Warning Signs of Trauma Bond

Someone needs to hear about the power of trauma bonding. Whether you’re in the bond yourself or watching a family member/friend go through it.

Trauma bonding is when you become so heavily attached to a toxic person that you are willing to lose yourself in order to fix them. Your brain becomes highly addicted to the ups and downs of oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin that even when the relationship ends, you will seek and crave the person. You will become so obsessive, to the point that you will be looking for the fix. Even if that means destroying yourself in the process. (And I promise you WILL destroy yourself if it doesn’t end) The loss of love, makes you crave the person even more. It’s important to remember that it isn’t because you missed the person, it’s because YOU ARE DEPENDENT on the person. The same way that a heroin addict is dependent on a drug. If you want to break free from a trauma bond, the first step is recognizing that you need to detox the person from your mind and body. And THAT involves zero contact. It’s the only way for your nervous system to reset itself so that you can come home to yourself.

Man who avoided dentist for 27 years has jaw removed after x-ray showed huge tumour

Mercury or silver dental fillings can create abcesses as I have now and have experienced as capped , root candaled teeth were extracted .

Mercury can break down the bone in jaws .

My understanding was that rib bones are often used to rebuild bone in jaw .

Biological Dentistry is key to facts in dentistry and DAMS or Charlie Brown are holistic resources .

My networking more local resource is Marie Grey Flowers .