Therapist Trainings Needed on Disability to Counter Neoliberalism

Disability scholar Joanne Hunt’s call for structural competence training around disability counters neoliberal ideologies in clinical training.
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Sherrie Campbell ,PhD – Disordered Thoughts

Severely character disordered people don’t care how much good you do for them. When you are going above and beyond for them, helping them, hearing them or supporting them, they greedily take it as long as it fits with the narrative of who they think they are. However, when you give them honest feedback on how their egocentric ways are creating problems in their lives they turn on you and cast you as the bad guy. They totally erase all the support you’ve given them over the years.

They prefer to play the victim than to accept feedback, healthy boundaries set on them, or the normal changes that take place in relationships over the course of life. They turn on you regardless of if what you share with them could get them closer to the things they claim they want.

The mindset to hold is these types have such intense pride problems that they cannot see how it would benefit them to be more flexible or open. It’s too hard on their egos. This is when they start throwing tantrums and making public displays of how they have been victimized. They would rather act like this to get what they want than to act like an adult.

Not your circus not your monkey.