondering how to fix it, yet in 35 years you haven’t conducted a single treatment outcome study on child custody evaluations… yet you continued to do them.

Okay. Let me compose myself, self-regulate. Deep breath, deep breath.

There needs to be research. Not on some “parental alienation” thing, on trauma, complex trauma in your families… attachment pathology, a child rejecting a parent, that’s the attachment system, this is an attachment pathology.

“How do children respond to trauma? That all depends on the quality of their attachment system.” – van der Kolk, 2020

Great Britain, Bessel van der Kolk has wonderful commentary on the development of Bowlby’s understanding of attachment pathology from the boarding schools of England. We ripple trauma and abuse from generation to generation, contained in the parenting practices that trauma and complex trauma create.

It’s not the fist that’s the trauma, it’s the betrayal. That’s my mother, my father, that’s the person who is supposed to take care of me, and they’re dangerous. It’s not the fist, it’s the betrayal.

Betrayal of family loyalty bonds across generations. The core theme of child abuse and trauma. Oh hey look, here it is, over here, in this court-involved family conflict pathology, a cross-generational “betrayal” of family loyalty with abuse allegations.

Hm. How odd.

To find the core betrayal theme so openly displayed… yet in the other direction. Odd.

Here, it’s from the child to the parent, the child is betraying loyalty to the targeted parent, it’s not the parent who is betraying the child. Here, it’s the other direction. How… odd.

You know… I wonder if it’s the spouse, the allied parent.

I wonder if it’s the allied parent spouse who has the trauma, the betrayal trauma, so that’s where the theme comes from – and they feel “betrayed” by the other spouse, by the failed marriage and divorce, and that activated their betrayal trauma stuff, and now they are responding to their “abuser” through the child rejecting the parent – but they’re all lost and confused in their trauma limbic brain by the rejection and perceived abandonment surrounding the divorce.

Do you think that’s possible?

What do you think. You tell me mental health people, is that possible? Maybe? Could that possibly be where we are getting the core primary theme of complex trauma – betrayal – the one who should be there… isn’t – but in the OTHER direction, from a child to a parent?


I’m telling you. These mental health people, I could just beat them with a stick for how ignorant they are, bam, bam, bam. I understand caning now, bam, you are so ignorant. Caning mental health professionals as a disciplinary practice of licensing boards. It’s an option to consider, let’s put it to a vote.

IPV spousal abuse using the child as the weapon. Is that hard to understand? What is that, nine words? Not even ten words long. What is the difficult part of that sentence… IPV spousal abuse using the child as the weapon?

Sooo, a child is rejecting a parent following divorce, did you assess for IPV spousal abuse using the child as the weapon?

No. You didn’t. Do you know how I know that? Because I know that you know nothing at all about how to do that. Do you know how I know that?

Because you’re not doing it.

I know how to do that, to assess for IPV spousal abuse using the child as the weapon. Surely you do as well. So… do it.

Oh, you want me to teach you how to do that? Then do what I tell you to do. Otherwise, do whatever you want. If you don’t want to assess for IPV spousal abuse using the child as the weapon following divorce, that’s fine, don’t do it.

If you don’t think that’s an important to thing to assess for, one spouse using the child as a weapon of savage emotional abuse directed toward the other spouse-and-parent, if you don’t think that’s important to assess, don’t do it.

If you think that’s important to assess for in a post-divorce family conflict, then do it, assess for it. Any way you’d like, do whatever you think is best.

Just…do it. If you think it’s important to assess for IPV spousal abuse surrounding divorce, using the child as the weapon… then go ahead, I’m not stopping you, do it.

So… what did you find? How did you assess for it?

Craig Childress, Psy.D.

Clinical Psychologist, PSY 18857