The other side

“Don’t stand there crying in front of my grave,

I’m not there, I’m not sleeping…

I am the wind blowing in the trees

im the diamond sparkle in the snow

I am sunshine on the ripe grain

I am the gentle autumn rain…

When you wake up in the morning still, I am the flight of these silent birds

Who spin in the sky…

So don’t stand there in front of my grave lamenting

I’m not there, I’m not dead!

Why would I be out of your life simply

Cuz am out of your sight?

Death you know this ain’t nothing at all

I just went to the other side.

Im me and you are you

Whatever we were to each other before,

We will always remain so.

Use the first name to speak about me

With which you always called me.

Speak about me just like you always did.

Don’t change your tone, don’t look all serious and sad.

Laugh like before at jokes that together we enjoy so much.

Play, smile, think of me, live for me and with me.

Let my first name be the comforting song it’s always been.

Pronounce it simply and naturally,

Without a trace of regret

Life means everything it’s always meant.

Everything is still the same, she continues, the cord is not broken.

What is death if not a passage?

Relativize and let go of all the aggressions of life,

Always think and talk about me around you and you’ll see,

Everything will be alright.

You know, I hear you, I’m not far, I’m there, just on the other side. ”

Mary Elizabeth Fryer

Author: GreatCosmicMothersUnited

I have joined with many parents affected with the surreal , yet accepted issue of child abuse via Pathogenic Parenting / Domestic abuse. As a survivor of Domestic Abuse, denial abounded that 3 sons were not affected. In my desire to be family to those who have found me lacking . As a survivor of psychiatric abuse, therapist who abused also and toxic prescribed medications took me to hell on earth with few moments of heaven. I will share my life, my experiences and my studies and research.. I will talk to small circles and I will council ; as targeted parents , grandparents , aunts , uncles etc. , are denied contact with a child for reasons that serve the abuser ...further abusing the child. I grasp the trauma and I have looked at the lost connection to a higher power.. I grasp when one is accustomed to privilege, equality can feel like discrimination.. Shame and affluence silences a lot of facts , truths that have been labeled "negative". It is about liberation of the soul from projections of a alienator , and abuser ..

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