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Varied ways

Court / Legal

Annulment of Marriage

Embezzled income

Character Assignation

Delight In Living Death of Targeted parent / kid

Tagging ex partner with every negative , taking no responsibility for anything .

Never ever giving up in upholding the distortion , manipulation, continued intimate partner violence.

Ignoring the emotional and physical health of ex and children .

Ignoring the legacy of abuse.

Partnership : Triangles fail

Your partner should be your BEST FRIEND.
No one takes presidence over your lover.
Not mom. Not dad. Not the homies or the girls you’ve known since kindergarten.
Your lover should be where you go in every season. Good days. Shit days. Sunshine or rain, your lover is HOME.
I hear so many men talk shit on their “old lady”. How she’s this or that, nags and bitches about everything. I see women sipping martinis and cackling about him.
Nothing is more sacred than the UNION between lovers.
Nothing is more POWERFUL than that bond.
NO ONE, regardless of blood or time known comes above your lover. EVER… the second you allow anyone in between you two is the second you crack your own foundation. The second you take your problems, concerns or frustrations to anyone outside of your UNION is the moment in time you alienate that trust and bond.
I love my family and my friends, but my wife comes before all. My ideas and passions and fears and frustrations land with her above all else. Concerns with our connection don’t go to a Theripist or fellas on the golf course, they go to my queen.
I made a vow when I committed to my queen. Fuck the paper and the “legality”, I gave my word to my queen that she would be my partner and my best friend. That I would give her everything regardless of its intensity, depth, or emotional charge.
I have friends and family and acquaintances, all of whom I cherish and love, but my queen is my queen. She sits beside me and holds the keys to the kingdom. She knows my heart when it’s softened and when it rages. She gets ALL OF ME long before I give even a piece of me to anyone else.
Friends, your partner is your greatest advocate. Your partner is the builder of the same foundation your home is being built on. Are you edifying and strengthening that foundation, or chipping away at the foundation? Because if the house falls, you both end up on the street.
A union with a lover is STRENGTH. It is RADICAL POWER. Giving another human the keys isn’t weakness or scary, it’s liberating and divine.
Fear comes from the unknown.
Make your heart KNOWN. Make your union SACRED. Make your union the source of POWER that nothing can shake.

Intimacy Without Responsibility | DailyOM

To be responsible is to respond , and I used to be overly

responsive , and weighted down with caregiving while

receiving little to none , which repeated childhood

lessons ..

Targeted “softly” from the get go, it became undeniable

personal experiences.

Discrimination , corrupting poison taking form in

legal chemical addiction via AMA , Big Pharma

and a legal system and government tricledowns of

revenue supporting the partner who had favored

representation . Erasing Families for profit , ignoring

glaring omissions of distortion and abuse , adding to

trauma and abuse as well as financial loss ,

plus the social stigma deepening the trauma and

isolation in divorce .

The systems are flawed deeply , corrupt .

Its not been balanced for generations , responding in

responsibility and we are on the eve of birthing the

more equitable solution preventing the horrors of

Family Law , CHIPS and Child Immigration Services

which DO much harm ..

Intimacy is trusting , communication , responding , compassion and care equitably …

💯 Blessings & Peace

Dona Luna

Woman’s OBGYN told her she needed her husband’s permission to get her tubes tied…in 2020

They wouldn’t sign off on the procedure without permission from her husband.
— Read on

The Smear Campaigns of the Narcissist

Rocking this , I am the abuser, whore, unworthy snake

and he is long suffering victim .. Family and friends supporting

him, have heard the lies , enjoyed his favor , in black and white

that has been fabricated …like a spiral it just gathers momentum

the shaming and blaming , sick punishment as the gloating pride

often laughing at the win ,the power, the control, often stating

the blame was mine ..

Flying Monkeys , His Monkeys encourage attacks , by all around

him, in his circus towards his target .

I stepped out of this energetic , business and liberating our family

and generations of Domestic & Child Abuse . WE are many …mighty

and Divinely Guided …🙏🥰💗

Come to think of it , I’m no damn Domestic



Blessings & Peace ,


The Hovering Of Narcissist

With more plays and twist and turns than an Agatha Christie novel

the stories he believed in so deeply , and still does …I became aware

early on of the deep sensitivity and unknowing, revealing little , but

projecting the strength of a consciousness man . Very quickly

After I Do’s and baby announcement , sensitively vacated .

Sharing this fear and toxicity of shame unhealed , influenced daily

by his main female teammate , I was the outsider .. My respect for him

was threatened , a year in quashed and my nightmare masked

for reasons I am going to post later .. secrets he considered worthy

of my death after destruction …as his energy ebbs, he continues

Revelations of truths , the lies and actions that destroyed 4 others right

to love , in peace and Harmony .

Huge breach of Universal Law


Doña Luna