Working Poor

“When someone works for less pay than she can live on — when, for example, she goes hungry so that you can eat more cheaply and conveniently — then she has made a great sacrifice for you, she has made you a gift of some part of her abilities, her health, and her life. The ‘working poor,’ as they are approvingly termed, are in fact the major philanthropists of our society. They neglect their own children so that the children of others will be cared for; they live in substandard housing so that other homes will be shiny and perfect; they endure privation so that inflation will be low and stock prices high. To be a member of the working poor is to be an anonymous donor, a nameless benefactor, to everyone else.”

~Barbara Ehrenreich~

2:5 Full Time Jobs Normal for Mom , low no pay

As a stay at home Mom I had vision for my life , when each son was in school . My own business had great appeal and I had varied interest to consider .

Of course having a purpose in his life, meant doing what he wanted , which was a lot of being away from home and spending lots of money 💰if and when he chose .

It was important for him to align with the appearance of success and harmony.

I don’t feel that at any point in 21 years of being in the same home, when he was at home .. he wasn’t present ..

He is deeply defensive , and concerned for his happiness .

Never seeing the whole , bonded and dedicated to a partnership , ongoing , that sucks the positive energy from a relationship .

Never considering my needs , my need for action , and support I can assure you emotions never factored into an equation of self preservation on high .

So of course I never did enough .

My body responded to the distorted home life , the projected blame in silence.

Of course I was a monster Mom and must have earned that designation as an induced mental patient who was aware of treachery within the family , the abusive side effects on our children and the trauma.

21 years of his WAR , taking as many prisoners as possible and holding his position though its clear, his truth is neigh , force or choice .

Ignoring my effort to inform him of factual results , none more vital than allowing truth to heal wounds in each child , the multifaceted irregular and illegal truths are forced into light by a crisis .

I asked for 13k to take a course in integrated nutrition in 2005. Of course he said no, he had other priorities and overinflated income that was always spending more than coming in .

Failing to see the results of my ability to produce income and or hoping to keep me down on the economic scale is a reality .

That shows up in the divorce contract , signed when I was medicated into Bipolar ll , secreting the mental , physical , spiritual and financial abuse in a distortion that made me responsible for everything .

Medical and Legal were my responsibility .

The Virginia Supreme Court heard my case on that word responsible , and I lost .

Instead of asking for cost of living increases , the presentation was asking for an increase to cover medical insurance.

Insurance in 2005 was $300ish and Co pays which were going up.

Anthem Blue Cross took 3k from me , to being health insurance at 1k permonth. My 1st bill 2 weeks later was 3k and I decided to release AMA and medical insurance .

Anthem Blue Cross did not receive a claim from me , NOR did they refund my money .

The side effects of malignancy in a marriage are many including surviving the intended death , that a human being prefers in order to escape facts that allow healing for 4 adults and 6 grandchildren.

I have assured him of a conclusion of unfinished, unclarified business , extortion and leverage of children who deserve release and responsibility; who lost their Mom , were deprived of a safe foundation , taught to fear and hate Mom , for the WIN 🏆.

Current situations highlight this discord and distortion and I’m assured of closure and healing time to further my intentions in regard to a career. Vision and dreams of childhood have a part in my future, as well as intentions and dreams of my work , my spiritual and my physical will be in harmony .

The unfinished, the continued secrets , lies and intentions to divest me of any of progress as he’s benefited with each and every obstacle and has never felt obligated to assist , even after an agreement signed 4 years ago .

Motherhood , was destroyed in varied acts and lack of respect and support by a partner who remained BOSS man , lacking knowledge or a desire to be part of a whole , has no idea of partnership or a partners worth .

Only what a person offers , produces , negating the spirit and soul needs .

I have accepted my value , and with each example of abuse and delay in my Grand Design , I release more any attachment to anyone who continues to accept a version of me that does not exist and dishonors my essence .

I am worthy to create a new life freed of the responsibility of abuses and negatives that created Mom as past , and never to discuss past , or honor it.

Work Before Ten AM Is “Torture”: Here’s How To Have More Energy

Offices are torture to me …Totally agree on later start ..

Scientists say that starting work before 10 am is similar to torture. Here’s how to have more energy in the morning and survive every Monday to come!
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