Exiting Low Vibrations

The downward clockwise spiral of human decay and death will be eliminated from the 3D/4D astral plane. The ‘New 5D Earth’ paradigm is riding in on the photon particle waves of universal intelligence from the galactic center. As we ascend into higher and higher frequency, we are learning how to master our thoughts and emotions. In this manner we are becoming Ascended Masters of the ego self; no longer reacting to life, but holding a calm, balanced zero point instead.

The true test of spiritual ascension is the practical daily application of higher consciousness. It is not enough to just study spiritual principles and universal law…we need to ‘live it’! 5D quantum living requires being in integrity, ensuring all our thoughts, feelings, intentions and actions are in alignment with our authentic Soul truth and purpose. – Meg Benedicte

A Paradigm Shift Going Down


(From – Aluna Joy Yaxkin)

Many years ago, the Star Elders said that when the shift of the ages arrived it would come as a huge surprise. Well… we could not have seen this time coming. With the element of surprise, we cannot prepare nor can we armor against it. Any unexpected event has a greater capacity to shift the mass consciousness of humanity than something that could be prepared for.

This is what they share today… much of this came a piece at at time, or one line at a time. Then before posting this … I ran it all by them again for fine tuning. This is how they wanted it read the best way we could within the limitation of the English language.

This unexpected time is the dawning.
This is the beginning of a great dismantling.
Obsolete consciousness is being dissolved.
Duality is deliberately cancelling itself out.
All of creation is being cleared to create a new vessel.
The new world template is now being envisioned in spirit.

This is a cosmic transfiguration process.
All will experience this time in various stages.
First denial, shock, fear, depression, confusion, numbness, anger, and righteous rebellion.
Then all will move into deep rest, and the birth of new coherence.
No life form can be placed under extreme levels of continuous, compressed evolution without cracking open and awakening to the new, unexpected reality.
No life form can be placed under the sustained alchemical heat of deep unknowing without cracking open to awaken to a new truth and evolved laws of nature.

This is a collective dark night of the soul for human kind.
There will be no immunity or inoculation or way to avoid this.
Expect nothing to feel solid, and nothing will feel stable under foot.
The only constant will be centered in your internal orientation point.
This will guide you to safely navigate this dissolving paradigm.
All will be placed in a great cleansing void.
You will not know where truth is during this metamorphosis.
All the sides that are dissolving are distorted or contaminated.
Most will question everything and understand very little.
Many will see from many perspectives yet still feel blind.
Most will question if they will lose everything they know.
You will think there is no end to the world confusion and the madness.
But all these things will end, and will begin anew.

This is a space where everything will change.
What will the next cycle of your embodiment BE?
What will you accept in this new world?
What will you reject and disallow in your future?
This is a great awakening … and it is finally here.
… and YOU are the master of your reality.
What will you empower to manifest?

This last line is the question for YOU.
WE are manifesters. So co create this newness
Blessings 🌈🌈💜💜🌺🌺🐬🐬🙏🙏

Reality of Now , WB ?

May 2, 2013

Our hierarchical social structures and our economy were created by our competitive striving to materially outdo each other. We are reaching physical limits now that make the necessity of changing this premise increasingly apparent. China is facing an environmental and social catastrophe, the West is facing a psychological crises as the emptiness of our way of life expresses itself as depression, violence, anxiety and the attendant widespread use of pharmaceuticals, alcohol and street drugs to cope with the existential dis-ease. Everywhere the old social structures are crumbling in a planetary seismic shift. We have competed each other into an untenable , unsustainable situation which we will now have to help each other out of. We are in the beginning phase of a spiritual revolution that will create a society and economy built on cooperation and sustainability; a planetary culture based not on material accumulation and gross national products, but on moral development, psychological growth, and spiritual progress.We can see the new sprigs and buds of this new world popping up naturally inside us and around us; cultivate these and we will indeed grow our way out of our present unpleasantness.

1st Ammendment

If you only care about people who might contract Covid-19 but not the people who will suffocate, have panic attacks, or other issues that make them uncomfortable being forced to wear a mask that has been scientifically proven to do nothing, you don’t really care. Your stupid peeing through the pants meme? Do you even have a logical thought? Are you serious? 🤷‍♀️

If you only care about flattening the curve but not the people starving or who most certainly will, the patients who desperately need the surgeries that have been pushed out for MONTHS, the people with tooth pain, the people committing suicide, the people that need their therapists, the people being MURDERED by their partners, the children being physically and sexually abused while away from school, their only safe place, the people with disabilities who ONLY thrive when they are in their classes, therapies, etc., the small businesses being destroyed, the farmers and ranchers that are being forced to MURDER their animals and stack their carcasses in piles 40 feet high and a thousand feet long to let them decay, dump their milk or leave their crops to rot. You’re following a media-fueled, fear-based narrative.

My kids and I have gone through absolute hell. The last couple of years has been the most HORRIFIC time we have gone through and I’m so grateful we are coming through the other side. Most of you have NO IDEA. It has utterly drained me and I really want to fight for people’s liberties in the background but the ignorance I see is stirring the embers. 🔥🇺🇸 I’m not willing to let a nation full of fearful citizens destroy what freedoms we have left. Those freedoms belong to MY children. MY parents. The United States citizens. You will NOT be taking them. I desperately want peace but you are awakening a fighter.

I suppose I’ll come to the forefront and fight for you to be able to post about your feelings and opinions and manipulative guilt trips because PATRIOTS DEMANDED THE GOVERNMENT TO ALLOW YOU THE 1ST AMENDMENT.

If you made it this far, herd immunity is important for ALL viruses and can only be obtained naturally. We can’t do that under a tyrannical lockdown.

If you don’t like it, there’s the door. 🚪 👋

Bruce Dirmeyer – Your Power

✨ To my Family of Light – stationed here on Earth…
Do not be distracted or fooled by the ever revolving charade of the matrix.

That which angers you, or causes you to feel disempowered or helpless within your society… with your governments… within structures of authority – is only occurring to assist you in the awakening and remembering of your own limitless power.

We cannot function as empowered beings if we rely solely on sources outside ourselves for guidance and salvation.

By shifting our world view from a slave view to one of collective sovereignty … and by shifting our self view from limiting beliefs and self-defeating actions to alignment with divine purpose and inspiration – we then recreate our reality and shift our experience from defeat, struggle, and chaos to abundant embodied empowerment.

This is how we end all wars and realize peace and harmony on Earth.

The appearance of a world with increasing turmoil, chaos, and madness is only existing to catalyze you into remembering the divine limitless powerful creative gods and goddesses you are.

This moment of a collective healing crisis – our shared pressure cooker experience – is occurring to push us together towards a global illumination.

Your energy will be better used to visualize, dream, intend, plant, build, create, and pray a new reality into existence – than to fight against the madness of a culture rapidly being transformed through the collective awakening.

You have come to be luminaries… to shine with beauty and inspiration… to radiate hope and love and possibility… to light the way out of suffering and into inspired awakened freedom.

You came to Earth as change agents. It is time to step outside the matrix and reclaim your innate sovereign power. It is time to activate your innate potential and claim the god-goddess self that you are.

Tune in and listen.
Turn off the T.V.
Turn off the news.
Turn off the phone.
Pretend politics don’t exist.
Get outside in nature – barefoot. Meditate. Dream. Be creative. Imagine.

🔥You have the power to see beyond the veil.