I Don’t Drink !

Eastern healing notes the Yin or Feminine energy of the pancreas ; where in imbalances of emotions cause distortions .

Fear driven energy has harsh karmic lessons in these abuses .

Being targeted has major impact though I take all precautions possible getting zapped spiritually is debilitating when intentional and with out merit or consciousness .

Intentions to get to Dr this week ..Quick trip as sister offered to get me there for treatment .

😇Blessings & Peace 🙏✌

Dona Luna 🐸😘❤


Meaning in Psychedelic Experiences


Will Bason on Healers

July 9, 2017
The world desperately needs healers, and no credentials are required for the job other than a kind heart. We are all walking wounded from our battles with ourcellves/each other, and in need of encouragement and support. The planet itself is in need of healing, from the damage an out of balance and injured human population is inflicting on it. Every day and every conversation is an opportunity to practice the art of healing. Just being open and listening is the first step, and often all that is needed. There is a positive current of healing energy running through all living beings, and paying attention to this tells us what to do to help. I think it is good to imagine ourselves as T cells in the body of humanity, with T standing for transformation.

Pushing Vaccines

Having these vaccines for power immune , compromised adults is total insanity .

Flu shots for babies don’t make any more sense than the multitude of vaccines they do get that weaken or damage their livers such as HepB

That vaccine protects the many medical staff that come in contact with your born.

Vaccines Facts are Worthy of study .

The CDC holds no fact no truth for many conscious experienced folks .


Natural treatment for pancreas problems ( currently experiencing )

Having been ” there”before, I realized yesterday

I am experiencing pancreas upset. Eastern

healing notes the pancreas is feminine energy

where unresolved emotional energy is stored .

Terrible ill yesterday , as I prepare files and info

to share here , and foundational issues , only

months away from that horrific experience

of being removed from my home , of which I have

very little memory .

Early this morning I contacted Maya and soon

had product towards remedy . A close look

at what product I had on hand , research had

me order other products that will adjunct

what I have , and dietary changes are due in

high respect for my health and well-being .

A hot bath , a light meal of sautéed veggies

and I’m feeling so much better 🤓!

I’ll post more info , because I realize many

energy workers are experiencing these

symptoms as I have noted ..


Blessings🙏🏼 & Peace ☮️ ,

Doña Luna

The pancreas or pancreatic gland is extremely important to your overall health. You cannot live a normal life without it.
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