Childhood Trauma Can Impact Our Gut Bacteria | Technology Networks

This would be me ; and I will resolve it .. My gut is a barometer ,

right now 10:00 am is queazy. Allergies are affecting my gut as

well.. it’s great to read validation of trauma/gut reactionary .

Childhood Trauma Can Impact Our Gut Bacteria | Technology Networks
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A Permanent Natural Remedy for Allergies – Health and Wellness – Mother Earth Living

Take steps to learn the connection between allergies and diet, and change your eating habits to eliminate symptoms forever.
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Sweetness of Earth – Anugama

Sweet Caroline , shared this with me earlier

it’s a fav .. under 4 minutes

It’s been a very sweet day, at 1st I felt

a struggle , as if slow mo , and as I pushed

through it, it only got better .

More like my heaven on earth .

Blue skies , puffy clouds , music of

fav local band, conversations with friends

catching up ..

2 years of not having my yard , privacy and

gardening , plus pet , I am going to have it

This is my season …

Reconnecting with parts of me that were 70s

when I was unaware , certainly how deeply

held the values of a society that devalues

be that gender, shade of skin, income ,

Etc …

It feels way , good .. She had it , as friend

confided many years later , Donna at 21 you

had it … all the more precious to have her

show up , her maiden still with in

and ready, oh so ready to begin anew .

Shamanic Dream also.. 30 minutes plus a scant

minute or two .

New Study Shows Medicare for All Would Save US $5.1 Trillion Over Ten Years

Plug the holes, equalize care and pay , concentration

on Mind, Body & Spirit , in training ,Preventing

disease ..Science , in real time , truth and

exemplary character , encouraging integrative

and empathetic medical care . Less hospital

more touching and nature .

Including biological Density.

Eye Care, Massage Acupuncture, aromatherapy

Essential Oils etc

Prescription Medications that are natural not

chemicals altered by human for profit .

Natural birth control, pregnancy, birthing

nursing normalized

Mother’s truthfully educated and respected

Children in natural states instead of stick

pins/test dummies/induced patients .

Elders allowed Divinity and care in aging .

All in between ….

Honoring healing arts 4000 years plus .

Certainly a name change , for the collective ,

and then we are moving forward ..

The most significant sources of savings would come in the areas of drug costs and administration.
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Releasing- Clearing -Dumping in an Energetic Shower

Seriously , all is energy , so I prefer knowing

and owning what’s mine ..that’s my responsibility .

So if I get off , I respond by eliminating what I

may have picked up during my day .

I am owning my magnetic 🧲 bad psychic self 😘.

Water is a ritual , long honored and revered

as a fisher of wo men ..

I recall my 1st experience was in Roanoke River

before Smith Mountain Lake , Mom and her Bd

Dolly , who I adored . Brother was along as

was Tommy Dolly’s eldest. I don’t recall if eldest

half -sister was there , or not .

We swam off the rocks ..I did not know how ,

and watched in awe as Mom dove in ..

I slipped , going down over and over ,

and the Dolly grabbed me up , saving my life .

Dolly was a beauty , smelled of Jergen’s body

lotion , grew tons of 🌺, and smiled a lot ..

Mom was always cheerful in her company

which had roots in childhood . Dad and her

husband were close as well.

Dad did not swim , never learned , and pneumonia

was drowning to him .. he was owning that as he

exited , transforming a huge fear , that his

essence of truth lightened him for his soul

journey .. it was as amazing and holy as

watching or giving birth .πŸ™πŸΌπŸŽπŸ₯³.

My immense grief was in loosing 2 brothers

as well, and again surrendering my Aries sister

to her journey .

I have located the source for a well, I seem to

drawn to moisture in addition to my water sign

my English /French /Native American , not

yet professionally defined , tends to be more

water inclined .

I have had the pleasure of claw leg tubs ,

hot tub , swimming pool, garden tub , having

grown up with tubs , only , it’s a preference .

Like Mama , I enjoy the hottest bath , red skin

and weak …Dad noted the likeness before exiting.

He turned the water off, after wetting down ,

lathered then turned water back on and rinsed .

All year round when possible.

Only recently, have I found a spot near an

Ancient river , perfect for New Moons

and there is a special enchanted pool near

me , rather difficult to get to ..but friends

nearby go, having 3 kiddies , both parents

are a must . Dad can’t be freed , as often

as needed , so , I am holding space to be

joining them !

There’s lots of that going on, the children

I connect with , has been occurring on

some level since I woke , 2003, as #1 grand

son arrived .. Now , it’s like totally chill ,

and I could not be more pleased ..Sweaty boys,

pigtailed girls and they who are gender neutral

being who they are ..

All in between , there has been nothing more

love ❀️ healing .

Though it’s grey and dim outside , my heart

and soul are peaceful and blissed out !

Water , in the form of a hot shower , and a

salt bath at dusk.

My favorite time of day, the dimming or blending

integration of night and day ..

*Very hard , but I’m making the effort to stay

hydrated ..No sugar , lots of water, watermelon

juice , no breads , or heavy food .. primrose oil

electrolytes, mineral complex, C and Ds , Omegas

magnesium, Bs help ..

I’ll post about my dental protocol as well, which

has been challenged of late for many reasons

on many levels

Blessing & Peace

Doña Luna ©️

Shower clearing

Opsoclonus-myoclonus syndrome | Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center (GARD) – an NCATS Program

2nd grandson, whom I have met once , was born with

a cancer in his spine . *Please note πŸ“, I have never had

a discussion with son or DIL about his health.

Former stated last year , that gs was born with 1 kidney.

He is doing well, just care of diet etc ..

The treatment was initially to implant chemo at tumor site **

He was prescribed a common steroid for whatever reason,

as he was loosing leg motor control , along with eye twitching .

I have scant 1 person information , but I was studying many

brain related issues .

Vaccine damage , RX damage , and the unknown by far too many

medical folks.. that’s scary .

I read of Dr Moulin, and he spoke of brains on fire πŸ”₯ from

the inflammatory induced by toxic chemicals in vaccines ,

and shared with son, via email.

I have no idea if there was cause and effect, but a Dr was

found in Springfield , Ill. who treats this , even more finite

vaccine damage effect that autism , as I read of the 75

diagnosis per year, reference was made that so few medical

were aware of what it is . 11 or so years ago when I researched.

There were 5 protocols offered , and gs responded to one ☝️

He has a supportive , loving family . Meeting him around age

3 , he was non verbal, focused on the climbing inside Mcdonald’s.

As I sat with elder gs , I watched as he climbed to the top .

Son was on phone , and responded that this was the 1st time

he had climbed alone to the top !

Of course it took some effort to get him down !

@ 3 he had Indian blue eyes, and blond hair that was a tad past

his ears . Brother and I teased about school, and his having

a girlfriend 😘. It seemed all to short , very uncomfortable

for son, I was walking on glass chards , trying not to trip

son up , and having no freaking idea what ..

Now , I do know better..and I am doing better , even

through the legacy of Domestic Abuse/ChildAbuse .

And both gs are beautiful young teens who have not

been allowed to know me, or I them .

I look forward to meeting them, sooner than later .

Below OMS

A collection of disease information resources and questions answered by our Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Specialists for Opsoclonus-myoclonus syndrome
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