Smear Campaign of the Narcissist

The narcissists smear campaign is when the narcissist wants to get others to question your behaviour or reputation, where they want to distract others from the truth of the very things the narcissist is doing or has done, by the narcissist playing the victim, so the narcissist can gain enablers and flying monkeys to support the narcissist in their attacks against you, as the narcissist sees you as a threat, they feel envious of you, criticised by you, or fear you might expose the narcissist for who they indeed are. Therefore the narcissist embarks on a mass smear campaign, often without you knowing, so they can isolate you from support. At the same time, they gain unwitting enablers to support the narcissist in destroying you.
The narcissists smear campaign is an intentional campaign to undermine someone’s reputation, credibility, state of mind, character. The narcissist lies to mislead people into feeling sorry for, supporting, enabling and helping the narcissist destroy those the narcissist can no longer control.
The narcissist will tell half-truths, twisted stories, exaggerated stories. They will lie, spread rumours often to those who will gossip more. They will slander peoples names.
The smear campaign is done to divert attention away from what the narcissist has done, to point the finger at someone the narcissist can no longer control, to destroy the other person. In contrast, the narcissist escapes consequences for their actions.
The smear campaign is the narcissist self-defence. It’s their protection.
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Reasons for an Annulment | Legal Beagle

2016, Demanded by letter to sign annulment papers , enough

money was paid , and his marriage was annulled . This occurred

after he failed to win in court ..

Our sons were unaware , speaking of his desire to marry partner

of nearly 20 years ( to my knowledge ) who left their home Jan

Of 2017 , extremely weak and ill.

It’s a shame -game , he continues , as each breath , he desires my

demise /death to hide his past failures ongoing ..


Blessings & Peace

Doña Luna

If you need to end your current marriage and don’t want to go through a divorce, you may want to consider an annulment. However, there are limited legal reasons you can get petition for an annulment. An annulment is a legal petition in which a court will deem a marriage void. Basically getting an annulment for a …
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Use ‘Fear And Dread’ To Control Your Wife As God Intended, Christian Marriage Counselor Says


Use ‘Fear And Dread’ To Control Your Wife As God Intended, Christian Marriage Counselor Says
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A Century Later, a Little-Known Mass Hanging of Black Soldiers Still Haunts Us –

So few know the factual history , which has been

our educational system of 50 years decline , as boards

incited by $$$$ choose educational materials.

Of course this insanity of the past is ignored in lieu

of lies and deceit .

100 years after one of the least-known and saddest chapters in American history, families of executed black soldiers have petitioned Trump for justice.
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