Will The Narcissist Deploy A Follow-Up Hoover?

Feeding off my energy has ended , long ago.

June should have made that clear , however

I’m aware how very difficult acceptance

is .. nothing left to chance …

End Game (it was never anything but a game

in the competition that never ends )

Will The Narcissist Deploy A Follow-Up Hoover?

Will The Narcissist Deploy A Follow-Up Hoover?

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High Frequency -Vibration Cures …16 examples

Personally attest to this 110%. I am Blessed to have

been gifted Buddhism 13 years ago .

I am Blessed to be networking with gifted , teachers

who freely share , and over a year ago , I was

introduced to HZ , meditations , and more

via YouTube .. Intuition , connection and repeated

information (3) reading comments …is an

an amazing resource 🙏🏼.. has brought me Peace

and calm as circles of completion step up.

I tend to my basic needs , aware that it’s not

going to please everyone …

Liberation , in releasing , faith in awareness of

reaching those who deserve to know hope ,

that reunification after healing ; with healing

being transforming, empowering with Self

behind the wheel, mastering generations of

deeply traumatic experiences .

As it appears the world melts down , know all

is in perfect order , surrendered to the law of

the Universe prevails …Open to receive , light

armed with knowledge on so many levels

especially primal .. That of a human beings who

has had lessons of shadow , totally out of balance

and ignored by professions whose job it was

to know , better, did not .. or supported shadow .

Which ever choice , millions of children 👶🏼,

families , have experienced the adversity of

all the varied branches of a very diseased

system ..

It’s my honor to share myself with those who

wish to receive me …I urge you to further research

if anything I post resonates , for I am open to

correction ..

My reality is certainly grounded in stark reality

with 1 foot in New Earth heaven , and the other

foot on Gaia , striving to ground , motivated to

locate my Earth home , leaving my tower

(2nd floor apartment ) reposing for winter

and hitting the dirt come Spring , planting

actualized , beginning yet again .

Authentic Leap Year , in real years , reaching

17, and this time , I know more truths

( Janis Ian) https://youtu.be/TNW5vL_WKok

and stepping out of the casual

sex , offered …I began my 10 th year of my

rural homeland , and celibacy , awaiting unification

of spiritual awakening with more of my tribe

totally in synch with this sacred evolutionary


I am honored to represent earth family , including

Mom and Bonnie , who held their pain deeply

and lost their lives prematurely in total

alignment with AMA , as LPNs ..

I am honored to represent both grandmothers

who , like me , were induced by psychiatric

medications, into states of mind altering,

normalcy, inducing trauma , misdiagnosed

as a mental illness.

So yes, by error after error in my personal

experience , years experience of witness

of others , including both parents , it

was necessary to leave the matrix of

AMA, APA, Behavioral Health , Psychology

The Pharmaceuticals/Chemical Corps

Hospital Corps , and I have faired so

much better .

The influx of fake information , implanting

anger,fear, hostility , Discrimination etc

only serves the shadow , so I DO, aim

higher …

Liberation is so close , the grand design rooted

in faith , that correctness would resurrect what

should , elimination of all that is no longer

serving dreams refined , of lifetimes of efforts

standing , within the present 💝, owning change .

Offering all I can , in aiding awareness and

navigation , that seeds you if it’s supposed to .

Resonates, like Gaia ‘s frequency is rather varied

these days of great change .

Buckle Up sweeties , it could be bumpy ..

Tons of FAKE – FearFul Implanting –

Personally hanging closer to my current home .


Blessings & Peace , ☮️

Doña Luna 🙏🏼🌏♥️💯


The Narcissist uses many malicious forms of EMOTIONAL and psychological abuse that are manipulative and meant to control the target/victim.

The Narcissist uses many malicious forms of EMOTIONAL and psychological abuse that are manipulative and meant to control the target/victim.

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Scientists Develop Gel That Can Regrow Tooth Enamel

Regrowing teeth is happening too.

The gel is made from minerals which are found in enamel. Tests have shown it to help mouse teeth regrow enamel within 48 hours.
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Toxic Tattoo Ink Accumulates in Lymph Nodes, Causes Lifelong Cancer Risk

I have zip tattoos .

by DR MERCOLA I don’t know about you, but I’ve never gotten a tattoo and after reading this study I am glad I avoided them. If you’ve ever gotten a
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Psychology’s Fake Science and How to Fix It – Part One : Blog : The Official Website of Dr. Zwig

Many are survivors of abuse, being abused , induced to a state

that appears as mental illness , disappearing in a matrix that

discriminates in most unholy ways ..

The concept of mental illness has no basis in science. The diagnostic manual is a dictionary of symptoms with no underlying principles or processes. The disease categories are fictitious entities created by a small group of “experts,’ not by scientific research.
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80 percent of mass shooters showed no interest in video games, researcher says – CBS News

Dead theory , it’s brain washing , made violent by RX , & NRA

One researcher shows despite some speculation, 80 percent of mass shooters didn’t show an interest in violent video games
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Tuam “chamber of horrors” – babies starved, sold, experimented on | IrishCentral.com

These baby-children experiments ,have taken place all over the

world , in many horrid ways .. As is seen currently in CPS , Vaccines

Mental illness , education .. experiments are deadly , and are ending .


As shocking and shameful truth is unearthed in Tuam Ireland is forced to look at the scale of the crimes at Mother and Baby Homes.
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Burgers contain rat and human DNA, study finds | The Independent

I made the choice long ago not to eat fast food, or food from

factory farms , etc .. eat local , knowing my food source

is less challenging to my well being ..

Upon ordering a burger in a fast food chain, diners might have already come to terms with the fact there is a very slim chance of horse meat lurking under that tomato.  But the additions of rat and human DNA could be harder to swallow.
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Anxiety Disorders May Be Caused By Exposure To Narcissistic Abuse – Healthy Food House

Trauma, Complex Chronic ..PTSD. post traumatic stress disorder

Anxiety Disorders May Be Caused By Exposure To Narcissistic Abuse – Healthy Food House
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