You cannot reason with a Narcissist, make them accountable for their actions, OR stand up for yourself because they will thwart all of your attempts with denial/deflection and personal attacks.

You cannot reason with a Narcissist, make them accountable for their actions, OR stand up for yourself because they will thwart all of your attempts with denial/deflection and personal attacks.
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Child anxiety ‘through the roof’ due to climate change +

It’s not just climate change , and everything possible

should be done, to NOT , addict these kids via Big Pharma

or therapist who have little clue of trauma ..

Diets , Sleep, Family / Home/School Dynamics, Vaccines ,

etc should considered . Most of child must know they are

heard , seen , and do matter .

Stressed and weary parents , need support , as well

least they convey negative energies to child ..


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

Child anxiety ‘through the roof’ due to climate change
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Pauline Hanson wins fight to launch inquiry into Family Court

The US , should have someone vested in doing the same .

#ErasingFamilies for power/profit should cease .

Far more murder /homicide / suicide , or quietly muted

live the slow death of continued Domestic Abuse/ChildAbuse.

The grief is cellular , it is there every day , day in day out .

Winner takes all, never looks back, never stops targeting

Spiritually, Physically , Mentally and Financially, feeling

nothing but a desire to avenge a target 🎯that’s the focus

of all unresolved trauma, pain , anger , stemming from

lack of control ..bound in trauma , seeing no liberation

Rage, seethe , mask on for the public, for rage has its place

behind closed doors.

Nobody Sees? No one Knows ? Knowing too much in secretive

societies , they focus on destroying target .. Death the objective .

Let’s create a system in the US that does care ..

I’d love Virginia to lead the way ..



Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

Pauline Hanson wins fight to launch inquiry into Family Court
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I’m not here for the entitlement of Kavanaugh and Graham – The Washington Post

As the mask unveiled, this sense of entitlement

ramped to undeniable examples , which were

supported in his world .

These entities have the hardest time in reality

in authentic, in authority, projecting it’s the other .

So glad an awareness has developed , and the

dank shadow has been revealed ..

in my experience this has no place in our New

Earth , and so is highlighted by examples

like Kavanaugh that it ENDs .


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

I’m not here for the entitlement of Kavanaugh and Graham.
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Six Men Tell Their Stories of Sexual Assault in the Military – The New York Times


More than 100,000 men have been sexually assaulted in the military in recent decades. Shame and stigma kept the vast majority from coming forward to report the attacks. Six men are speaking out to break the silence.
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Ken Burns’ ‘Country Music’ brings back memories – Blue Ridge Muse

I watched a segment discussing this PBS special , and will

catch it later , as Country Music weaves in and out of my life .

Not so much now , exceptions being locals 🥰

Ken Burns’ ‘Country Music’ brings back memories – Blue Ridge Muse
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MIA Due to Dis ease or Trauma ?

I finally have admitted the complexity of the matrix

that adapted to the societal acceptance non response,

non responsibility , withholding of self . A self that errs

and never says I’m sorry .. Casting away, walking away

blocking , creating a web of reality that has no past , no

empathy, no desire for the best for the whole, only of self .

Civility exist only when a witness exist , the mask , in place

with projections cellularly quiet …

The manufacture of a reality based on untruths, is a chasm

that holds no appeal..

There seems to be awareness of truth in communication

and action , assure not having to hold past, ever present

and malignant..

The targets of their discontent are met with covert then overt

discriminations, and abuses when recovery of survivor threatens

the web of deceit .. Targets who are sensitive get waves of this

living death disassociate projection. If bound by tangible

property , children , or the reality of abuses of all manner that

were secreted , endless attempts to shut you up are reality .

Nothing is off limits .. As examples the entire relationship

certainly confined to the home , the character has not

evolved . The lack of empathy , the no regret , the lack

of facts that affect survivors , impeding in any way extraction

from control …

This is spiritual, physical, financial, character assignation

as the escape from reality , a form of trauma ? Dis ease ?

A society of insanity , dismissed any red flags in reverence

to what has corrupted and erased families .

I don’t abuse the I’m sorry , taking the responsibility

within to many who bore none…thus no sorrow ..

Vicious , Vulgar strikes , reveal character steeped in fear

and anger , rage results .. So many factors induce that

fear , which with negative life experiences just enforce

holding , rather than healing .. Of course , just stepping

out and not looking back was easier…often the pain

inherit , within are totally, avoided in a brand new life .

Burdens, like rocks in a back pack, carried each and every

step of life …nudged by Divine , dismissing or totally unaware

threatened by anything or anyone who disturbs your comfort

zone .

River of Sorrow, that has touched my life , propelling

me to experiences that welcome a respite , in awareness

that great healing for masses is upon us .. My guided.

process has evolved to deep understanding , of myself

as I release what has served my quest , and move towards

my creation in harmony with a New Earth 🌏.

Action ,Communication Benevolence

Truth & Light😘☮️🙏🏼💯🌈🎁♥️


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

Photographer removes smartphones to show dystopic, lonely world — Quartz

Smart phones were not available as I grew up

It’s called communication , support , conscious

spirt and foundations ..or lack of.

Smartphones are part of the problem

Not the whole deal.


Blessings and Peace

Doña Luna

What are you staring at?
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