Why Kids Need Wilderness And Adventure More Than Ever

Wilding is a beautiful thing to witness. Beautiful examples

abound in my home town …

Let your kids be wild.
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There’s life after death, according to a new theory of quantum physics – Ideapod

It’s a reality, I witnessed it..Death is but a transition, a return to

the womb of Mother Earth .. Many lives , many forms of life

it’s also spiritual evolution of consciousness, healing self

and family trauma ..

There is life after death. Every now and then a radical new idea arrives to shake the very foundation of our understanding of life and the universe. Let this blow your mind.

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How Love Can Reformat Our Lives – Mad In America

 Love can lift people out of their preoccupation with bodies and material existence onto a joyful spiritual plane.

The old hymn Love Lifted Me…and it does lift . Self love , Self

nurture may look like a party for 1, but it love radiating from

inside out.. I am still , quiet or remove myself in situations .

I have held space for love that does not allow loneliness

or despair when with Beloved .

Even when suffering from the direst emotional reactions, we can begin to recover by remembering that we are or can become a source of love.
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The Elders are rebelling | Surviving C21 “ We Are The Ones We Have Waited 4”

There is a palpable wrath, out there in Elderland. The Elders, it seems, are no longer happy to look on as a bunch of corporates and their political stooges pillage the planet and lay waste to our grandkids’ future. With growing resolve, resources and organisation, they are fighting back. This isn’t the ‘grey power’ that…
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Older women will rule the world as we live longer ( only part of the story )

Far from a take down of Divine Masculines or a power

play it is a genetic restoration of balance , that for hundreds

of thousands of years was balanced in feminine being

in positions of power , in alignment with peaceful prosperity

higher education , spiritual wellness , nutritional and healing

empathic knowing of generations . Intuitiveness has not been

allowed as a masculine trait , rather fear has been instilled

in competition rather than cooperation ie balance within

and without .. integration is key, and we witness a shift

and fall out from fear based individuals , in returning to

heaven on earth ..

Older women can sometimes feel like they’re invisible, but they’re the trailblazers others should be watching, says the director of the MIT AgeLab.
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Total Lunar Eclipse on January 20–21, 2019 – Where and When to See

I own a book with charts of eclipse placement in

a given year .. One of our sons , had 4 which was

double the others I looked at .

Total lunar eclipse on January 20–21, 2019: Where and when is the Blood Moon visible and what will it look like? Visibility map, animation, and local times.
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Concent : A great Way To Renew Self -Forgiveness In Not Knowing

Her voice is AOL -Hell o , but so many facts within

in discussion thoughts/belief/consent . Cognitive Desensitize

is Detachment and we mourn the non attachment of our youth.

Often it’s difficult when trauma creates a wall , for which we are

ill prepared , children are too often subjected to survival mode

which inheritance is anger .

It has been delicious to be on my way that has brought calm to my

heart , often joy , and enhanced my hope to open pathways ,

offered by folks or research/networking which results in my

“Mission Statement ” is set .

It has been since I was a child, multidimensional is something

Pisces is , just is.. Fractured pieces of light, blessed beyond measure

to have been pushed beyond a point that required , I open

the door to infinite …everything …

I gave my consent , as I peered into C’s navy blue eyes , as I had

his Dad’s blue eyes , and more so with #2 and #3 and Harper’s

soul in creation , my love , my efforts will liberate you to

love who you will , and be loved in return.. Horrors of childhood

eradicated in all ways.. Children sovereigns, conscious integral

beings protected and guided .

It’s lovely to see this implanted , knowing we reached critical mass

and balance will be restored individually and collectively .

Those withholding benevolent consent, support , language

ethics on all level will be revealed , abled to transform within

as we all rise from the world created in large part to separate

us from our Divinity .


My Heart Will Go On

Displays of tears were met with a weird silent dismissal

which I now openly allow , just as I do smiles .

A Beloved , much younger , came to me in a dark time

and before he left the United States , we had a parting

that included his singing this song to me , and saying

he knew our connection was such that he would come

to me in time…A very sweet Soul , I don’t have to ” see ”

to know his love 💕, a reunion is not vital, for the time

we were heart united , filled me and allowed me so much

hope on a much deeper level . Even saying goodbye , I

knew Joy , for the invaluable experience .. in that knowledge

I became aware many soul mates , twin flames come to

one , it’s the one that has awareness of or desire for Enchanted

Love with my all my dimensions🤩🎶