Dental care is health care. It should be covered by health insurance. β€” Editorials β€” Bangor Daily News β€” BDN Maine

In the ala cart health insurance game I woke to

Dental was not covered. Blue Cross / Anthem, was chosen

upon losing my Cobra Serve , which was $350 , plus co pays

Dental was covered entirely as was eye.

After 5/6 attempts to buy heath care online, paying deposits

or activation fees , only to be dropped with the 1st request

of medical treatment.

A pre approved , became non approved allowing me as “;responsible “

for 10 k for an upper/ lower G.I.

Of course.

With some inheritance money I tried to catch up with the most

vital dental issues with a specialist , which means travel as well.

I am experiencing dental issues which I have saved towards

beginning in earnest , for the facts of poor dental health , the

abuse experienced by the standards and practices of the Dental

association and insurance companies that profit over people

enabled me to alternatively look at , and make changes as quickly

as I could and that took a very long time.

My 1st due bill from Anthem was $3000 , and I had just given

them $3000 to get it going…Every cell in my body screamed

at the no win system, and I said NO more.

Unfortunately , I found everything , collapsing around me

and ultimately good or bad , I had no one but myself to , know

and do better..

Abusive Scams drain the life’s blood of folks..not going there

The United States is #1 at medical debt ..

Debt is big business have been scams

Transforming this is a pleasure ..πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ’‘

Including dental care in comprehensive health insurance is long overdue.. Maine news, sports, politics, election results, and obituaries from the Bangor Daily News.
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The Cosmic Dance

At one time this would have sounded weird,

demonic , etc.

My experiences , my receiving of others experiences

and studies , speak to the words spoken here .

Veils are thinning , mastering balance in our lives

radiates inside out ..

It’s recalibrating our planet, and it is a Cosmic Dance

it’s sacred and spiritual. And it’s a challenge …

The transformation , I must participate in requires ,

balancing the shadow and the dark , ever more .

A purge , that becomes increasingly urgent , that

my personal and physical present experience is not

altered adversely .

It’s very difficult to experience a conflict that has no

resolution , only failure in its truth or lack of it.

Each and every minute of my day has Spirit and it’s

long time coming , much conflict ..without mutual

desire for resolution , it’s conflict , not peace .

Meeting in the middle , in harmony personally

is doable.. peace in my heart ❀️ that we Dance

and we Prevail.πŸ™πŸΌπŸ˜˜πŸ‘

How the Corruption of Science is Contributing to the Collapse of Modern Civilization | Wake Up World


There are more doctors, hospitals, drugs and medical procedures than ever before yet we haven’t made significant progress in curing any major disease.
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Smart Meters could be overbilling you by a whopping 582%

Wrecking our health , and over charging for it …

Most people understand that utility bills are a necessary evil if they want to live in the modern world – even if utility bills eat up a large portion of monthly income. That said, few are willing to pay more than they should be paying, and yet, according to a stunning new report, some people […]
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MIA Survey: Ex-patients Tell of Force, Trauma and Sexual Abuse in America’s Mental Hospitals – Mad In America

In a MIA survey of former patients in mental hospitals, nearly 500 respondents told of an experience that was traumatic and involved force and abuse.

It was not hard , even with ” scrambled ” brain 🧠 due to

overdosing on Xanax , having realization of my being abused

that there was no healing, in what was a jail like dungeon .

I wrote of this to Senator Deeds of Virginia upon his personal

experience of ineptitude with behavioral health .

The experience of jail , over night due to lies of ” former”

and a judge who discriminated , both abusing in tandem

as realization of jail and mental illness wards were the same

horrid energy .

The funds are never available , the preventative that begins

with the education of children who but require the ” tools”

to safely navigate the world and life .

I believe that like myself, I was trauma and prescription induced

into mental illness.

That fit in with a man who had wanted to run , for a long time.

I became his monster , he became the victim/savior to our


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Veterans with debilitating Gulf War Syndrome may have passed it on to children – Mirror Online

Lots to transform , clearing these corps and

their deadly science that’s done much harm.

It’s inexcusable to extrude health from anyone

or anything for science, for profit…

EXCLUSIVE: Stricken families say they want the Ministry of Defence to recognise the condition as the British Legion says it believes 30,000 may be suffering

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