Narcissistic: You” ll Never See it Coming

Lots of proof of this, being extremely enjoyable for him

Adores the game defenseless gratifies greatly .

Narcissist & Money – Controlling Children & Grandchildren

Spouses uber vulnerable, as a “mental patient”

I was disabled .. from evaluating my legal council

with clarity .

Money : Narcissist’s License to Abuse

Money equals power thus abuse whom she/he chooses .

The never ending story , oppressed / oppressor .

Vindictive doesn’t begin to express the cold detachment

acknowledging , an attachment that is never enough .

Fond of saying how cheap or inept our sons are , or I

am, in lieu of his financial manipulations , that always

benefit himself . A gift is anything but …

Money is addiction …a huge one .. worthy of cover ups

that only truth and light , can clarify .


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

Millionaire to Millennials: If Want to Own a House, Stop Buying $19 Avocado Toast and $4 Coffee | Intellectual Takeout

It’s no secret that we’ve become an instant-gratification culture.
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Financially Ever After: What to Do If You’re Being Gaslighted with Meredith Shirey

Last week, we talked about financial abuse and gaslighting. On this episode of Financially Ever After, we’re diving deeper into the topic of gaslighting with our guest, Meredith Shirey. Meredith is the founder and practice director of her New York-based private practice, and is a psychotherapist who specializes in relationship issues through couples therapy. Today we’re talking about what gaslighting is, what to do to get yourself out of a gaslighting situation, and how to help someone who may be a victim. What is gaslighting? Gaslighting is when somebody makes you question your own reality. This is not a difference of opinion, this is a deliberate and malicious attempt to gain control over you. For example, secretly dimming the lights with their smartphone while acting like they don’t notice anything when you bring it up. When a gaslighter succeeds in making you question your own judgment, that opens the door to thinking like, if I can’t trust myself, then I must trust you — allowing that person to wield a lot of control and power in the relationship. Meredith shares some real life examples of gaslighting, and gives insight as to specific reasons abusers may choose to do this. Grounding yourself If you think you’re being gaslighted, do some simple grounding to remind yourself of your reality. Remind yourself you’re in your body. Remind yourself that you know your truth. Meredith shares some exercises you can do, like labeling items in the room out loud (“microphone, coffee cup”), or doing things with your five senses (What can you physically feel right now? What do you hear? What’s something you can smell?). Narcissism and gaslighting Narcissism and gaslighting go hand in hand. They like telling themselves they’re better than other people, that they’re superior. So if they’re feeling fragile or terrified, their way of defending against that is to act in ways that are very controlling. They have a need for attention, and sometimes they’re willing to get that attention in terrible ways, like gaslighting. What to do If you recognize that this is happening in your relationship, do not confront the perpetrator. Don’t think that you’re going to be able to change them or their behaviors by going toe to toe with them. Find a therapist who can help you work through this, but do not search on your home devices, in case they’re being monitored. Do not go to couples therapy. Go to individual therapy. The way couples therapy is held, it may enable the abuser even more — so this is something you need to do on your own. As an added note, be sure to go to a therapist instead of friends or family. A narcissist who gaslights will tend to rally people to back them up, and they’re very good at making sure these things happen behind closed doors so it’s your word against theirs. Helping someone else If you realize someone else is being gaslighted, be very mindful of not putting them in a situation that’s dangerous. Do not contact, confront, or engage the abuser in any way. When you bring it up, allow for a place of openness and transparency and no judgment. Do not validate the abuse, but validate their feelings and let them know this is safe and you love them unconditionally. Resources Meredith Shirey (LinkedIn) Meredith Shirey (Website) Psychology Today
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Narcissistic Financial Abuse

I can really get behind her on much of

what she speaks of.

What does it say about this going down

when one is induced into an inability

to discern if finances are equitable ?

I wasn’t privy to his secrets , which were

many , in the evolution of this ongoing


I am not heard , it is exampled each time

I’m required to respond .

It’s clear intent , is for me to sale my half

of property to him ..Children, grandchildren,

finances , whatever it takes , winning is

everything to Shallow Hal..

Transforming this required acknowledging

this with proof that cannot be ignored .

Not by those in awareness , as so many

are .. enlightening up , for many is very

difficult ..guilt anger fear .

Fear , not for doing, but for getting caught .


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna 😘🙏🏼

Signs of Financial Abuse via Narcissist : There are Many More

Ending 42 plus years of this control that

always empowered him , in his self concept

it’s a common one, value for what you

have or present to have , bidding what’s

not present 💝.

A holy relationship with money and power/

control was just one of the many things I

found I had to choke down that 1st year

as his mask came off , home alone

as our child grew within me ; surviving

and having a healthy child , trumped his

efforts to inflict his disappointment , and

detachment ..

I suspect each 3 were born with fetal alcohol

due to his addictions, that are so normalized

in brotherhoods , socially , yet are so destructive



Blessings & Peace

Doña Luna