DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: The wards are full of lives wrecked by the evil drug that is cannabis | Daily Mail Online

I have been in mental ward , where there was a lot of

Extremely wacky stuff , due to trauma, and toxic , mind

altering prescribed pharmaceuticals.

This is bull.

If a patient is adversely affected by pot, it could be an adverse

Reaction! Bad pot , or evoked trauma. Which from my

experience with 4 psychiatrists was never ever broached

anymore than Domestic Abuse is acknowledged .

I suspect faked news by manufactures who stand to

profit from Fake pot products , where nasty results

shall result .

Such is Corp science and medicine and governments.

Walk on to any mental health ward as I have and you will be confronted with the tragic victims of our lackadaisical attitude towards cannabis. There is evidence the drug has a horrific effect on the young
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